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how to quit your job and work from home

Learn how to quit your job and work from home-How I left my 9-5 job as a graduate

Before 2019 it was a dream for me to work from home especially coming from a background of science, However this was possible after focusing on a few essentials which I will show to quit your job and work from home

Many people dream of working from home but this only ends up being just a dream.

This is why people stay in jobs they hate for the rest of their lives. However today I will be showing you how to quit your job and work from home the best way I did.

You see most people think this aspect is very hard to achieve and I do not blame them at all ,because I was like that a few years back when I was stuck in a job which I never thought I would leave.

The key to doing this is focusing on just a few money making skills which are needed and you will literally be signing your own pay check online soon.

My life changed in 2016 (attending a business conference) when I discovered these simple skills and I have been working ever since to make my dreams possible.

The skills I will talk about are online skills which you need to focus on and I will show you the exact blueprint to get to quit your job and work from home

However please note that I am not a millionaire yet but I can say I am working from home and able to cover my expenses as I build my income more.

You might want to check out my #1 recommendation of how I am making money online.

Decision making process is key

how to quit your job and work from home

Before you even start and look to build income you need to decide and plan how you are going to do it.

At this moment I want you to decide when you would like to quit your job and how much money you would like to have.

Deciding when you want to quit your job is critical because it will help you see how long your journey will be and also it will show how realistic your goals are.

For example if your goal is to quit your job next week while you are deep in debt, then that goal is unrealistic and you will be disappointed. This is what causes people to give up and get overwhelmed.

how to quit your job and work from home


A realistic goal according to me would be a two to three year goal as this will give you time to make this a sustainable full time income online.

I know this because the foundation I have created has made me who I am right now and all that journey made the transition very easy.

If you happen to have no debt, unlike most people, then the goal for you can be 1 to 2 years.

So I need you to decide when you would like to do this before we go to the next step.

Get rid of your debt first

how to quit your job and work from home

The truth that you need to know is that you have to get yourself out of debt and this is essential to building long time wealth, which is what we are talking about here.

If you see all the successful people in the world they decrease their debt as they build their wealth. In fact a rich author Robert kiyosaki says this in his wealth making book called “Rich dad poor dad”.

Robert kiyosaki says that rich people buy assets first and their assets by the liabilities they want, while the poor and middle class buy liabilities before buying assets.

He also happened to say this in a business event that I attended in 2016 which changed my life for good.

So before you start making wealth start with halting the urge to keep buying things that will make you more poor like expensive cars, flashy jewelry and the like.

Now that we have sorted out the mental blocks which are disturbing you from getting a full time income at home now let us start with how you can start building your home income.

Build your own blog

how to quit your job and work from home

The day I was introduced to building my own blog that day changed my life as it has been the fundamental of what I do now full time at home.

The funny thing is that I never even imagined myself as a blogger or having my own website before 2016. I thought this was done by programmers or computer nerds ( ha-ha yeah serious).

What made me do this blogging business was the fact that I was going to have training and mentorship which at the time was short-lived at the first internet marketing training program I joined and paid for.

how to quit your job and work from home

The first program I took (which I paid so much money for) had a great training for internet marketing and but the mentorship was totally terrible.

Since I had no proper support from the program I nearly quit since I was going no where with my online blogging business.

All the money of $1000 seemed to have gone to waste as well as my hope for building a business online.

The turning point in my online business

Luckily after my blog not going anywhere I was nearly ready to quit but by God’s grace I found a program which had the best training and mentorship.

What attracted me to this training at Wealthy Affiliate was that it was free to join and it has 24/7 hour support from top internet marketing experts.

This is the best internet marketing training that exists in the internet without a doubt and if I knew it earlier I would have never wasted my first year at 2016 trying out program with no proper support.

I could talk about this training program for days but I would rather you check it yourself to see what I am talking about.

The best thing is that you can start with it today free of charge (with no credit card details needed) and start building your free blog which can be your business down years down the line and you can kiss your job goodbye.

Promote products on your blog and earn commission

how to quit your job and work from home

When you have your blog you can make a full time income from home promoting products that you do not have to create and then you get paid for it.

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This is what is called affiliate marketing and it is one of the top online ways of getting money easily.

The good thing with wealthy affiliate is that you can get training and mentorship 24/7 until you succeed.

In fact with this program you will never need any other online making money program, which always end up being scams, since wealthy affiliate literally can give you any training you want online from eCommerce (building your own online store), affiliate marketing, Blogging on your passion, social media marketing and much more.

Blog about your passion

how to quit your job and work from home

The best way to earn money other than promoting other company’s or people’s products is to blog about what you love in life.

