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How to make money online in South Africa easily- The best way

We are living in the 21st Century where almost everyone is looking to escape their 9 to 5 and most people look online for this.How to make money online in South Africa easily

As much as many parts of the world have people working online daily South Africans are yet to catch up on this trend. I left my job in South Africa in 2019 to work online and now I am helping people know how to make money online in South Africa easily.

By the end of this post you should be on your way to earning some money online. I want to warn you that you will need to work hard to make this happen at least for 6 months.

I will show you three best ways to achieve this and I will recommend the one that is best to follow.

Let’s get right into it.

Before we start you may also prefer to watch the video where I summaries the ways of making money online.

Writing online surveys and getting paid

How to make money online in South Africa easily

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to cash in money and many times instantly.

How this works is that you fill in a survey where you answer questions that the company asks you and then after that you earn some sort of commission.

The steps are simple you OPEN your account by registering with your email and then you verify your account and then open link to your bank account if you are in South Africa.

Once you have an account you basically wait for gigs to write your view. Remember you do not need to have prior experience when it comes to this.

Now South African companies have not known this before and that is why other companies from other countries have been dominating.

Example are companies like SurveyJunkie, you can check out the review and Swagbucks.

Thank God South African companies are also starting to see the value in this and that is why they are not starting to introduce surveys that pay.

Here are some of the best South African companies which pay:

Affiliate marketing

How to make money online in South Africa easily

Affiliate marketing is one business venture that is still to rise not only in South Africa but in many other countries too.

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a company or product and you get commission for your work. Many companies are looking for people to help them expand online.

The great aspect about affiliate marketing you can generally start with little to no experience to earn money online.

However you will need to be knowledgeable about this which is not hard to learn, especially since I did it with no computer skills.

If you would like to learn for free I suggest a free platform called Wealthy Affiliate which free and will help you to learn the skills until you are confident.

Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards beginners and advanced online business people of affiliate marketers who want to earn money online.

The reason I have been in Wealthy affiliate is because of the great training which took me from absolute beginner to advanced professional within a year.

The steps you do to become and affiliate marketer:

  • Create your own website
  • Start promoting a product on your website.

One thing I want to tell you is that you do not have to promote a certain company or a product but you can actually promote something related to your hobbies.

What do I mean by this?

Well I mean that you can start a website related to your website and then start promoting products which are related to that hobby.

For example let’s say your hobbies is Tennis. You can open a website talking about anything related to tennis. Whether tennis balls, tennis outfits or tennis rackets etc.

Take photos and get paid

Just like taking surveys you will not anything but your items like camera and an internet connection and you can get started with this.

So all you do is take pictures and after this you submit these to online photo companies and then if your pictures are approved you get good amounts of money.

Although this sounds very easy you need to be unique for your photos to be taken so you can get cash.

For this reason I suggest having a good quality camera and unique photos taken at unique angles. This will help a lot in making sure these websites recognize your photos.

My number 1 recommendation: How I make money online

How to make money online in South Africa easily

Now I will talk about the best way to make money out of all of these and the one that helped me quit my job this year and work online full time.

The one I highly recommend is affiliate marketing because you are building a long term business which will sustain you overtime.

I know this because I started internet marketing from 2016 and I am still building a six figure business from it although it is still able to sustain my living.

You may be wondering how I learnt to be an affiliate marketer?

Well I started with a program which costs me huge amount called Internet income intensive. Although I learnt a lot through the program I was unable to make any money.

It was only after finding a free program called Wealthy Affiliate which helped me learn all I needed for making money online.

I did a review for this program and you can check it out on Wealthy affiliate review 2019.

Final thoughts

making money online in South Africa is not hard at all. It just needs dedication to see it through. The best ways I recommend is writing surveys, affiliate marketing and taking photos and getting paid.

Affiliate marketing is the promoting or a product or company is an exchange for a commission, which can grow very quickly.

However to make it in this venture you need to really make sure that you know what you are doing and that is why I recommend proper training for this.

If you decide to do surveys or photos to get paid you do not need any sort of training just your uniqueness.

I hope you are enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have questions or comments to add you can leave them below.

12 minute affiliate review

12 minute affiliate review-The truth Exposed!

Welcome to my 12 minute affiliate review where I talk about this new system which promises to make you easy money online.

On this review I will be talking whether this system is legit or just one of those many old scams that we are all use to.

I know how valuable your time is so I will get right into the review straight away.

Before we start the review you may be interested in checking out the free training that taught me how to make money online and allowed me to quit my job in 2019 here.

12 minute affiliate Overview

Program name:The 12 minute affiliate program12 minute affiliate review


Owner: Devon Brown

Price: Basic – $49 per month (or $397 for a lifetime), Gold- $97 per month (or $797 for a lifetime)

Support: The support is good

theworkathomegraduate rating: 3 out 5

What is the 12 minute affiliate system?

The 12 minute affiliate system is a program I fell upon when my friend told me about how he made money once of from the system.

Well since I am an experience marketer I decided to see for myself it works.

A 12 minute affiliate system is an affiliate system that is ready-made for any marketer to use. The reason it is called the 12 minute affiliate system is because you need a maximum of 12 minutes to setup the system to work.

This is strictly an affiliate system where you promote a company’s product or a person’s product/service and your earn a commission.

This system is basically Devon teaching you exactly how to make money with affiliate marketing. He gives you all the practical ways and training to do it.

However, you must bear in mind that this is not a live webinar, it is prerecorded and automated.

Having said you will still get a lot of value because it is not like you are learning from a video on YouTube or something, however he trains you step by step to follow the system.

Who is Devon Brown?

12 minute affiliate review

Like with all my reviews I make sure to do a background check of the owner so I know what I would be getting myself into.

When it comes to Devon Brown I can safely say that he is not only a legit person, however he is a successful affiliate marker and clickbank vendor.

He has launched many successful affiliate programs which are still in use and legit.

Pros and Cons


  • Most systems are done for you already
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • False promising/advertising.
  • Too many pricey upsells

How does it work?

The 12 minute affiliate marketing is ready-made sales funnel system which is linked with all the necessary components to make you a sale like an email system and landing page.

You will also need an autoresponder which you will have to get and just connect to this sales funnel.

The only limitation with the product is that the system only allows you to choose from only three niches which is Make money niche, personal development and health.

the 12 minute affiliate system

The system works in 3 basic steps to help you make money online. The first is choosing the affiliate products and adding them to your sales funnel page.

When you have purchased the membership and are in the members’ area all you need is to choose the product related to you niche and customize your sales funnel according to your related affiliate link.

The other thing you get is a free written email marketing documents for your related niche.

One last thing you do get is free traffic which you get as soon as you have purchased the product. This free traffic you find in the members’ area in the form of solo ads.

