9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

We would all love to earn money while traveling and it seems like it is something very hard to do for most people, but in fact it is not.9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

To help you understand I will give you 10 best ways on how to earn money while traveling. I have be doing this while I still had a 9 to 5 job over the years.

Now that I do not have a 9-5 it has become what I am all consumed in doing and in fact I am writing this while I am traveling Asia.

I want to first say you can not do this overnight however if you are willing to work hard and follow the things I tell you today you can travel the world too or even more than me.

Before we start you may be interested in checking out my #1 way of I make money online to help me with traveling.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is by the far the best way to make money while traveling and anyone can do this.9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a company that you like or product and if people buy it you get a commission for your work.

Without a doubt this needs a lot of skill but once you have mastered it can give you a recurring income for a lifetime as long as the internet is still there.

To do this you will need a lot of training to be good so I do recommend that you get proper training which will help you.

You can join community which will help you step by step to be a full time affiliate marketer called Wealthy Affiliate (no credit card details needed).

You can also join affilorama which is basically kind of the same as wealthy affiliate but more expensive than wealthy affiliate.

2. Offer services with what you are good at

Do you have any talent of skill that you can utilize?9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Talented has been so understand over the years and this is still happening right now. But the funny thing is that talent can make you very wealthy.

Being a christian I can only point to scripture which talks about this Proverb 18:16 ” A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringth him before the great men”.

This highlights the importance of using your gift to serve others.

However, having said this remember that if you do not serve your gift in a smart way then nothing will happen for you.

So what do I mean by this?

I am sure you have seen people who are very talented but poor or failing to make ends meet this happens almost daily.

The key to making this work for you is to develop systems around your talent and find best paying ways to help you leverage your gift.

For example if you are a singer you can develop a course which you will help people who are struggling and with the internet on your finger tips you can make your course big and it can pay you monthly.

Unlike before now there are companies online which help you do this easily like….

So find what you are good and and develop systems and here are some systems you can develop:

  • Workshops online
  • Courses online
  • Be a personal trainer online.
  • Create e books

3. Trade online

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Trading online is another best way to make sure you have an extra income and I have talked about this on my article 20 best ways to making extra money after work.

Now the mistake most people do when they start trading is they think it is a quick rich scheme and trade their money without proper knowledge of using risk management.

This is a huge mistake that everyone makes when starting ( I know I used to do that). So if that is not done things would be way better.

In fact it could lead you to make a lot of money.

Again having said that Forex is one of the most riskiest businesses to get into because you can literally lose huge amount within minutes because of the volatility of the market.

4. Start a unique and unexplored YouTube niche vlog

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

We all know how you may want to be the next YouTube star and get paid millions right?

Although this is so possible however it is also super challenging and requires a lot of work on your part.

This is the reason why most people give up on making money on YouTube after years of trying.

Well I want to tell you that there are ways that you can leverage YouTube subscribers and views and NO this is not by paying for some dodgy services to get fake subscriptions or likes.

This is a legit way that most top YouTubers talk about and that is finding a niche that is unique and leveraging it and becoming an authority.

5. Rent your house while you are away

Here is another great way to have some extra cash while traveling and that is to rent out your house while you are traveling.

Now you do not have to do this when you are already thinking of traveling however this you can do this while you are still at home.

For example if you have extra rooms outside you can rent them out to people.

The reason I say do this while you are at home is because it is good to have someone you trust in your house look after the house while paying rent for you.

Having someone pay rent for you while you are traveling is like you have extra cash while you are away even if it is just a bit.

I have a met a lot of travelers who do this custom and it works quiet well. It is similar to couch sitting.

6. Work in a cruise ship

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Working in the cruise is one of the most neglect yet great gigs to have when you are looking to see the world and meet different people.

Although being in a cruise ship for so many hours can be a bit hectic but you will still be traveling and meeting new people.

I have never tried working there but I have friends who have done that and did this for a year as a career break so now they have the experience of traveling.

7. Do hospitality

Hospitality has always been the first way I have known of traveling the world easily and in fact I nearly wanted to do this career in 2009 when I was in matric.

Hospitality is broad but the main thing people do is they become chefs whereby they go and cook at different hotels all around the world.

8. Be a travel blogger

Here is another way to be a digital nomad and will allow you to travel the world with no restrictions. This to me is one of the simplest way to make money while traveling.

However, this is hard to build at the beginning and it can take at least a year to build and start having passive income.

The reason I say this is simple is that you just need to be consistent with your content.

Being a travel blogger you need to do this if you have traveled well before or you are a constant traveler.

This the reason for this is that you will need to write about places you have actually been to or are going to.

How else do you write good engaging content if you do not know anything about a specific place?

I can hear you saying RESEARCHING ABOUT IT.

Yes you are right however nothing can actually beat experience as this can make you more of an authority.

If you are intereted in being a travel blogger and how to succeed with it you can check out my article How to make money as a travel blogger.

Or alternatively you can join a free community which will help you learn how to make money as a travel blogger practically.

9. Tour guide

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Being a tour guide is actually similar to being a travel blog as far as the amount of experience of traveling that you need to have.

The only difference with being that a tour guide will work long hour and will normally a boss to report to in some way or another.

The reason I say that you need travel experience is that you will need to show this to the people that you will apply to or rather the company you will apply to.

Having said here are some key things you will need to show when you apply to companies to being a tourist:

  • Show interpersonal skills
  • Show that you are well traveled.
  • research the company you are applying for (this is obvious I know)
  • Visit a lot of travel exhibitions (to show how much interest you have for traveling)

Final thoughts

Learning how to earn money while traveling can be done in so many ways and most ways need patience and hard work.