So why do I say this?

This is because when you do something you enjoy it will be very easy to write and blog about since you already love the topic.

The good thing about blogging about your passion is that you can also incorporate affiliate marketing to boost your online income for yourself, in fact this is how I started building my online business.

Even right now all my three website such as and are all about my passion.

My site ttdancesport I do not earn from promote rather by having an online presence to help me get more customers to help in dancing.

How can you get started?

As I said before if you are looking to earn money online I would highly advice you to start your blogging site either about your passion or promoting people’s products for a commission.

Why do I recommend this?

The only reason I recommend this method is that you will be getting full support and mentorship while growing your business online.

Think of it like having mentors and a community of experts helping you to reach where they are and where you are looking to get.

I want to join wealthy affiliate at $0 and start building my online business now.

Final thoughts

you are looking to quit your job it will be a process however in this age it has become so easier to achieve this with the internet.

The most important you should know that when you take risks and decide you will find more success you ever dreamt of.

Having said that you must remember that you need to first decide to keep your debts low or eliminate them completely so you can build extra income online which will grow into a full time income.

Ever since I took a chance a start my blog in 2016 life has never been the same and I can only imagine what the future will bring.

Blogging with training and mentorship with wealthy affiliate is like being at university but instead of getting a certificate at the end you get to generate full time income.

I hope this article was helpful in giving you useful information to quit your job and work from home. If you have questions or comments to add you can leave them below.


how to earn money online fast

How to earn money online fast- 5 options that work for anyone

As more and more people are going online the more they need to make some extra cash or to how to earn money online fastreplace their job income so they can live a life of financial freedom.

The problem that people encounter when looking to make money whether online or offline is that it takes a very long time achieve this. However, with the internet has made it easy to make money fast. This why I will be showing you how to earn money online fast.

These methods and strategies I will show you today will and can work for anyone who is willing to make money online the fastest way.

However I want to tell you that these 5 methods are merely for making only EXTRA income online and nothing more like a full time income.

These methods can be done by anyone even college students looking to earn money online fast while they are studying.

Before we start you may like to see my #1 recommendation for making money online if you are looking to build an empire online.

1. Review music and get paid

how to earn money online fast

When it comes to knowing how to earn money online fast I just have to start with reviewing music.

Reviewing music is the most easiest thing to do as it needs no skills or any experience to qualify doing it.

When you have registered to one of the music reviewing sites all you do is wait for emails with link to music you have to give your opinion about.

How cool is that?

What is more cool is that there are no wrong or right answers since it is opinion based payments. You simply have to say if have to decide if a certain song is a hit or miss and next thing you have earned a few bucks for yourself.How to earn money online fast

So music artist produce songs and you as the listener or consumer must give valuable feedback.

This is familiar and popular amongst teenagers and also young adults since it is something they are already doing.

So if you love music I would say give this a try to get paid instead of listening to your normal music and get nothing.

When it comes to actually doing this I would recommend that you look at legit companies that will pay you well like Slice the pie.

With review sites like slice the pie you will get paid for referring a friend to their site. Every time the friend you referred reviews music you get bonuses as well.

2. You can get paid for your thoughts

How to earn money online fast

Just like reviewing music can earn you a commission your thoughts can also help you get paid if you want to earn a quick buck.

If you feel that you have good ideas or your friends always ask you for your thoughts on their everyday life that means you are lucky since there are many sites you can earn a good extra income online.

Check my #1 recommendation for making money online

However, having said that it is vital to ensure you know the right and legit sites so you are not scammed.

Do not worry I have you covered, Here are the best and legit sites:

  • Opinion outpost
  • i-Say
  • Take part in research
  • Mint Vine

3. Take surveys and get paid

How to earn money online fast

Companies online are looking for people’s opinion when it comes to their products so they are willing to pay anyone who is willing to help out.

Survey sites live Survey Junkie are one of the most legit and well-known sites for doing this as they have been paying their customers well.

You can check my Survey Junkie review where to see if it is legit or not.

Taking surveys is not only one of the fastest ways to earn extra cash however it is one you can make a decent amount from.

The only downside if you want to earn a decent amount is that you need to put in lots and lots of hours.

4. Get paid with ibotta

how to earn money online fast

Do you shop online for anything? Or are you planning to shop online soon?

Well if the answer is yes to one or both questions then you should consider getting ibotta app because you can earn cash just for purchasing anything online on their app.

This is the best way to earn extra cash which accumulates very quick to more then extra cash.

You basically earn cash for absolutely anything you buy through their app and the best thing is that they have loads of retailers to choose from.