Who is it for?

12 minute affiliate review

The program is developed for all types of people who are experienced in making money online more especially affiliate marketing.

This is because it provides a very easy way to make money for these people.

If you are a beginner I would not advise you to purchase the program only because it will be a lot to learn on top of the program you will need to learn.

If you are a beginner I would advise you to stick to one of these programs Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama as they are in expensive and are very supportive to help you succeed online.

What is the cost?

The pricing of the product is not bad, however there are many upsells which I do not really like especially if you are still starting out and do not have a lot of money to invest.

There is trial price of $9.95 for 14 days after which you then have to choose between the 2 membership programs:

  1. Basic membership
  2. Gold membership
  • Basic membership

The basic membership costs $47 per month or if you want this for a lifetime you can pay a once of payment of $397.

  • Gold membership

The Gold membership is the highest and it costs $97 per month or $797 if you want a lifetime access.

The basic membership will have fewer features compared to the Gold membership such as accessing other membership areas like the support in the for of email follow up when as you work the system.

They all, however have the same features more or less.

Features (what you get)

Here are things you can expect to get by purchasing this system:

  • Done for you email marketing system
  • Done for you traffic
  • Done for you sales funnel
  • Facebook private group

The verdict

So do I think this stem is legit or not?

It is legit 100% it just that you will need to spend a lot to make money and for the fact that the traffic you will get is not targeted that will cause you to spend a lot unnecessary.

This is why I would recommend this stem to people who are very experienced in affiliate marketing as they will use this to supplement their income or help them earn well as most things are done for you.

>>Try the 12 minute affiliate system today<<

Final thoughts

The 12 minute system is for people who are really into making money and are very experienced as this will act as a boost in their income.

This is because the 12 minute system is an automated sales funnel system which is done for you and takes only 12 minutes to set up.

There are 2 memberships:basic and Gold which you can choose from depending on your affordability.

For all memberships you get all the features of the program to make you succeed, however the only difference is that with Gold you get more done for you features as it is more expensive.

I hope this 12 minute affiliate system was beneficial to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to ask me below.

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online-Anyone can do this

In the 21st century we have seen a lot of teenagers who have made huge wealth for themselves. According to 40 young people who became millionaires before they reached 20.7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

This goes to show that this is so easy for any teenagers to make any amount of money online. This is why I will be showing you how to make money as a teenager online today.

Now there are many ways you can make online as a teenager, however only a few will tend to work well.

This is why I will be showing you the best ways that work which you can start with today.

Before we start you may be interested to check out my # 1 recommendation of making money which is one of the ways I make money online.

1. Blogging and affiliate marketing

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

One of the best way to build long term wealth is to start your own website or blog. The reason a blog is great is that it becomes your foundation in your online business.

When it comes to blogging the great thing is that you can make generate different streams of income from your site since it can be a basis of making many streams of income.

For example a blog can be made to have ads on the website which generate income.

You can also put in affiliate marketing links on your blog which will generate income.

If you are looking to get proper training to build an online business you can check out a free training by wealthy affiliate.

2. Babysitting

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

So do you love babies?

Well if that is the case this is the best way for you to get extra income online which can be consistent. Unlike before you do not have to look for these gigs from friends but you can just go online.

Although babysitting will not give you huge amounts of cash but it is a great way to make extra income on the side.

Here are a few companies which you can focus on:

3. Tutoring

Is there a subject that you happen to be good at or you have a subject that you used to enjoy or still enjoy at school?

If the answer to this then tutoring is the greatest place for you as a teenager to get started in making money dude.

tutoring can be done on your own or as third party where you are working under some sort of company like:

You can also start your own company where you provide services to many people. Do not worry it is not hard to start your own online tutoring company.

4. Take surveys

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

Another great way that teenagers can make money for themselves is that they take surveys to help companies with information they are looking for.

The surveys are easy to do and only take a few minutes to a few hours to do. and this is where teenagers can benefit as they can do it after school or weekends.

I want to, however advise you that taking surveys can only give you a good pocket money and not enough to make you a millionaire as I have explained on some of my previous posts.

Here are some of the best surveys to look into:

5. Review music

Without a doubt if you are a teenager you do enjoy listening to some sort of music and most probably every day too, at least I know I did that when I was a teenager.

What if you could get paid doing just this all day?

You would be happy right?

Well the good news is that the internet is loaded with a lot of opportunities for you to leverage and this is exactly what you should used to get paid.

Just bear in mind that you must focus on companies which will actually pay you well and I have put one site which pays quite well.

6. Trading online

Trading online is what is another great online business which has been working for many youngsters.

I know teenagers who are making millions of dollars trading from home using this vehicle as it has become easier to enter due to a lower barriers on entry unlike before.

Now you can start trading with $10 whereas before you needed millions of dollars to enter and trade.

For trading to succeed you will need proper trading training from an institution which is reputable.

Just remember that trading is very high risk due to the liquidity so that is why I said ensure you have all the knowledge you need.

7. YouTuber

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

For teenagers YouTube is by far the number 1 way to make money which as it is easy for teenagers to blossom in this system.

The reason why most teenagers are doing well on YouTube is because it is the mostly about entertainment.

If you are young you will likely have a huge audience which you can leverage to give yourself a huge following. This is one of the reasons youngsters are the ones who usually blossom in this space.

Final thoughts

There has never been a great time for teenagers to make a living for themselves than now. This is because of so many aspects that the technology has created.

You can literally go to the internet and find an opportunity and then start making money (generally over time).

There are also ways to make money quick and this can be done by focusing on certain ways money making vehicles like the following:

  • Reviewing music and getting paid
  • Doing surveys and getting paid

Other ways which take long but yield huge amounts are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Trading
  • YouTube

I advise that you always choose what you enjoy doing so that you will be able to do it over a long period of time.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was beneficial to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to add them below.

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

We would all love to earn money while traveling and it seems like it is something very hard to do for most people, but in fact it is not.9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

To help you understand I will give you 10 best ways on how to earn money while traveling. I have be doing this while I still had a 9 to 5 job over the years.

Now that I do not have a 9-5 it has become what I am all consumed in doing and in fact I am writing this while I am traveling Asia.

I want to first say you can not do this overnight however if you are willing to work hard and follow the things I tell you today you can travel the world too or even more than me.

Before we start you may be interested in checking out my #1 way of I make money online to help me with traveling.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is by the far the best way to make money while traveling and anyone can do this.9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a company that you like or product and if people buy it you get a commission for your work.

Without a doubt this needs a lot of skill but once you have mastered it can give you a recurring income for a lifetime as long as the internet is still there.

To do this you will need a lot of training to be good so I do recommend that you get proper training which will help you.

