5 ways to make money online as a writer- Works all the time

Writing online has become one of the best ways to earn a living and it is said to only increase as the years go.ways to make money online as a writer

The key thing is to ensure that you know how to approach writing well. The good thing about this is that there are many ways to make money online as a writer online.

When you are offline you are restricted by publishers and other aspects.

The internet is filled with a lot of readers and you basically have unlimited amount of people looking to view your content especially if you write good content.

The great thing about this is that you do not need to be a writer at all to do this, anyone can do it and this is what I will be showing you today.

1. Write for paying websites & magazines

ways to make money online as a writer

As I had said earlier that people are mainly on the internet for reading purposes and it comes as no surprise why there are paying websites or magazines online requiring writers to help them write consistent content.

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This is the quickest way to earn a few bucks if you need extra cash and the options are wide open and ready for any eager writers.

It is vital to check websites that will actually pay you well and are legit as these will be worth your time.

Don’t know any of these websites?

Do not worry that is why I am here to help you. Below are the most trusted websites for getting paid for your writing.

  • Make a living writing-
  • Freelancemom-
  • Upworthy-

2. Freelancing

ways to make money online as a writer

Freelancing is a very broad field and it has the ability to pay you in many different ways because of the categories you have.

I will be talking about all the options you can choose to freelance your writing online.

  • Proof reading

Do you have a quick eye for spelling mistakes and punctuation?

If the answer to the above question is yes then maybe you could enjoy proofreading as a freelancer. The market for this is too ripe.

All the companies want their content to be readable to the average Joe and they will pay anyone who is good enough to do this for them.ways to make money online as a writer

Did you hear?

I said “anyone who is good”.

This means that in order to be recognized you need to be know or have built a brand around your freelance business for proofreading.

Luckily there are now even online courses for these type of things.

  • Editing

If you do not like writing from scratch you can benefit from editing an article to make sure it is ready to be released.

Editing and proofreading are usually confused so it is very vital to know what your clients want from you and understand how to serve them.

3. Blogging

ways to make money online as a writer

Blogging is my favorite way of earning a decent amount purely because I am also doing this I know.

The thing with blogging is that it takes incredibly long for you to see the results as it is a long term investments. However, once your results come they have the ability to give you consistent income without you needing to keep on writing.

I am not joking when I say you can be paid income from articles you did 2 years ago. Crazy right.

This is the reason I love blogging a lot.

The best and easy way to earn money in blogging is to promote a company’s products, which is what is called affiliate marketing instead of promoting your own products.ways to make money online as a writer

This because you will not need to waste money creating products and doing the other dirty work like processing payment issues if you do affiliate marketing.

The company you will be helping will give you a commission for every sale you get by promoting any of their products.

If the thought of blogging is scary to you welcome to the club, I was at the same position as you until I got great training for this which I am also working hard on.

I never thought I would ever love blogging but now it has become second nature and very fulfilling.

To check out where I got my training and where you can to if you are interested I highly recommend looking at my number 1 recommended training here.

4. Social media manager

ways to make money online as a writer

I cannot talk about ways to make money as a writer without talking about social media especially for the millenniums.

When it comes to social media all millenniums have a great opportunity to maximize this space.

This is because many big companies do not have the capacity or skills to do companies or write good content on social media.

This is where you come in. If you can be able to be creative enough to have good content and also be very good when it comes to Facebook ads and Pinterest advertisement the sky is the limit for earning well.ways to make money online as a writer

At this age there is unlimited number of companies who have not even implemented social media accounts of their companies let alone advertising.

This is the reason the market is so large. If you would like to get training for social media advertising you can check my number 1 recommended training program where you can be equipped with the skills and start offering your services.

5. Best selling author


Gone are the days when it would take you 10 years in order to have a best-selling book for people to start recognizing you.

With platforms like Amazon and Kindle it is very easy to have your own book at a very fast pace.ways to make money online as a writer

The good thing is once you get a best-selling title on your book then it will be easy to get consistent income.

So if the prospect of writing a best-selling book then I would encourage you give it a try.

And what a legacy you will leave if you have a book of your own you will leave for your children.

Final thoughts

Getting paid with your writing skills has never been this easy as technology has given us so many options to make this happen.

If you are looking to make money online as a writer you should be clever about your choice and choose something you like and also something that will pay you well in the future.

With options like freelancing, blogging, writing a book, managing social media accounts and writing for paying magazines you do not have an excuse to not start using your writing skills.

What is more exciting is that anyone can do this with the right attitude and motivation.

My number one choose is blogging since you are doing essential more work which will pay you possible for ever in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was beneficial to you. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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