You not only earn through purchases you also get paid through referring friends to their app which is cool.

Check my #1 recommendation for making money online

What I love about this app is that you do not just earn but you save a lot when you are buying since you have many options of retailers to choose from.

5. Get paid through Swagbucks

how to earn money online fast

Swagbucks is another great reward site for you to earn from which is very legit. You can turn your swagbucks points to Pay pal, gift cards and cash or even Amazon codes.

The best thing about Swagbucks is that you can earn a good amount of income due to the fact that this reward site has many aspects you can do on their site to earn cash. Here are some few options:

  • Play games and earn free gift cards
  • Earn Swagbucks by searching the web
  • Earn free gift cards by discovering new deals
  • Earn points by shopping
  • Earn points by watching videos

What to understand about making money fast online

How to earn money online fast

Now I want to clarify something about ways on making money online fast.

When you are looking to earn money fast you should understand that this is indeed possible to do as you see the are options available, however the downside of this is that it is normally short-lived.

So what do I mean by this?

An example is a lottery winner. Just as quick as how they win the lottery the money usually dwindles just as quick. This is true too for making money online quickly.

Yeah sure there are those who manage to make quick money which stays for long, but those are exceptions to the rule. For me and you we should focus on the reality. Which is making money for a long term

This is why I want to show tell you how I make money online which are very sustainable.

Let me give you a reason why this options has been the best:

  • Mentorship and trainingHow to earn money online fast

Whenever you are building a wealth online you need a program which has loads of training and also consistent mentorship.

This is what will help you not just make extra income online but it will help you make a full time income online. This is what all top world online earners have gone through top get to where they are.

  • Affordable training

If you are like me you and do not have a huge extra income for training online you need something legit and free or super affordable.

This will help you be able to continue to grow your online business while you are building income online.

How to earn money online fast

When I started my online blog it has been the best investment for me although I never knew that I could blog as I was not even close to being a computer program or IT specialist.

However, with a lot of help I have been able to build 3 websites with the help of mentorship and training.

The above two reasons are the reasons I joined Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join (no credit card details needed) and I have been able to build an online business of my passion.

You can check my review of the Wealthy Affiliate to see how it works.

Final thoughts

If you are a person looking to earn money online fast there are many ways to skin the cat and some of the most legit ways are the one where you do something to earn points.

Those point are then turned to cash which is normally instantly avaliable to you. These options are one of the fast ways:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Get paid reviwing music
  3. Get paid with Ibotta app
  4. Get paid with doing surveys
  5. Get paid with your thoughts or ideas.

Although these methods are the best for making money online fast I would only recommend them for building  extra income online not for full time income.

If you are looking for a full time income to build then it is better you do things like blogging where you get mentorship and coaching 24/7 like me with programs like Wealthy Affiliate.

This is best for anyone since it is free to get started and build your online business focusing on whatever passion you love.

I hope this article of how to make money online fast was helpful to you, If you have any comments or questions to add you are mopre than welcome to leave them below.

National achievers congress review

National Achievers Congress Review- The truth finally EXPOSED

I have always been a person who is motivated and looks for opportunities for advancing himself and this was the case when I chose to attend the National achievers Congress in Pretoria 2016.National achievers congress review

My life has changed a lot ever since that day and I have experienced a lot of ups and downs to be where I am today. In this National achievers congress review I will be unloading to you if this event is worthy of your time or not.

Before we start let me introduce myself so you know who I am.

  • I have been an internet marketer since 2016 and am now working full time online at home as I get a portion of my income online.
  • I review online programs to see if they are scams or not and whether they work or not.
  • I help people who want to get their income online just like me.

My aim for this review is to help you skip the 1000 steps I had to go through to get to where I am today and possibly further if you have the drive. Is that fair?

Before we start you may like to have a look at my #1 recommendation for making money online.

Ok now that we have got that out of the way let us start the review.

National Achievers Congress ReviewNational achievers congress review

Product Name: National Achievers Congress


Owner: Richard Tan

Price: Free, Premium, Gold and Platinum rating: 7 out of 10

National Achievers Congress Overview

National achievers congress review

National Achievers congress is a platform, Under Success Resources, which helps anyone looking to achieve their financial, spiritual or sports goals in life. Although the focuses is mainly on financial more than anything else it is generally about success.

National achievers congress does this by inviting many world top speakers and financial experts or Gurus at one stage where they share a bit of their blueprint on how they reached success and how you can duplicate this in your life aswell.

When you get there it is very entertaining and the energy is always high as you get to do many high energy moves at the hall.