You can join community which will help you step by step to be a full time affiliate marketer called Wealthy Affiliate (no credit card details needed).

You can also join affilorama which is basically kind of the same as wealthy affiliate but more expensive than wealthy affiliate.

2. Offer services with what you are good at

Do you have any talent of skill that you can utilize?9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Talented has been so understand over the years and this is still happening right now. But the funny thing is that talent can make you very wealthy.

Being a christian I can only point to scripture which talks about this Proverb 18:16 ” A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringth him before the great men”.

This highlights the importance of using your gift to serve others.

However, having said this remember that if you do not serve your gift in a smart way then nothing will happen for you.

So what do I mean by this?

I am sure you have seen people who are very talented but poor or failing to make ends meet this happens almost daily.

The key to making this work for you is to develop systems around your talent and find best paying ways to help you leverage your gift.

For example if you are a singer you can develop a course which you will help people who are struggling and with the internet on your finger tips you can make your course big and it can pay you monthly.

Unlike before now there are companies online which help you do this easily like….

So find what you are good and and develop systems and here are some systems you can develop:

  • Workshops online
  • Courses online
  • Be a personal trainer online.
  • Create e books

3. Trade online

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Trading online is another best way to make sure you have an extra income and I have talked about this on my article 20 best ways to making extra money after work.

Now the mistake most people do when they start trading is they think it is a quick rich scheme and trade their money without proper knowledge of using risk management.

This is a huge mistake that everyone makes when starting ( I know I used to do that). So if that is not done things would be way better.

In fact it could lead you to make a lot of money.

Again having said that Forex is one of the most riskiest businesses to get into because you can literally lose huge amount within minutes because of the volatility of the market.

4. Start a unique and unexplored YouTube niche vlog

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

We all know how you may want to be the next YouTube star and get paid millions right?

Although this is so possible however it is also super challenging and requires a lot of work on your part.

This is the reason why most people give up on making money on YouTube after years of trying.

Well I want to tell you that there are ways that you can leverage YouTube subscribers and views and NO this is not by paying for some dodgy services to get fake subscriptions or likes.

This is a legit way that most top YouTubers talk about and that is finding a niche that is unique and leveraging it and becoming an authority.

5. Rent your house while you are away

Here is another great way to have some extra cash while traveling and that is to rent out your house while you are traveling.

Now you do not have to do this when you are already thinking of traveling however this you can do this while you are still at home.

For example if you have extra rooms outside you can rent them out to people.

The reason I say do this while you are at home is because it is good to have someone you trust in your house look after the house while paying rent for you.

Having someone pay rent for you while you are traveling is like you have extra cash while you are away even if it is just a bit.

I have a met a lot of travelers who do this custom and it works quiet well. It is similar to couch sitting.

6. Work in a cruise ship

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Working in the cruise is one of the most neglect yet great gigs to have when you are looking to see the world and meet different people.

Although being in a cruise ship for so many hours can be a bit hectic but you will still be traveling and meeting new people.

I have never tried working there but I have friends who have done that and did this for a year as a career break so now they have the experience of traveling.

7. Do hospitality

Hospitality has always been the first way I have known of traveling the world easily and in fact I nearly wanted to do this career in 2009 when I was in matric.

Hospitality is broad but the main thing people do is they become chefs whereby they go and cook at different hotels all around the world.

8. Be a travel blogger

Here is another way to be a digital nomad and will allow you to travel the world with no restrictions. This to me is one of the simplest way to make money while traveling.

However, this is hard to build at the beginning and it can take at least a year to build and start having passive income.

The reason I say this is simple is that you just need to be consistent with your content.

Being a travel blogger you need to do this if you have traveled well before or you are a constant traveler.

This the reason for this is that you will need to write about places you have actually been to or are going to.

How else do you write good engaging content if you do not know anything about a specific place?

I can hear you saying RESEARCHING ABOUT IT.

Yes you are right however nothing can actually beat experience as this can make you more of an authority.

If you are intereted in being a travel blogger and how to succeed with it you can check out my article How to make money as a travel blogger.

Or alternatively you can join a free community which will help you learn how to make money as a travel blogger practically.

9. Tour guide

9 ways on how to earn money while traveling

Being a tour guide is actually similar to being a travel blog as far as the amount of experience of traveling that you need to have.

The only difference with being that a tour guide will work long hour and will normally a boss to report to in some way or another.

The reason I say that you need travel experience is that you will need to show this to the people that you will apply to or rather the company you will apply to.

Having said here are some key things you will need to show when you apply to companies to being a tourist:

  • Show interpersonal skills
  • Show that you are well traveled.
  • research the company you are applying for (this is obvious I know)
  • Visit a lot of travel exhibitions (to show how much interest you have for traveling)

Final thoughts

Learning how to earn money while traveling can be done in so many ways and most ways need patience and hard work.

Earning while traveling will, without a doubt, require you to have enormous discipline as this can make or break your desires as most of the ways require this.

The ways to do this that I recommend are :

  • Starting a travel blog
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Being a travel blogger
  • Tour guide
  • Do hospitality
  • Trade online
  • Offer services with your talent
  • Rent your cruise ship
  • Rent your house while you are away.

All you have to do is choose what you enjoy doing and focus on it for at least a year while you build your experience.

No path is great, however it depends on your passion.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Trenzy review

My thorough Trenzy review-Discover the actual truth of this app

Have you ever thought of a way you could get loads of traffic instantly just by great and hot content on your website? Well if you have trenzy might just be something you are looking for.

But before you get your hopes up I will help you decide if this way is a good option or not. On this trenzy review I will be unbiased like all my reviews so you can make an educated decision.

Without wasting any of your time I would like to get straight to the point for you.

Oh, and by the way you may be interested in checking my #1 way of making money online which helped me quit helped me quit my corporate 9-5 this year.

Trenzy overviewMy thorough Trenzy review

Product name: Trenzy


Price: $49

Owner: Dr Amit Pareek

Support: adequate

Training: Yes

Bonuses: Yes

Theworkathomegraduate rating: 2.5 out of 5

What is the trenzy?

Trenzy is basically an app designed to help you make money easily through doing one click to make you get huge traffic to your site.

The way trenzy works is that it allows you to find the most trending topics in your niche on autopilot which in turn will make your content trend.

If you know anything about online marketing or online businesses you will know that when your topic trends your content will be rewarded by google (by placing you on the first page).

This then will give your site a lot of traffic which will turn to a lot of revenue for you.

Now, Here is the thing. The program says you will be able to do that with just one click and the program does everything for you.

Now what I did not like is the fact that you will be using other people’s videos and content for this.

Although the author says you will be doing this legally but when I first heard this I did not get comfortable and in fact this was what led me to ask for my money back (of which they gave me).