Earning while traveling will, without a doubt, require you to have enormous discipline as this can make or break your desires as most of the ways require this.

The ways to do this that I recommend are :

  • Starting a travel blog
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Being a travel blogger
  • Tour guide
  • Do hospitality
  • Trade online
  • Offer services with your talent
  • Rent your cruise ship
  • Rent your house while you are away.

All you have to do is choose what you enjoy doing and focus on it for at least a year while you build your experience.

No path is great, however it depends on your passion.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

19 thoughts on “9 ways on how to earn money while traveling”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your great article.

    I’m planning on travelling within the next few years so I’ve been looking at ways to make an income online.

    I like the idea of affiliate marketing the best, as it seems to me that this is the way to build up a long term income.

    I’ll be checking out the affiliate marketing sites that you recommend. Thanks for all the other ideas too.


    1. Hey Judy

      Great to here that you are planning on travelling soon and earning while doing.
      I say go for it and all the best.

      These ideas are very helpful for funding your trip. Just focus on one at a time.

  2. Very interesting! I can see how much fun traveling for a living can be. This is not the usual way people think of earning money while away. But these are very good ideas and if I were a bit younger, I might consider the tour guide approach. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Thank you for a new look at traveling while earning income.

    1. Hey Beth

      It is amazing to know that you would love being a tour guide if you had the chance.
      I am grateful that this post was informative to you

  3. Hi there, thank you for this post. I like the ideas that you presented as quite a few can be overlooked I think such as tourism and hospitality which covers anything from working on cruises and private yachts to ski instructors, chefs and everything in between. It really is a diverse market.
    I’ve recently started learning about trading so I’m looking forward to learning more and getting started.
    It would be interesting to discuss the list based on which opportunities will allow you to earn money faster as I know some will take time before you begin to earn cash.

    1. Hey Tamika

      Great to see your feedback. Yes there are many ways to do it.
      Great to here that you have started FX and all the best it is great aspect for making money indeed.
      I think next time I will do this to ensure I put which ones are the easiest to achieve.

  4. Hi, there.

    Excellent post! I think being able to work from home or while traveling is everybody’s dream. Well, at least I know it’s mine. That’s why I looked into different options to change my career. I’m tired of my full-time job and can’t simply cope with it anymore. I’m trying to do affiliate marketing and have been learning a lot. I hope to get more experience and eventually be able to create passive income out of it.

    You gave me some other good ideas I might try. Thank you for sharing your experience. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Enriquire

      Great to here you liked my post.

      Yes you must leave your job if you are tired of it as it will take a toll on you..well that is what I did.
      Although I acknowledge that you love all these ideas I would suggest on only focusing on one way to make money and then expeand more.

  5. Excellent post!
    I did not think of a few of these options for how to make money while you are traveling.
    I had not thought of the working on a cruise ship and if you did decide to do this job, then this could help you see some of the world while still covering your expenses.
    Using affiliate marketing is probably the best option if you are willing to put in the work getting it started.
    Being a personal trainer online also is an interesting idea and could become a consistent income. If you put in some work getting this personal training business started, then you could supplement your income while traveling too.
    Thanks for a great post with tons of helpful tips!

    1. Hey Jesse

      Yes there are many ways to make money these days and it all depends on what I person would enjoy doing so it doesnt feel like work or anything. This will make you have a lot of fun on your travels.

      Yes Affliate markerting is my personal favorite since it is long term

  6. I really enjoyed this article and the tips you provided especially for those individuals that are looking to travel while blogging, it certainly takes time but I think patience and good content go a long way. I have not tried it but I can let a few of my friends know.

    1. Hey Michelle

      That is a great way to put it. As with everything in life great quality of work over a long period of time will give you great results. This is the same with blogging.

  7. Awesome article, I really enjoyed the read! I think that’s so cool that you’re currently travelling Asia and working on the go, good on you!

    That is exactly what I wish to do later next year, hence why I have just joined WA and trying to learn everything I can about Affiliate Marketing, content writing etc. and put in the hard work now so it will eventually pay off later 🙂

    I am super interested in Travel Blogging so this article has given me the inspiration to look into that avenue a bit further too!


    1. Hello Kiara

      I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this article and that it was benefinicial to you. Yes travek blogging is the best and if you stick to it long enough it will pay.
      Wealthy affiliate is the best place to start since it is free.

  8. What great ideas! Affiliate marketing is definitely a way to maintain an income while you’re traveling. That online device should always be on hand, even if it’s just a smartphone. Working on a cruise ship would drive me insane, but then I’m too introverted to even take a cruise. I’d be in my cabin or trying to find an unoccupied spot to look out over the ocean. Thanks for covering these methods of keeping a bank account floating. 🙂

    1. Hey Cathy

      Great to hear your feedback. If you feel working in a cruise could be hard you better focus on other ways to earn while travelling because at the end you must do something that you atleast enjoy.

  9. This is a beautiful post, thank you so much! I was thinking about joining the cabin crew of an airline, would that count?
    I have been a local tour guide, but that didn’t get me around much. You’d obviously have to guide around things you already know.
    I was thinking this affiliate marketing thing. Do you think I could learn about that while being in the air as a flight attendant?
    I’d love that.
    Where can I read more about that?
    Thank you so much for this very informative article-
    Kind regards

    1. Hey Jan

      Yes you can diffidently be a cabin crew and do affiliate marketing although you will only get time when you rest to do your affiliate business (which leaves you with little time).

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