You also get to be pitched their products or services at the end of their talk generally or most of the time

Pro and Cons


  • Ability to network with financially successful people you would never have known
  • Get the highest motivation to reach your goals
  • Have lots of wealth vehicles to chose from
  • Get to meet and take pictures with the most success speakers and wealthy people in the world


  • Too many sales pitching
  • Can be too long

Who is National Achievers Congress for?

National achievers congress review

The national achievers congress is for anyone who is to look to get to financial freedom in any sense whatsoever. If you are a beginner in starting any business or to look to grow your business this is the platform for you.

So if you do not yet have a vehicle that you want to focus on you will benefit a great deal in these events.

I would not recommend this event to anyone who already has a financial vehicle they are working on or who have reached high wealth.National achievers congress review

Basically here is the list of people that can benefit here:

  • Beginners in business.
  • People who are to look to escape their 9-5 job and do not know how to.
  • People looking to network for their small business.
  • People who would like to have an exposure of their business.
  • People with lots of money but do not know how to use it to generate more income.
  • People looking for more streams of income.

These people I mentioned above will find that this event can have a turning point in their lives just like it did for me when I was starting out as a beginner in creating financial freedom.

Check out my #1 recommendation for making money online that has assisted me work online at home.

How does it work?


RegistrationNational Achievers Congress review

When you register for the event you only need to go to their website or their other website here and choose an upcoming event near your area.

Sometimes you can get free tickets especially if you get a promo code from a friend who went the last and he or she invites you.

This is the good incentive they give to reach more people to attend their events and raise awareness.

Seating arrangements

The seating arrangement is done in terms of priority from the back to the front. This means that if you got a free ticket or the cheapest ticket then you will seat at the back.

If you paid for Silver membership you get to seat in front of the people who got the cheapest ticket.

If you buy a platinum ticket you sit right in front of the speakers and normally you get to have a picture with the speakers.

The experience

National Achievers Congress review

National achievers Congress works by inviting speakers who are well-known and are successful in given financial spaces.

These speakers are given a time of about 30 minutes to present their material to the audience, Basically their success blueprint.

The material is presented normally by videos or just normal presentation of overhead materials which everyone can see.

The speakers are very good at their content and enthusiasm which captures almost everyone’s attention as they give great and valuable advice you can usually take into your business.

After each speakers presentation comes a part I do not like 100% as it is more like force people to do things they wouldn’t do otherwise.

The speakers present a sales pitch for the audience for their products which they say will help the audience succeed.

It is not so much the sales pitch that I hate but the way that the speakers present it to the audience for the following reasons:

  • Most people are not aware that they will need to invest money which they do not really have at the time.
  • People are told to pay cash now otherwise they will not get a guaranteed spot.

Although I know that these are all techniques done by top marketers but I do not agree that National Achievers Congress reviewpeople are forced to take out money.

As I said earlier it is better if you know their will be opportunities you may need to invest in and thus that is why I am doing this review for you.

This will help you know that by going to such an event you will be expected to invest in a program which you willingly like to do and not forced to do.

I have been to these events twice and twice people in the audience complained about being made guilty by not investing money.

Please note that no one forces you to take any of these opportunities but the speakers are so convincing they make you want to take action now.

This they do it by using psychology. They make the audience scream word like ” I take action now”, “I am a millionaire”, ” I do not have excuses for my wealth”.

How on earth would most people not take action in such things and end up taking loans and the loans.

Just know that when you attend Success Resources you will be asked to take a program which will help you reach financial freedom.

Luckily the first I went I had money and I was ready to start and make financial freedom with my money so it was great for me.

Do these programs work at all?

Now getting into the core of things will be what is important for you going forward. So do any of these products work.

Although I haven’t tested all of them from all the speakers I have tested or bought 2 of them and I will briefly talk about them.

Below are the program

  • JT Foxx’s coaching

National achievers congress

I registered for this on the day of the event although I did not have the full cash at the time I put a deposit in to reserve my space.

AS far as to how far I got with this I can say that I stopped when they gave me an upsale of more then $10 000, imagine.

That is when my dreams of starting a business with the speak was short-lived.

  • Internet income intensive by Peng Joon

National achievers congress review

This program was what excited me the most since Peng Joon (the speaker) told us the idea of making money online using automation.

To be honest the event and every bit of his training was good since it was practical stuff. This event happened 3 months after the Success Resources event.

The only thing I did not like was the fact that we couldn’t have proper mentorship after his training program. The only way we could talk to his team was through his emails and also talk with people on Facebook who had attended the event.