Whenever ethics are not met I distance myself from that business because my business will not be ethical.

This program reminded me of one program I reviewed a week ago where it promises to make you lots of money with using other people’s videos. You can check out YouTube Secrets Review to see what I mean.

Other than that the other components seemed to be ok.

The owner

Trenzy review

Just like all my reviews on this trenzy review I will open up about the author.

Firstly the good thing with this program is that there is a legit author which we can say it is comforting and it is the first indication that this is a genuine program.

But is the author real? that is the big question.

You may remember that some programs have fake owners also known as posers just like the YouTube Secrets.

So like always I did my digging….

It turns out that the owner/author is Dr. Amit Pareek and he is real and is not a poser (that should give you relieve hey).

Can we trust him?

It turns out that Dr Amit has been a top selling vendor on JV zoo for the last few years (from 2005 to be exact).

Well to me I would like to say although he has a lot of credentials behind his back introducing an automated system of which he did not succeed with is a bit dodgy.

This is the second reason I decided to leave this product and focuses on something you can build for a long term like the community I am in wealthy affiliate.

Again the reason I did this is that I believe businesses are not quick rich schemes and the community of wealthy affiliate did not promise any quick riches upon joining for free to learn to build a business online.

Pros and Cons


  • No monthly payments
  • Good for beginners and advanced online business owners
  • No installation of any software for usage.


  • Promises quick results
  • Using other people’s stuff to grow your website.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who is to build a business online whether you are beginner internet marketer or advanced. Basically if you are work online like me.

Even though the software is for any beginner however I do not advise beginners to start here because this will rob you of the skills you need to learn in the online world.

Rather focuses on programs which will help you build a long term like  Wealthy Affiliate   or affilorama which are both great programs.


So let’s get into the interesting things which talks about what you will get when you purchase this software.

  • Built in traffic generation 1 click button.
  • Creation of SEO generating pages
  • Analytics
  • System for generating and using other people’s viral video for profit
  • Posting of content and videos in one click
  • Artificial intelligence to put in affiliate links for affiliate marketing.
  • Royalty-free images to use
  • Ste by step training (which is long)
  • No domain and hosting.

How does it work?

Trenzy review

The software basically works in these simple steps as a whole:

1. Publish your content

This step you basically type in your keyword of your relevant business niche and the artificial Intelligent automatically finds the best videos and content related to this.

It will then post it and make sure it is done legally for you. You need to set this up though it is not as easy as this.

It will post it mainly on social media channels.

2. Artificial Intelligence lead offer grab

The artificial Intelligence finds the best lead offers to attract the most traffic and uses that.

3. Duplication

This step the system works for your every day, every minute and you can duplicate this to other sites that you want.


As I said before the training for Trenzy you will get will be through 31 detailed videos which will require you to put in a lot of time in them so you understand the functions of the program.

Since I did not use the program enough to see if the training is adequate I will not comment on whether the training is good or bad.

Honesty, I believe, is the best thing one should acknowledge. All I can say is that the training seemed so long for something considered an automation solution for working online.


Trenzy review

So do I think trenzy is a scam or legit?

Well I consider it a scam and I do not recommend it since there is a lot of false advertising to lure people in (speaking of personal experience).

This is not a one click and all of a sudden you have traffic. Not at all.

The owner is hiding the fact that you will need to work to see the results from this program. Another reason I recognize it as a scam is that you are basically stealing other people’s work to succeed.

This means your business’ success relies on other people’s work. This will not last long enough as it is not authentic. We have all seen programs or softwares like these.

They work for a few months or years and then die and people have already lost lots of money in the process so that is why I advise you to take another route to succeed.

You can either join a free online business/affiliate marketing training which teaches you to build a business online like me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Final thoughts

Making money online takes a very long time to master and that is why most people quit early. However, a new program called trenzy promises to give you this in a short period.

However, upon evaluation I found out that this program does not deliver what it actually promises.

Even though you may end up making it work it will take a lot of time to master and most importantly to sustain it will be a disaster since it is not ethical at all.

Programs or softwares which use other people’s work is definitely marked to fall soon.

This is one of the reason I decided to not use the program upon initial usage.

How to make money as a personal trainer

How to make money as a personal trainer- Learn from experts

There are many ways to make money these days using what you are an expert on. In fact the information industry is set to grow rapidly in the coming years so you would want to be part of it.How to make money as a personal trainer

Being a personal trainer is one of the best ways to make extra money or even a full time income. This is the reason why today I will talk about how to make money as a personal trainer.

Having been a trainer myself for over a decade I can definitely tell you what are the strategies that work and how to sustain it.

So all you have to do is to sit back and read the best way to go about this if you are looking to make it big.

Before we start you my also be interested to check my #1 recommendation for making money online which has helped me build my foundation as a personal trainer.

What is a personal trainer

How to make money as a personal trainer

A personal trainer is basically someone who helps another person reach their personal goals in a particular sport or physical activity.

Having done this for 10 years I can say that being a personal trainer is something that can be more rewarding than anything in the world.

This is because as a personal trainer you are constantly dealing with the same people of which you end up developing connection with those people you train.

These days many people think they can be personal trainers but this is not the case especially if your main concern is to only make money.

This is why most people end up not really anything a lot of money due to this mindset.

What I what to clarify is that being a personal trainer is just as the name says “personal”. You need to really dig in to effect a person’s soul by serving them.

Having said that here are some personal traits of a personal trainer:

  • Passionate about the topic or that specific sport.
  • Only looking to serve others.
  • Willingness to stay for the long term in this sport.
  • Always leaning and developing him or herself.

Give value before you charge

How to make money as a personal trainer

So above I talked about the traits of a personal trainer and now I will start off with the first practical step to making money as a personal trainer and that is giving value.

Giving value comes in two forms. One is giving value to your clients and second is giving value to the market place.

So what is giving value to your clients?

This is in the form of serving people with your skills for free if you are just starting out and not expecting many at all.

Now this may seem a bit contradictory to what you may have been looking for but I want to assure you that this will work.

Basically giving your services for free is like a big marketing tool for you. This means that you need to show the results on the first group of people (even one person).

Once people have seen your results now you have a great testimonial to show people that your program is working.

How to make money as a personal trainer

This has been one of the things that has worked wonders in my life as it is free advertising at its best.

The problem is people start off and want to earn huge profits without showing their capabilities to the clients and thus the market?

So what is giving value to the market place?

This is when you contribute in some way helpful to the market and you get recognized.

As a personal trainer you probably have many unique ways you give results to your clients and this can help other personal trainer succeed.

Another way to provide value is to basically provide and conduct research for what works to produce results in the personal training in your field.

