50 High Demand Blog Topics To Explode Your Traffic In 2022

It is no doubt that a topic is one of the best way to help you explode traffic that you need and most viral content happens mainly due to a topic that people are talking about.

The good thing is that any content can be viral or well-known and in almost any niche. So today I want to give you some blog topics that have a high demand in 2022 and will help you grow super fast.

Having blogged since 2016 I have been able to start many blogs and I learn years back what topics are worth it and what are a waste of time which is what helped me grow my traffic.

Speaking of which below is how I was able to explode my traffic with my new blog and started earning a four figure income.

As you can see that I do know what I am talking about as it is something I have done and I continue to do.

And it is really not that hard once you understand a few things which I will talk about in this blog. So read on and find out.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this article.

Best ways to find ideas

before we start with 50 high demand blog topics to explode your traffic let us first check out where are the best places to get topics generally.

Knowing this will help you get more ideas and will help you not have any issues when it comes to your niche.

  • Facebook groups

facebook groups is where you find people who are looking to improve their lives and generally will tend to have some problems they are looking to solve.

At the end of the day the reason they join Facebook group is to solve certain problems.

So go to any Facebook group in your niche and look at the questions people are asking.

  • Google

When I am talking about Google I do not just mean the Google search. I am talking about everything associated with Google that shows you trends.

Here are some tools you may want to check out:

  1. Google trends
  2. Google suggest-Type any keywords on Google search and it will suggest topics that people are searching for.
  3. Google related topics-After searching for topic on Google all you need to do is to look at the bottom on the page and you will get many related topics you can write about.
  • Keyword tools

You can also use a variety of tools to find keywords for your content. Some are free and others are paid. Below a5re some examples:

  1. Google Keyword Tool-Free
  2. Ubersuggest keyword tool
  3. Jaxxy keyword research tool (My #1 recommendation).

The essential of niche blogs

In order to make money you need to really focus on niching down a topic so that you can be able to make money easily along with these topics that are in high demand.

You will also be getting more loyal followers since you will target a specific need. The good thing is that there are still many opportunities for niche blogs due to the fact that many people focus on big niches that are already saturated.

I even know programs like Cashwords Formula which helps you focus on this if you want to focus on getting a blog started with not ads which are usually costly.

50 High Demand Blog Topics to explode your traffic

Health blog topics

I love this topic because this is basically one that helped me be able to start making fullltime income with and I know well it will work.

Diet guides

50 High Demand Blog Topics To Explode Your Traffic In 2022

My first success was doing a blog in this niche and it is still making me five figure at it is called veganweight.com and I am able to make money by focusing on the right topics which I will mention.

1. Everything you need to know about a Vegan/vegetarian diet.

2. Reviews of supplements or health programs

3. Does keto really help you with your health?

Fitness topics

This will always be one of the biggest topics out there that is evergreen ever since I started blogging and this is all due to the fact that people will always look to take care of their body.

4. Indoor Workout

5. Gym review

6. Workout without equipment

7. Fitness gear review

8. Gym clothing tips

Technology blog topics

Technology is basically one of the most growing blogs and will grow more as years go as technology is just getting better each year.

So if you are not in this niche and would like to now is the best time to start and do it now before these niches become too saturated in the future.

Here are the best topics to help you get loads of traffic for years to come.

9. Technology news

10. Gadget reviews

11. App reviews

12. Virtual technology news

13. Zoom hacks

14. Artificial Inteligence

Gardening topics

Gardening is also one of the best topics as we move along in the future as more people are staying home and are looking for tips to make their houses look good.

Here are some major=r topics to look at if you are in this niche.

15. Education on the types of soil

16. Education on the types of plants and how to grow them

17. How to not kill your plant

18. How to grow your own food with planting

Pet topics

Again here is another big topic that is really going crazy currently as people are more indoors. I mean with many people working from home they are all looking for ways to take care of their pets and I know I am one of those people.

This is where you come in with your blog and make loads of money. Here are the topics you may have to look at.

19. Dog/cat food tips

20. Signs of checking if your pet is sick

21. How to groom your pet (Cat/dog)

22. Pet blog topic ideas

23. How to clean up after your pet

24. Reviews of pet things

Sports Blog idea

Sports are also a good topic to do if you are really passionate about sports and do it daily or you just have a huge passion to help people.

These are some topics that will help you explode your traffic:

25. Sports news (Choose a specific sport)

26. Sports gear reviews (For a specific sport.eg Golf club reviews).

27. Training tips for basketball (how to jump high).

28. Treating a sport injury

29. Warm exercises and tips

30. Reviews of sport shoes

31. Reviews of sports gear or drinks

Mom blog topics

Mom blog topics are basically said to help you be able to help moms with their daily struggles and there are far too many moms online or who stay and home and are looking for tips.

Below are the topics that I will be looking at which have high amount of traffic.

32. breastfeeding tips for new moms

33. How to work at home as a stay at home mom

34. Mommy selfcare

35. Weekend activity ideas

36. Gift ideas

37. Nursing your baby tips

Home sector topics

Homes are another big and ever flourishing topic that you can never ignore because homes is where people live and thus they will always look for ways to improve their lives.

This means that you can have your piece of cake if you go about it in the right way and having the right topics is what will help you as I will show you.

38. DIT Furniture idea

39. Cleaning ideas

40. Tips of choosing the right lighting

41. Storage ideas

42. Room setting/themes

Beauty blog topics

if you are into beauty then you will be able happy to hear that there is a huge amount of people looking for tips.

The good thing about beauty is that you can go about it in many ways that suit you.

43. Makeup reviews

44. Make up tutorial

45. Hair accessory

46. Tips for sensitive skin

47. Beauty for men.

Travel blog ideas

48. Best beach vacations

49. Travel wear and outfit

50. Flying with babies

What are the best and most profitable topics

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money with blogs there are many factors that come into play that one needs to really focus on.

Niching down is one way and then choosing topics that really works it means that you can have more traffic.

This means that if you really will make things work if you can follow the keywords and knowing how to promote this content.

I have shared my 50 high demand blog topics that will help you in this way so that you will be able to get this traffic fast.

However you do need to still apply other aspects of blogging such as SEO so that you will make this business of blogging long term.

I have many resources that can help you out with this on my blog so you can make progress.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you are looking at. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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