This nearly made quit my dream of building a successful business online. Luckily I was fortunate to find an internet marketing/ Affiliate training program which is free and has ongoing mentorship.

Ever since I joined this free internet program I have been able to build a sustainable online business.

What I liked about it is that it is absolutely free to sign in (no credit card details needed) and what I liked is that you can be able to use the free training as long as you want.

So if I were to give you advice I would say if you are to look to start making money online you should explore this free training yourself and see if you like it.

Below is a video of the live event I experienced when Robert Kiyosaki spoke below

The verdict

So is the national achievers congress a scam or legit? or more importantly will the congress produce wealth for you?

First of all National achievers congress is legit.


Well the program has founders you can get through should you have a problem. There are also quite a few testimonials for people who have made it.

As far as working the program can only work when you do.

The way to succeed is to take action you are told just like I did. Although the actual program I invested ( which was called internet income intensive by Peng Joon)  in upon attending the congress didn’t work but I eventually found a way to make it work.

Final thoughts

Going to events to change our lives is what we all are to look to achieve our dreams and this is the reason why I have been going to many business events to find financial freedom.

When I went to the national achievers congress this helped change my life forever as I am now working on building my dream.

Although the actual program I bought at national achievers congress did not help me give me income online but it was the step I needed to get where I am right now.

National achievers achievers is for people who are to look to start a business or who are to look to get networks for business.

If you are a fully fledged business owner it will not help you at all.

I hope this article was helpful in giving you information about the national achievers congress. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below, I will be happy to engage with you.

how to make money online full time

How to make a full time income online-This works for anyone

We are now leaving in an age where we are looking to support ourselves financially since the How to make a full time income onlineprospects of jobs does no longer exist.

At this age it has become more important than ever to make money online. In fact, I will be giving you tips on how to make a full time income online in the best way.

Since I left my job at the beginning of 2019 to work full time online I can say that it has been very rewarding and very exciting journey.

Few years ago I never even dreamt of working online to get money let alone getting a salary from it, however I was lucky to find an opportunity which helped me do this.

I will also be talking about this so that you can be able to take the steps if you are willing to change your life. I am not a fully successful millionaire yet however I am able to say I can work from home doing my passion.How to make a full time income online

Without further ado let us get right into steps of how to make a full time income online the best way that I follow.

In this post I will be focusing on how anyone can take what they love and turn in into a full time income.

Decide on your passion

How to make a full time income online

When it comes to making money online your success will depend on how passionate you are about something.

This is because you are going to need to stay with what you are doing for the long haul and go through ups and downs to see it through.

There are many ways you can earn money online but if you are looking to get to a full time income you will need determination as I said.

Here are some ways to you can explore to start making money whether it is extra or full time.

So the first step for you today is to ask yourself what is decide or ask yourself what is your passion?

Or better put what would you love to help people with?

Make a website

How to make a full time income online

The best way to have a good foundation online is to build a website of your own as it will be the best investment you can do for yourself.

The reason I say you must build a website is that best way you will want to make money online which will require you to have a website, so this will be advantage if you have one.

Luckily at this age it has become so easy to build a website, in fact it took me only 30 seconds to build my first website in 2016.

You can even create your free website today and start working your online income.

When you register for this free website you will be able to get training for free until you get your website fully functional and usable like mine.

So what kind of website will you be building?

You will be building a website around your passion, whatever it happens to be. (the step I ask you in the previous chapter).

Ready to start making money online? check my number 1 recommendation

For example when I started I created a website around helping people with ballroom dancing and it has been operational for 4 years.

Blog and promote third party company products

How to make a full time income online

The next step when you have created a website is to write and talk about whatever information will help your audience.

For example if you have created a website around tennis your tennis website will be about you helping people know about the following topics:

  • Best tennis rackets for practice
  • Best clothes for tennis
  • Best tennis skirts for women
  • Best tennis balls to practice with.

These are just a few of the topics you can talk about.

When you write these articles you will need to look for the demand for these topics and the How to make a full time income onlinecompetition so you can have content that is ranking on google.

These are what are called keywords for your niche.

I have done thorough steps to help you understand the process of keywords in the article about how to sell shoes successfully online.

While writing and choosing keywords you will need to register for affiliate programs which you will include affiliate links so you can get paid whenever someone clicks those links.

If you are scared of the prospect of writing a lot do not worry if you have proper training it is easier than you might think. If you follow this free training that I have been under for a year you should be fine.

Build an audience

How to make a full time income online

This is the ultimate step you will need to do for sealing the deal of hoping to earn a full time income online and this will help you gain consistency overtime.