Now you do not have to write a thesis however you do need to basically provide what you know and make it available to people.

Here are different ways to do this:

These ways will sure give you the recognition you need and a lot of exposure which will lead to many clients.

Make it more about your clients needs more than anything

How to make money as a personal trainer

Again I did talk about this previously that your focus in this field is merely serving and the money will follow latter.

This field is exactly like personal development field where your work is seen by the change you make on people.

I am sure you have heard the saying ” The customer comes first” right?

Well this is more true in this field more than anything as the clients can either increase your customers or decrease them.

So whenever your clients is looking for ways to improve also make sure he or she has a say in what you are trying to help them with.

Many times we think personal trainers know everything and can’t be told whereas we as personal trainers learn each day as this will help us grow.

Be patient with the process but also be aggressive with action

How to make money as a personal trainer

To make money as a personal trainer it is vital that we stay patient and that we trust the process as this can be a long journey for most.

This is the reason I said that your traits have to include being able to stay in this field or position in the long run.

While you are patience, however, you must ensure you apply all the daily actions like providing value to your clients and advertising yourself on social media (by proving free and relevant information).

For as long as you provide hard-core and quality, up-to-date information your day for making lots of money will come sooner than you think.

This is because in no time you will be considered and expert of your filed as a personal trainer and be trusted as the go-to person for information.

Create your own blog

How to make money as a personal trainer

The first and most important step is creating a platform whereby your clients will be able to reach you or even new customers.

I cannot stress how important this step is because this is what will build trust and credibility with you and your client. Think of your website as an online business card and online shop.

The great think about a blog is that you can create it within 1 minute thanx to the technology advancements and if you are looking for a free one you can register for a free website account here.

In the next section you will see the reasons for creating a blog.

Create a YouTube Channel

How to make money as a personal trainer

Once you have created a blog/website you will want to integrate it with a YouTube channel of your own.

So why do I say YouTube?

It is simple.

As a personal trainer people need to see you and see you talking (in front of people) so that they can trust you.

This is pretty much what are the expectations as a personal trainer and if you are in the personal development groups as you are dealing with serving real people face to face or Face to Computer (if there is such a word).

So hiding behind a website and calling yourself and expert will 90% not work in this age if you are looking to grow especially globally.

So start that channel and start proving value with it while linking it to your website.

Another think a website and YouTube will do is to give you huge trust from your potential clients and trust me anyone can do this.

When I started my dancing coaching website it worked well with YouTube and I was able to get so much exposure of which I have now as I have been proving value.

Although my field was not specifically personal training but it was related to it I still had results which I was taught by a community of top world online money earners which you can join for free here to see gain the skills.

Below also my video of my YouTube channel as a dancing coach.

Make social media your friend

Dude you are a personal trainer and you interact with people so why are you not posting daily because your clients are waiting for you on these platforms.

You can go on any social media and type in any hashtag related to health and fitness and you will have a ton of hashtags.

This goes to prove how much the personal training industry is.

How I make money online

Now considering that I quit my 9-5 this year I am proud of my accomplishments and this is only the beginning.

I basically have two ways I am making money online and again I was taught by the community I am in which I joined for free.

Here are the two ways:

  • Making money providing value as a dancing coach on my dancing website.
  • I get paid for some ads on my website as my website ranks quite high on google.

These are my main streams of income which I use and I am constantly growing with the skills I learn.

If you also want to join this community and start making money online I do highly recommend this community which is free (no credit card details needed).

Final thoughts

If you are looking to be a personal trainer who is making a ton of money you only need to follow the simple rules of serving and providing good value to the clients and the market.

When you do this the market will have to choice but to reward your efforts.

however to increase your chances of growing faster is to basically incorporate a website with a YouTube channel as you are in the people serving business daily.

If you do not do these important actions your rate of growing online will be very slim.

You also need to stay on course for the long term so you can see the results of your efforts because clients will come eventually as long as you provide value and you do not give up.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Whatsapp stokvels south africa

WhatsApp Stokvels South Africa scam-The Truth EXPOSED

Everyone is looking to earn money online and it is no doubt that the internet has given us a lot of ways to do this from YouTube to Trading online etc. The problem is that some of these may not really work.

In this article I will be talking one of the money making ways which people say they are making money in South Africa, Stokvels. So this WhatsApp stokvels South Africa review will help you know if this is really a scam or not.

Before we begin this review you may be interested in checking my # 1 recommendation of making money online.

If you prefer watching a video for this review you can do so below,

What is a WhatsApp stokvel?

WhatsApp Stokvels South Africa scam

Firstly a stokvel is what has been in operation in South Africa for years. Over the centuries people have survived and made a living with stokvels.

A stokvel is basically a platform formed by a group of people who know each other very well and come together to save collectively.

The essence of a stokvel consisted of people who live in the same neighborhood and who are had come acquitted with each other.

The people decide on the rules that will help the stokvel work effortlessly like how much each person must put and when they are required to put their money and how frequently they put into the stokvel.

Also, a stokvel does not have to be money that these members put but it could be things that represent money like food items (groceries, clothing packages etc).

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On the other hand for general stokvels that are existing in South Africa they are totally opposite all the aspects I talked about.

This is because the WhatsApp groups have people who are strangers joining them and also managing the WhatssApp groups.

Reasons for stokvels

WhatsApp Stokvels South Africa scam

Stokvels have been very informal over the years as I have said and this is for making financial needs for people. The purpose is to serve a need for the people ho are usually financially struggling (although not entirely the case)

Stokvels help any person whether old or poor to be able to achieve their objective in life (whatever it is).

In fact stokvels are said to grow even more over the next few years as people start working together for form great financial structures of their own.

Crowdfunding is one aspect which is similar to a stokvel were multiples of people invest in a start up business for a certain person of group.

Types of stokvels and WhatsApp stokvels

There are many types of stokvels that people make and they all depend on what each group of people want.

The people who start it always know what their aim is and since it is based on trust not any person (like a stranger can join).

This is the reason that is you are in a WhatssApp group that you do not know anyone that is not really a true stokvel by definition.

Here are the different types of stokvels that people create for different purposes:

  • Savings
  • Property Investment
  • Groceries
  • Clothing
  • Hobbies

These are but a few, the list goes on forever because this mode you can make it for absolutely anything.


As far as my research went I found a lot of great value in the idea of stokvels. Stokvels in their general sense are legit however they are formal ways of financial means.

This means they are not scams at all and even some financial bank institutions know about them and their operation. Look at the picture below of the CEO National Stokvel association.



This say that this system is legit and does work even thought it may not yet be formalized.

Dangers of WhatssApp money making platforms

To state the obvious WhatsApp scams have existed for a few years world wide so it is no surprise why some people still get scammed.

