5 legitimate work from home jobs for moms- Every mom can do this

We are living in a decade where jobs are starting to vanish, but not just that, they are vanishing at a fast rate all thanx to the new technology replacing humans.

What is more sad is that while there are less jobs the wage disparity between men and women legitimate work from home jobs for momscontinues to grow and seems that it will always be huge, according to weforum.com. This is why the need to look at legitimate work at home jobs for moms or women in order to at least try bridge this gap.

The great thing with technology taking over is the fact that more and more online work or ways of making money online are opening.

This is up to you as mother whether you take these opportunities or not, Remember you are the driver for your financial freedom.

I choose to start my online business in 2016 and I am now working from home as a young graduate just because I did not enjoy working for someone else and most importantly not having freedom.

If you are like me I am sure you also hate the fact that you spend less time with your family and are stressed all the time at a job you may not like.

This is why I wrote this article, to show you ways of making money online the best way I have seen over the years.

You may also be interested in checking my #1 way of making money online.

Without further ado, let us start with the best ways to bring in that cheddar (ha-ha).

1. Blogging

legitimate work from home jobs for moms

For moms this is by far the best way to get started working online because there are many opportunities in blogging.

When you are a mother there are many things that you can do online to help other mothers who are struggling with anything.

The reason I recommend blogging for mothers is that there are so many ways to approach this and you are literally spoiled for choice.

If you do not know anything about blogging it is basically where you create content about a topic that you know a lot about or a topic which excites you.

For example let us say you enjoy cooking fish. Your blog would be literally about fish recipes where you help people learn ways of cooking fish.

legitimate work from home jobs for moms

However, it is important to focus on the most lucrative topics so that you will get a lot of traffic (people come to your website) in order to get money.

I call this having a niche market which is not competitive yet has more traffic. Here are some of these examples:

  • Baby clothes website
  • Work at home jobs for busy moms
  • Selling shoes successfully online.
  • Yoga exercise for moms over 40
  • Running shoes for moms

These are just some ideas of topics you can use to focus on. If however you are new to blogging I would recommend getting training for this.

I recommend going to a program that has helped me know all about niches and choosing the right topic to get traffic and eventually income.

If you do not want to spend anything while you are starting out I would recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate as it is free to join and start.

The training will be 24/7 and you have access to top earning bloggers who can answer your questions as you grow.

2. Tutor online

legitimate work from home jobs for moms

Your role as a new mother or normal mother will be to be teaching your baby or babies many things in life as they grow up.

This is the reason that mothers make some of the best teachers in the world. They have patience and sympathy which is needed for teaching.

The great news is that as a mother you can start teaching online already.

If there was a subject you were really good at in school or that you thoroughly enjoyed now is the best time to get an income online from it.

Tutoring online is a big industry that will continue to grow as students are going online to get private tutoring for their maths, science or history.

So give it a try, what will you lose?

3. Teach a foreign language online

legitimate work from home jobs for moms

If you love teaching young kids from a foreign country like China you will have no trouble getting started with teaching these kids English.

All you will need is to be a native English speaker and have a bachelors and sometimes a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign language) certificate.

Although some people who are non-native and have no bachelors do get gigs, however it is not always the case. Make sure you are equipt.

Once you have all these credentials you will need a laptop with a camera, internet connection and some white board and writing material.

There are many online companies which will help you get started and teach and here are a few:

  • Vipkids
  • QKids
  • Da DA
  • Gogokids

There are many to chose from but the ones above are some of the most trusted.

4. Affiliate marketing

legitimate work from home jobs for moms

For moms affiliate marketing is the best way to create online passive income for decades since this online business needs to be treated like a baby for you to end up seeing results (patience).

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest but often misunderstood vehicle of making money online.

This is because affiliate marketing needs proper training and time to get results but once you do get the results it becomes a snowball effect.

BTW this is the reason I started with affiliate marketing online in 2016. You can read my article of an event I entered and I got introduced to this business which is called National Achievers Congress.

So what is affiliate marketing?legitimate work from home jobs for moms

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a company’s product and when someone buys that product through your website you will be given commission.

This can add up as you get more and more traffic on your website and you promote more products on your site.

I always recommend getting proper training before starting with affiliate marketing as it requires proper knowledge for success.

I say this because in 2016 I nearly quit when I did a program that did not give me proper training.

It was only when I got world-class training, which at the time seemed too good to be true, from Wealthy Affiliate did I start enjoying affiliate marketing and starting seeing results.

5. Freelance your skills

legitimate work from home jobs for moms

When it comes to making money from home freelancing comes out at the top and it comes as no surprise.

Why do I say this?

Well this is because with freelancing you can literally do anything you wish. By this I mean that if you have any skills that people need online you can be of great demand.

For an example if you are good at creating website content or creating website themes you can be a freelancer for this.

There are many sites online which will help you to set up your services such as online payment so that you merely focus on the freelancing services.

Since this is a popular business there is a lot of competition on these freelancing sites so you would really need to stand out and offer great value to your customers.

Since the competition is so intense that is why I advise you check out my #1 way of making money online as while lead you to get online income between 6 months or a year,

The reason I recommend it is that you get full support as you are learning to earn money.

Final thoughts

Moms are normally very busy human beings and the stress at work can hinder them from enjoying their lives with their kids.

This is why turning online to get extra income can be a great hobby which can quickly turn into a full time income especially when you focus on affiliate marketing or blogging with the help of training.

Other ways such as freelancing,tutoring and teaching English are also great but they may be harder to crack the numbers to six figures if you just focus on them due to the competition these have.

So I would suggest if you are a mom who wants to be financially free that you focus on building something very sustainable like I did as I am working full time from home online.

You can check how you can get the training for free for affiliate marketing or blogging in my #1 recommendation program.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope you benefited. If you have any questions or comments you are more then welcome to leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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