Building an audience can be done in several ways and below are the some ways:

  • Capture your audiences emails
  • Build a social media group like Facebook

The best way for me to build an audience is to have an email list which you will be able to promote your products automatically.

I only advise you to build an audience after you have at least 19 visitors per day as this will make a huge difference

How you can get started?

How to make a full time income online

The great thing about blogging is that anyone can start and you can start immediately to get to your full time income.

As I said before you can get a free training which you will not need to put your credit card details.

I only advise you to start blogging if you will be able to be committed at least 2-4 hours a day in order to succeed. This is because you are building an actual business so it will need a lot of your time.

For all of this to happen you need to be able get mentoring and guidance which will have you by doing this with my help.

So if you are ready to start off you can click and read my review about a program for training.

Final thoughts

Getting full time income is all about finding what excites you and what can make you keep going no matter what happens.

Check out my number one recommendation training program for making full time online

There are many good online opportunities which can provide you with great full time income but my favorite one that I recommend is a blogging and combining it with affiliate marketing.

With the right training you will be able to achieve this within a space of a year or even less (6 months).

The basic process of succeeding online is the focus on creating a passion website which will be your long term business investment which you can promote virtually anything.

I hope this article of how to make money online full time was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below, I will be happy to engage.

5 ways to make money online as a writer

5 ways to make money online as a writer- Works all the time

Writing online has become one of the best ways to earn a living and it is said to only increase as the years go.ways to make money online as a writer

The key thing is to ensure that you know how to approach writing well. The good thing about this is that there are many ways to make money online as a writer online.

When you are offline you are restricted by publishers and other aspects.

The internet is filled with a lot of readers and you basically have unlimited amount of people looking to view your content especially if you write good content.

The great thing about this is that you do not need to be a writer at all to do this, anyone can do it and this is what I will be showing you today.

1. Write for paying websites & magazines

ways to make money online as a writer

As I had said earlier that people are mainly on the internet for reading purposes and it comes as no surprise why there are paying websites or magazines online requiring writers to help them write consistent content.

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This is the quickest way to earn a few bucks if you need extra cash and the options are wide open and ready for any eager writers.

It is vital to check websites that will actually pay you well and are legit as these will be worth your time.

Don’t know any of these websites?

Do not worry that is why I am here to help you. Below are the most trusted websites for getting paid for your writing.

  • Make a living writing-
  • Freelancemom-
  • Upworthy-

2. Freelancing

ways to make money online as a writer

Freelancing is a very broad field and it has the ability to pay you in many different ways because of the categories you have.

I will be talking about all the options you can choose to freelance your writing online.

  • Proof reading

Do you have a quick eye for spelling mistakes and punctuation?

If the answer to the above question is yes then maybe you could enjoy proofreading as a freelancer. The market for this is too ripe.

All the companies want their content to be readable to the average Joe and they will pay anyone who is good enough to do this for them.ways to make money online as a writer

Did you hear?

I said “anyone who is good”.

This means that in order to be recognized you need to be know or have built a brand around your freelance business for proofreading.

Luckily there are now even online courses for these type of things.

  • Editing

If you do not like writing from scratch you can benefit from editing an article to make sure it is ready to be released.

Editing and proofreading are usually confused so it is very vital to know what your clients want from you and understand how to serve them.

3. Blogging

ways to make money online as a writer

Blogging is my favorite way of earning a decent amount purely because I am also doing this I know.

The thing with blogging is that it takes incredibly long for you to see the results as it is a long term investments. However, once your results come they have the ability to give you consistent income without you needing to keep on writing.

I am not joking when I say you can be paid income from articles you did 2 years ago. Crazy right.

This is the reason I love blogging a lot.

The best and easy way to earn money in blogging is to promote a company’s products, which is what is called affiliate marketing instead of promoting your own products.ways to make money online as a writer

This because you will not need to waste money creating products and doing the other dirty work like processing payment issues if you do affiliate marketing.

The company you will be helping will give you a commission for every sale you get by promoting any of their products.

If the thought of blogging is scary to you welcome to the club, I was at the same position as you until I got great training for this which I am also working hard on.

I never thought I would ever love blogging but now it has become second nature and very fulfilling.

To check out where I got my training and where you can to if you are interested I highly recommend looking at my number 1 recommended training here.

4. Social media manager

ways to make money online as a writer

I cannot talk about ways to make money as a writer without talking about social media especially for the millenniums.

When it comes to social media all millenniums have a great opportunity to maximize this space.

This is because many big companies do not have the capacity or skills to do companies or write good content on social media.