Remember social media is the best way that these scammers operate to catch the people who are naive about making money online.

In fact this WhatsApp stokvel that is happening in South Africa currently has been happening all over the world already it is just that these scammers are only taking advantage of these only now.

Below is a video of some scam that has been happening over the world through WhatsApp.


When it comes to testimonials for making money on WhatsApp the majority of the people are scammed and this has been happening g over and over again.

The funny thing is that people are still falling to the trap almost every day because they need money desperately.

Below are some video testimonials

Video 1

Video 2

Now you may seem to make money at the beginning however this is all a psychological game that all these scammers play.

So they lure you in with money once or maybe twice sometimes for you to trust all this is working and afterwards they take all your money.

It is easy for them to do this because they have no proper identity for you to recognized them with which is why I said a normal stokvel you know the people in the quiet well.

The verdict

So do I think WhatsApp stokvels are a scam?

Well the WhatsApp stokvels all depend on how that stokvel group was formed. So if the group fulfill these criteria it is legit:

  • The people know each other VERY well.
  • The people trust each other
  • The people decide to all form a group on WhatssApp.
  • There is always communication of doing activities to advance the purpose of the group (not merely recruiting).

If the WhatssApp stokvels fulfills this you are good to go. However, if the stokvels is opposite this as is mainly focusing on recruiting new people that this is a scam.

How I make money online

I have been on the internet as  business online markerter from 2016 and have learnt to build a many websites from scratch of which some have made money and others no money.

I only got my good break this year and I able able to surve from money I make online building websites. This is my passion by far.

Basically what I do is called affiliate marketing whereby I promote different products and programs on my site. I also earn money through ads on my websites.

This way of making money can be done by absolutely anyone who has the drive as it can pay you recurring income forever if you build it good.

Now when I started I was completely a beginner and never knew how to build sites so when I got training from a community of top millionaire internet marketers only then did I start to see results.

Although the journey was not easy , however it has been rewarding even though I am still pursuing more of dreams (which is to be a 6 figure earner).

If you are also willing to work hard and get guidance from me and other top online business entrepreneurs you can join our community here for free (no credit card details needed).

I advice to only join if you are really wanting to work to build your income overtime.

More than this I will give you some bonuses and tons of help when you start creating your account or your first money making website.

Final thoughts

More and more people are looking for ways to make money online in South Africa however they are usually faced with a lot of scams.

The major scam that most people are facing currently are WhatsApp stokvel scams.

Even though stokvels by their nature are legit ways to save or accumulate money or other means however the ones that are going on right now are scams.

This is because the people who are admin and people who join often do not even know each other.

This makes them easy to see them as huge scam to avoid as scammers will easily take the money they want as they have no identity.

Do yourself a favor and go to a legit stokvel or just find other best ways to make money and you will succeed if you are determined.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any comments or question you can leave you comments or questions below.

I will be happy to engage with you on this topic.

Ultrasuite review

Ultrasuite review- Does this system REALLY work?

Welcome to my ultrasuite review that is based on through inside information which will help you decide whether to buy it or not.

Many people are looking for tools to make their business online very easy and simple in order to make a full time money generating website.

However, there has never been a product that helps you make a website, lead pages, opt-in pages and more in one platform.

You usually need to buy these from different vendors. Ultrasuite is a new product that has been designed to fulfill this need so today I will talk about everything related to it.

I know how valuable your time is so my aim for this review is to be explain and unload this software in a simple and easy to understand way. I know most reviews on this can be too complicated.

So let’s get to the point of the software already.

Ultrasuite Reviewultrasuite review

Product name: Ultrasuite

Website name:

Price: $47

Owners: Simon Warner & Vivek Gour

Support: A great support

Testimonials: Good and authentic

theworkathomegraduate rating: 5 out of 5

What is ultrasuite?

On this ultrasuite review I will start by explaining what this product really is and what it entails.

If you know anything about making a profitable online business you will be happy to know that ultrasuite is that friend that you have been looking for to give you everything in one platform.

Ultrasuite is a wordpress theme which is very allows you to make you site look very professional and attract a lot of traffic.

Ultrasuite is a wordpress theme which is second to none due to its great ability to enable you to give you all your website advance features just from one product.

This product gives you the freedom to actually be able make your job easier for making money online. When I found this theme I was blown away by what you get from this product.

Normally in other wordpress theme advanced products like Clickfunnels and others you get all these features but you still have to pay for the product every month.

With ultrasuite you only need to pay once to get all the services for making you site super advanced.

About the main Owner of ultrasuite

The creators and owners of this product are Simon Warner and Vivek Gour both who have been in the digital marketing space for many years.

The head of this product, Simon has released a lot of very helpful product of his own.

You will notice that this platform works in integration with JV ZOO which is an affiliate market place and there is a big reason for this.

The reason is that Simon has merely been producing successful products on JVZOO so he knows exactly the winning formula for this.

What a great way to be using a product by a person who has showed success himself.

However, the big question remains: “IS THE ULTRASUITE WORKING AND LEGIT?

This is the question I will be answering before you finish reading this short and precise review.

Pros and Cons


  • One time payment cost for a lifetime of usage.
  • Great for any person (beginner or advanced internet marker)
  • Versatile (can build membership sites, Landing pages etc)
  • Easy to use
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • It is new so you may have the problem of not getting help on some parts.
  • When looking for a refund you may face a problem.

Who is this product for?

Ultrasuite review

As I said above this product is fit for absolutely anyone who has an online business or who is looking to start an online website and generate money.

I will list the people I believe this product suits:

  • New and advance affiliate marketers.
  • New and only E commerce business owners
  • Business people who are looking to take their website to the next level.
  • business people who do not want to pay a lot for extra website features.

What are the features of the product

When it comes to the features of the product I am not joking when I say you are literally spoiled for choice with ultrasuite.

As I said before you will have all the features on one product to make you site work well for business. This will eliminate the need to buy other website products to your site look good.

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Here are the features you will get with this website theme so you will see what I am talking about:

  • Ability to create sales and thank you pages.
  • Drag and drop funnel builders
  • Create form builders or opt in pop forms.
  • Instant support system area (to help you if you run into any problems)
  • A great email system for using to do email marketing.
  • Website analytics and data (helps you check the activities and statistics for your website).
  • Loads of widgets and side bar features to make your site amazing.
  • E commerce ready sites

How does this work?

Ultrasuite works by enabling you to be able to build up your website with frag and drop as I said. On this section I will be giving you to you get started and build.

However, once you have bought it you will see how easy it is to use.

Once you have bought the program you will be able to have access and enter the members’ area which you will see the following:

Ultrasuite review

Here is a Video walk through that properly walks through the product that I could find.



