4 Essential Blogger Hacks that will skyrocket your business

When it comes to blogging there are many components that make new bloggers feel that this whole business is just too difficult to do especially long term.

This is why today I want to help you with 6 essential Blogger Hacks that will help you with skyrocket your blogging business in no time.

If you with are new to blogging or just struggling with getting some results you with will want to read this so you with can see how you with can have hope for your blog.

My name is Thabo and I have been making money online since 2019 with blogging which helped me quiet my job in just a few months (6 months to be exact).

Now all I do is blog my life away everyday (just joking). I basically blog when I want to and still make good money and all I hope to do now is to hep people do the same thing as me.

This is because living a life of freedom has giving me so much juice in life and more energy so my passion is to help others too and providing tips and hacks is the way I do it.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this article.

Main things to consider first

The thing with blogging that makes people want to not commit is the fact that it requires you with to do continues writing so you with will see success.

However, not just any writing your content must be of good quality…

This is what can make most people feel it is overwhelming and I know that I am one of those people because I run multiple blogs (A health blog, a fitness blog and this one).

However, professional bloggers know that it is not always about you with writing and spending countless hours in front of your laptop or computer.

Besides doing things like getting people to write for you with there are a few ways that even someone knew can be able to boost their results for their blog of they feel they do not have a lot of time (Trust me even if you with feel you with have time no one can write every day of the week all the time).

So this is what you with have to keep in mind that quality is way better than quantity.

The other aspect to consider is that your blog is something that should be giving you with passive income so to help you with do this you with need to help build it in that way so you with will not have too many issues.

I often see most newbies doing the opposite whereby they are trying to make money with it as if they are running a small business and this ends up giving them too much headache at the end.

One of those ways is that they focus on a specific traffic and the next day they change and the next they change. But professionals know that to succeed you with need to focus on at least well proven traffic strategies.

Here are my blogger hacks that will boost your productivity

As you with are starting out you with will see that there are things you with can do to speed the process up and some of them will include just putting some small money here and there.

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Trust me this process can help a lot and it is what was able to also help my progress when I had reached a stagnation point while I was starting out.

1. Hiring writers

2. Have templates

3. Have an outline for your blog.

4. SEO tool

1. Hiring writers

Hiring is one of the best ways to manage your time and be able to get the best out of your business when it comes your progress.

I do know that this can be an expensive thing for some to do especially if they are starting out who do not want anything to spend money or are just tight on money.

I do understand this, However there are different ways you with can be able to get writers at a huge discount and one of the best website is textbroker.com since it gives you with the ability to chose your own rates for your writers.

This is the website I started with when I hard no income for my websites and it helped a lot to help me get started.

I do want to say that if you with hire a writer you with will not have any issue with creating content week after week as if you with are in a job.

It is great that you will be able to also speeding the writing process ten fold and be able to do other things on your business like creating or interacting with social media.

The other benefit for this is that you with will also not need to train these people as they already have been doing this blogging business for a while.

2. Have templates

How to make money coding online

I can not stress how important this process is as it can save you with hours of trying to start out and make any form of content.

templates are used by experienced bloggers like me so that we do not spend time thinking of how our next content will need to look like.

When I started this was what I did not know but luckily since I was able to join a training program that gives you with all these templates it was one of the things that made my blogging business explode.

Templates are vital for any content whether for your blog or for your social media platform like Instagram or Pinterest.

3. Have an outline for every blog post you write.

This is another vital hack that is a continuation of the templates especially for blog post.

Did you with know that most top bloggers simply use the same structure over and over again and for years?

The reason they do this is because it works.

You see if you with have an outline of how your content will look like when you with write and post you with will know what your blog post will look like even before you with start writing. This is how I manage to write many posts while I have many blogs.

You know what the good thing is about these outline?

You can give it your freelance writers and they will find it easier to write your content and you with will be assured that you with are getting the correct blog post you with need without too much adjustments.

4. SEO Tool

SEO tool is one of the best tools for helping ensure that you with are able to help your blog to rank higher on Google.

This is because you with will be able to know what are the things that are holding your blog from ranking and be able to correct them super quickly.

This means you with will have better control over your blog in general. There are many SEO tools you with can get online and most of them will require some sort of investment on your part.

This is especially so if you with want something that will be powerful and super easy to use.

How I make money online

As I said above that all these things above may require some sort of investment or expertise and this cool for those who can do this.

But for some this is hard and also expensive so my recommendation is to basically focus on getting the skills.

The cool thing is that you with can get these skills and have your blog up and running in no time and you with will also be able to get most of these with a program that gives you with training and the tools and all the hacks I mentioned above.

What I am talking about?

Well it is the same program that was able to help me go from beginner to expert with 6 months and helped me go from $0 to a full time income in those same months.
July 2021

The program has a free training which gives you with 10 training videos and also 2 free websites for you with.

However, if you with want to start and make real money and build a long term business blogging like me my recommendation is that you with go to premium after finishing the free training.

The program also has many experts which is great because it means you with will not be alone in the process which is what I liked and was the major reason of my success. The program is called wealth affiliate and you with can check it below how it was able to help me do this.


Final thoughts

When it comes to make money online the best thing to do you with will be needing to ensure that your blog can be able to Google ranking.

There are many things you with can do to increase this and your overall presence online and they are the following which I mentioned above;

  • Getting a SEO tool
  • Hiring writers
  • Have templates
  • SEO tool

Most of these will come with a cost but you with can reduce the costs if you with focus on one or two.

The main benefit here is that you with will be able to increase your productivity at a huge rate and you with will be able to advance super fast.

So this means that over time you with will eventually get your money back that you with invested on these and most importantly you with will be able to get time for yourself.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you with the value that you with were looking for. if you with have any questions or comments you with will leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you with as normal.

2 thoughts on “4 Essential Blogger Hacks that will skyrocket your business”

  1. Hi Thabo and thank you for sharing this information.
    I could definitely find myself in your lines describing the struggles that bloggers and specifically beginner bloggers sometimes have staying motivated and focused on their blogs and what is important to be done in order to succeed online.
    Definitely getting extra help with writing the content, using templates, have the same outline and use it over and over again and having an SEO tool, are all prerequisites for success.
    Which SEO tool are you using?

    1. hey Tatiana

      These are indeed ingredients to have and I can say that it is one of the most basics to help people level up. I am glad you enjoyed this article.

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