This is where you come in. If you can be able to be creative enough to have good content and also be very good when it comes to Facebook ads and Pinterest advertisement the sky is the limit for earning well.ways to make money online as a writer

At this age there is unlimited number of companies who have not even implemented social media accounts of their companies let alone advertising.

This is the reason the market is so large. If you would like to get training for social media advertising you can check my number 1 recommended training program where you can be equipped with the skills and start offering your services.

5. Best selling author


Gone are the days when it would take you 10 years in order to have a best-selling book for people to start recognizing you.

With platforms like Amazon and Kindle it is very easy to have your own book at a very fast pace.ways to make money online as a writer

The good thing is once you get a best-selling title on your book then it will be easy to get consistent income.

So if the prospect of writing a best-selling book then I would encourage you give it a try.

And what a legacy you will leave if you have a book of your own you will leave for your children.

Final thoughts

Getting paid with your writing skills has never been this easy as technology has given us so many options to make this happen.

If you are looking to make money online as a writer you should be clever about your choice and choose something you like and also something that will pay you well in the future.

With options like freelancing, blogging, writing a book, managing social media accounts and writing for paying magazines you do not have an excuse to not start using your writing skills.

What is more exciting is that anyone can do this with the right attitude and motivation.

My number one choose is blogging since you are doing essential more work which will pay you possible for ever in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was beneficial to you. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

how to make money online as a college student

10 best ways on how to make money online as a college student- Every student should follow this

Student debt has is staring to become a huge problem in the world as the years go by. According to CNBC the number of college student debt in America went from $517 billion in how to make money online as a college student2006 to $1.7 Trillion in 2019.

With this crisis it is now more important for students to support themselves as also stated by CNBC. Learning how to make money as a college student is the easiest thing to do and one that will be the best option going to the future.

The reason for this is that we are living in the information age where it is super easy to get information which can give students extra income.

College students can also be able to make a full time income from this online vehicle from home just like most people are.

In fact this is the reason now that I am earning a good income while I am home with no job. Part of my income is from my online business.

The good news is that there are many ways to do this. The only thing is that you have to choose the right one and ones that are legit.

In this post I will be showing the 5 best ways you can earn money online yourself starting from today to finish your college debt or extra income.

1. Blogging

how to make money online as a college student

blogging is one of my favorite ways to earn money as a student because this is how I earn portion of my money online as a self-employed graduate.

The reason it is one of the best is that it involves you writing a blog and just providing your opinions about your favorite topic or passion.

When you have targeting content you get commission by ads on your sites.

What is great about blogging is that you can do a lot of things within it such as the other make money options (which I will talk about) which can make your income skyrocket.

For example, you can have a YouTube channel promoting your blog and that will increase traffic to your site. Basically a site is a foundation of anything you will do online.

how to make money online as a college student

The great thing is that it is absolutely easy and simple to start your blog or website.

If you are looking for a free website which along with training to start your blog at no cost you can check out my review of the best way to do it >>here<<,

This is the most natural way you can even end up earning a full time income overtime. If you want to start a blog/website ang get free training for blogging you can register for a free account and start here.


  • You control your content
  • No prior skills needed
  • Potential to earn a full time income within a year
  • One of the most growing businesses as people are looking for help online
  • Can drive traffic to your site free of charge


  • Time consuming for writing

2. Online tutor

how to make money online as a college student

As a student this is one of the best options to make some extra income. As a student you are very familiar with many types of subjects and I am sure you love at least one of them.

With this subject you like or enjoy you could start tutoring with it online and get paid for it. The most lucrative subjects are those that are taught in high school (the generic subjects which are in demand like Maths, Physics)

There are many online tutoring services which can help you get started with this for absolutely free of charge.

Heck, you can even buy a franchise from someone who is doing well and there are loads of those online.


  • Anyone can get started
  • Free to start


  • Can only be beneficial for certain subjects or activities more.

3. Online foreign language teacher

how to make money online as a college student

If you are good with foreign languages or you have a passion to teach kids from other countries online than you can benefit from being an English TESOL/TEFL.

All you need to teach is bachelors degree (not all the time), some teaching experience in any way, be a native speaker and have a TEFL certificate.

Sometimes you may not need to have all the qualifications to do so as it will depend on the online company or service you will be working for.


  • You can choose your hours for working


  • To earn more you will need more qualifications (TEFL/TESOL) and experience

4. Trading Forex online

how to make money online as a college student

Trading Forex is also one of my other ways I make money extra money and it involves me being on the charts for only 4 hours per day.

Forex trading is where you trade currencies by predicting their strength with relative to another.

How does it work?