This product is very great because you get great amount of support instantly when you get stuck or are in need of something for using the product.

However, having said this there is also a bit of an issue when you are trying to look for a refund as they tend to not really give you a response.

Ultrasuite review

This I believe happens to many people and to the lucky for they do get their money back although I have not heard of any one getting their money back.

My reasoning for this is because I believe they are still a new product or company who give you so much value so I believe it hurts them if they see someone wanting a refund.

In any case their support system is great because it is intergrated in the ultrasuite product as a plugin to use 24/7. That is the great part about the product.


Since this product is still very new as it was launched beginning of this year (2019) it stands to reason that there are only very few testimonials to rely on.

However, with the people I have seen online almost all of them love the product and most importantly they are recommending it.

The other important aspect is that the rate of returns for money is relatively low. This goes without reason as this product is an all in one product for website building.

The verdict

So I recommend the product and do I think it is legit?

Absolutely this product is one of a kind and nothing matches to it currently online as it is an all-in-one system which you only need to make a one time payment.

In fact, I highly recommend this product if you are an online business person or looking to succeed online as it is no brainier especially the once off payments.

I know how hectic it can be to pay monthly subscriptions especially for a product that is not converting yet (I faced that when I used click funnels which led me to unsubscribe).

Final thoughts

When it comes to making a great website that will generate a lot of traffic and a lot of money for you it is vital to invest in a good product with all the features needed to succeed online.

However, there has never been a product that enables a person to have all he needs like opt-in pages, sales pages etc in one place.

It has only been ultrasuite that has made this possible for an average person as it has all the features in one space.

Moreover, this product can be used by anyone who is working to generate his/her income online. The only requirement being that a person must be able to know how to use their compute mouse to click for dragging and dropping already-made pages.

I believe if a person can not even invest $47 ONCE in their business to make it grow then maybe they should not be in business at all.

Especially if a product has a support system and a money back guarantee for you to return and get help if you are not satisfied by the product.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very helpful in making you decide on using this useful product.

If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

How to make money coding online from home

How to make money coding online from home- We all should do THIS

There has never been a time like this to get paid for your skills online. More and more people are getting their full time income online every day thanx to the technology.How to make money coding online from home

In fact Fundera has done some statistics to show the increase in people who are working from home in the world of telecommuting.

If you are a programmer there are even more opportunities to make money online for you (and for yourself) more than most people. The Internet is literally crying for programmers and that is why today I will show you hoe yo make money coding online.

I have been working online from 2016, but have only been able to earn decent amount that has helped me quit my job in 2019.

Yes the journey was long because that is how long it takes to create a full time business online or any business for that matter (whether offline or online).

Before I start telling you ways you can start making money coding online you may be interested in checking out my #1 recommendation for making money online.

start blogging or start a blog.

The number 1 recommendation for anyone looking to start and make an impact online is to start a blog or start blogging.

Why do I say this?

This is because, as I have said on many of my posts, blogging is where you create a great foundation for your name online.

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Basically this will be your online shop where people will come to you to get advice or guidance. This is why you need to make your blog to be an authority in coding.

The good thing with blogging is that even if you are a beginner blogger or less advanced blogger you will can start your own blog.

This is because blogs nowadays take less than a minute to create. Yes it is that easy.

The other thing about starting a blog is that you can be able to create any company or any services of coding that you have.

This can give you a lot of traffic over time for your blog.

Create website themes

How to make money coding online

Creating a website themes is such a big opportunity that is waiting to be explored. This is because only a few people can code and make these great looking themes for websites.

One thing you should know about website themes is that they will stay in fashion for long time due to the fact the internet is an ever growing niche.

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Besides for as long as websites exists there will always be the need for website themes to be made on a daily basis and as the online business needs grow so does the need for themes.

Freelance your skills

How to make money coding online from home

Dude, you are already a skilled programmer so why not freelance your much-needed skills on the internet?

If you do not what to do freelancing where you are a standalone business luckily there are sites like Fiverr who are waiting for your skills to help you leverage your skills easily.

With fiverr your business is set up as soon as you register for on their platform to have an account.

The good aspect with platforms like Fiverr is that you only have to focus on what you are good at since they take care of all the other aspects of your business like payments and marketing.

Fiverr is not the only platform that you can join in fact there are thousands out there here are just s few.

You can choose whichever fits your personality or what you love or what works best for your preferences.

The best way to find the one best for you is to register in at least 2 of these platforms and test there services. Normally after a month you will know in which you are getting more clients on.

Are you fit to be a freelancer? Check the video below

Create landing pages for online companies or website owners

How to make money coding online from home

Creating landing pages is also another unexplored territory due to the fact that most people can not code at all.

If you have a programming or coding skill this is absolutely a piece of cherry waiting for you to discover and eat it.

I have had some friends who barely finished their IT course at college but decide to offer their services to some website theme companies for an exchange of money.

Needless to say one of them has created a fully fledged freelance job where he helps people build good-looking websites.

All he did was just to offer his services.

At the end of the day it just depends on you having the confidence to use your skills.

A side note you should remember is that you will be competing with a lot of very successful companies in this space of making landing pages.

One such competitor is Clickfunnels which has become a brand name for many online users due to its services.

However this must not stop you because just like you these big companies like click funnels started just like you in this space.

How I make money online

How to make money coding online from home

Now the way I make money online is purely my choice and it may not work for anyone especially if you are not willing to put in the work for long amount of time.

I make money as an internet marker and I have doing this from 2016. I only started seeing results only this year after 3 years of working hard online.

This is how long a normal business in real life takes and considering the fact that I did slack of for a year and a few months my success would be way higher.

However if you are a person who has a work ethic and are willing to do whatever it takes to make money online you can join the platform and stick it out until you succeed.

You get a lot of support not just from me but from a community of online entrepreneurs who are making it big.

You can join the make money online community here for free (no credit card details needed).

Since it is free to join you can see or decide if you like it or not while using it which at least leaves you with 0% risk on your side.

Final thoughts

When you are good at coding you definitely have the skill that is in demand online which can give you extra income or even a full time income.

The best approach in this way of making money is to make sure you start small and I do recommend you focus on joining companies like Fiverr, Upwork, Nexxt etc.

The reason I say this is because they will handle all the admin and payments for you so you can focus building your name as a freelancer.

The second best option is starting your own blog and having a base shop online where clients and come to your store.

Although this approach can take longer especially if you will be focusing on free traffic while you are staring it can really pay off in the long run.

You can actually get free training for this so that you fast-track your success in blogging and that would be joining a company which will teach you this for free.

This is the same company which has helped me be able to build a great business online which is this website.

This company is Wealthy Affiliate and it is free to join (no credit card details needed) however I want to tell you that although it is free you still have to work to make the results come.

If you do apply the knowledge taught there I promise you that your success online as a freelancer or an affiliate marketing coder or anything you want to do online will succeed quicker.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments that you would like to give me you are more than welcome to leave them below.

YouTube secrets review

Youtube secrets review-will you really earn money easily?

Welcome to my YouTube secrets review and welcome to my site. firstly I would like to say congratulations for choosing to research further about this product.

In my review I will be as unbiased as I can since I have researched and checked the program to see if it will work for me.

So why should you trust this review?

Well I will give you a few reasons quickly before we start:

  • I have been reviewing money making schemes online myself for the last two years which has made me have a nag for what works and what does not.
  • I have also been able to quit my day job to focus on my online business full time so I have learned to do what is right myself.
  • I review products that I am looking to use or my readers are recommending I review.

Now that you know the reasons why I am writing such reviews let us start with reviewing this product.

Before we start you may be interested to check my # 1 recommendation for making money online the way I make money online.

YouTube Secrets ReviewYouTube secrets review

Product name: YouTube secrets


Owner: Mike Williams

Price: trial- $1 for 7 days & Premium- $27 per month

Support: Yes but minimal

Training: Yes rating: 4 out of 10

Success stories: Yes but not real

YouTube Secrets Overview

YouTube Secret is a program that was made to make it easy for you to make money online. You are told you will need no YouTube videos or channel to make money on YouTube.

This really sounds good and fun especially since you will not be needing to create any videos of your own to make loads of money.

Mike Williams who has years of experience on make money online says you will be using other people’s YouTube videos to do this.

This is what made me cringe because this is stilling and if YouTube finds out you will be banned from YouTube and you will lose all your money you made stealing.

I do not know about you but I don’t like stealing people’s things to make me successful.

Mike goes a step further and says you will need him to help you “hide” the fact that you are using other people’s videos.

What a nerve!

Let’s look at the owner to heck if he is legit or not.

The owner of YouTube secrets

When it comes to the creator/owner (Mike Williams) I can certainly say you are not dealing with an authentic and real person because this picture is a person taken from Fiverr to act.

So who is Mike?

As I said the product is falsely advertised and this is a huge red flag because this means the owner is hiding behind and attracting people to buy.

I have seen the same person on other programs to but the one I can remember is seeing him on Fiverr and here is the picture below.

YouTube secrets review

Pros and Cons


  • Good training for the most part
  • Very affordable
  • 60 money back guarantee


  • False promises with regards to earning
  • False testimonies and owner
  • stealing people’s material to succeed

YouTube secrets review

How does it work?

The idea behind YouTube Secrets is relatively simple. You will need to download other people’s videos who are doing well and editing them to be your own.

The main thing that you will be taught is how to advertise these once you have them edited and uploaded.

The videos you are told to steal are those which have shown to have a lot of videos already.

The problem is that the more you grow your channel the more you are at risk of being caught by the person you have taken videos from.

This is why I said previous that it will cause you to lose all your money in an instant.

Try YouTube secrets yourself here

You will also be taught how to grow your channel. Yes to build it.

I know you are promised to make money easily just by editing videos but unfortunately the program teaches you to grow your YouTube channel like any person starting out.

The only difference is that you have videos that have been proven to work (which you will be stealing).

Features of the program

Now let’s get into what you will get if you decide to buy the program:

  1. 31 Videos for training for video marketing
  2. YouTube earning calculator
  3. Ebooks and bonuses
  4. Tools and resources

Let’s explore a little bit of each.

  • 31 videos for video marketing training

These include the following topics which is supposed to make you succeed on YouTube

  1. Setting up your YouTube channel
  2. Subscriber messaging
  3. How to get more views
  4. Thumbnail tutorials
  5. How to analyze statistics
  6. Keywords usage
  7. Using and finding free music
  • YouTube Earning calculatorYouTube secrets review

This tells you what you can expect to get. This is the amount which was promised of $10 000 per month.

  • Bonuses and Ebooks

This is where the product excels as you get a lot compared. I will list the bonuses you get so you have an idea:

  1. Viral YouTube traffic
  2. Niche finder mechanics
  3. Success attitudes
  4. The secrets to building your YouTube channel
  5. Interviews with successful people online

You do get value for most of these topics however some are very outdated in terms of YouTube so that may be a bit of a problem.

One example is the free music which is evolved over the years from 2011 which is when most of these videos were made and have not been changed.

Who is YouTube secrets for?

YouTube secrets review

YouTube secrets is for anyone who is looking to know about succeeding on YouTube especially if you have your own channel you are struggling to grow.

This can help you with the knowledge to take it to another level.

Here is people who can benefit from this program:

  • New Youtubers
  • Video editor freelancers
  • Website marketers using YouTube for their website.
  • People who will work hard to grow their YouTube channel.

I want to try YouTube secrets and see


As far as training goes you get the 31 videos I talked about above which will give you all the information and hopefully the skills that you need.

There are only videos and no live training and given the fact that the program is no updated you are getting old and outdated information.


Unfortunately there is little support for this program as they can only help you through email.

Having been in a make money online program which used email to support you I can assure you that you will be frustrated with this because of the following reasons:

  1. It takes a long time for you to get a response which derails your progress.
  2. Emails are not instant and can often get lost in spam folders (not their fault, just the email).

If you think emails are good you can go ahead and check yourselfYouTube secrets review

The verdict


So is YouTube secrets a scam or it is legit?

Yes, this is definitely a scam as I have mentioned above that the owner is not real and also you are stealing people’s work to make money.

You are also promised quick riches of which it is not quick riches at all since you are building a proper long term YouTube channel.

If I were you I would stay away from this program for making money with using other people’s videos.Rather, use it to get skills of growing a real YouTube channel which is authentic.

My recommendation (how I make money).

If you are like me you would like to start off free and see if a program works first before starting.

This is the reason why I joined a free affiliate training program which has helped me quit my job and work from home on my online business.

If you are interested in joining the program and check it out for free (plus you get a lot of affiliate marketing training for free) you can create your account here (no credit card details needed).

This is not a get rich scheme however you will need to work in order to build you income. The good thing though is that you will have the support 24 hours from me and the community until you earn you first dollar.

Final Thoughts

YouTube secrets is a program which promises to give you thousands per month using other people’s YouTube videos which is basically stealing.

For this you get a lot of training to make it happen, however the only problem is that if you get caught your whole fake channel goes down the drain.

The owner is another negative thing for this program as he is basically fake and does not exist. In fact the owner is also stolen from Fiverr.

So we can say they are practicing what they preach by stealing to advertise to you and me.

If you are looking to build money online I recommend you focus on something you can build as a long term just like am I am doing in my free program which I joined two year back.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.