You trade currencies in pairs i.e one against the other which will help you determine the direction. It is based on technical analysis and fundamentals.


  • Easy to start
  • You do not need to be on the screen for a long time, normally 2-4 hours a day.
  • Require a little of money to get started.


  • Needs a lot of knowledge before entering the knowledge such as technical and fundamental or else you can lose lots of money.

5. Get paid doing surveys online

how to make money online as a college student

For students doing surveys is one of the best options as it does not really need any experience or any knowledge as you are answering questions in your own opinion.

The surveys are generally free and easy to use by anyone and more than that the age restriction is very low, normally 13 years old.


  • Easy and free to join


  • Time consuming to earn a proper side income

6. Social media manager

how to make money online as a college student

We now live in a social media era and all college students communicate with social media, however the problem is that they do not use it for the right reason, which is to make money with it.

Social media is strongly becoming the most essential aspects of all businesses including young entrepreneurs so if you can be on the providing side you can earn a full time income in no time,

There are many companies you can register under which can help you attain your goals of starting your services.


  • Easy and available to everyone


  • Need lots of time to get recognized and get proper gigs

7. Freelance writer

If the thought of starting your own blog or website is not appealing then you can be freelancer writer for blogs who are in need of content.

There are many bloggers who are in need of help as they may be handling many websites of their own so your help can benefit them a lot.

As more and more people start blogging there will even be more work for you as a writer in the coming years.

In fact, I am thinking this gig will be one of the most popular in the coming years.


  • Potential to gain good amount of money as you gain reputation.


  • Lots of writing of any type.

8. YouTuber

how to make money online as a college student

YouTube is a great platform for college students as it merely involves you talking on camera about whatever topic you enjoy.

The great thing about YouTube is that it is totally free to get started with your account.

The only thing that can be a drawback with YouTube is that you need a lot of views on order to start earning.

This is if you will be earning by ads that show up on your videos everything a person watches your video.

You will earn about $8 for every 1000 views you get on your videos and that can be very little but if you have good content that is popular it can add up.

This is the reason I advise you do this if you love your topic.

YouTube also promotes your channel on YouTube the better consistent your videos are. You see what I am talking about, Consistency comes from love of what you are doing.


  • Easy to get started
  • Free to get started


  • Earning a proper income can take super long

9. Sell t-shirts online

how to make money online as a college student

Are you artist or are creative enough to design shirts which can either inspire people or make them laugh? Then you are more than capable of doing this.

There many sites which are legit which you can register under and start doing this on the side.

Many people love t-shirts that are unique and different or weird so they are willing to pay for such and that is where you benefit.


  • Anyone can get started


  • Relies heavily on creativity

10. Take photos and get paid

how to make money online as a college student

Do you take pictures with your phone? Have you taken a photo this week?

If the answer to one of these questions was yes than you can actually be able to get paid doing this and this can even be a full time income you never thought possible.

The key with this is to find high paying companies online like… which pay above $100 per photo add combining them to earn a substantial amount.


  • No experience needed
  • Easy to get started


  • May be hard to achieve great financial free

Final thoughts

For college students getting rid of your debt is not as hard as it was when our parents were young and there was no internet.

With so many legit opinions like affiliate marketing, trading, online surveys, online tutoring etc there is no excuse for anyone to not earn a decent income online.

The most vital thing is for a person to focus on that one thing and ensure they do it well in order to reap the benefits of it.

I hope you enjoyed my article of how to make money as a college student. If you have any comments or any question to ask you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you.

Survey Junkie review 2019

Survey junkie review 2019- The best way to make extra cash

We all love to make extra money on the side to support ourselves and some people look at surveys to do this,But the question is do these even work?

Well you have come to the right place to find out one of them ,the survey junkie. In this survey junkie review 2019 I will be unloading to check if this gig is even worth your time or not.

I would also like to congratulate you for coming to do your research about a program before committing to it. This will help you not be a victim of many online scams.

Before we start you may like to have a look at my #1 recommendation for making money online. This is the training which has helped me become great at internet/affiliate marketing in order to make consistent money online.

Survey Junkie reviewSurvey junkie review

Product name: Survey Junkie


Support: 9 out of 10

Countries Eligable: US,Canada and Austrailia

Price: Free membership rating: 8 out 10

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey junkie is an online market research panel where you are paid to share your opinions on services and products.This you do through online surveys, phone survey and focused groups.

The platform works only for  three countries the US, Canada and Australia who are looking to earn from filling surveys.

The great thing about this is that you are practically influencing the current and future decisions of companies’ products and services.

By doing this you are then rewarded with points which can be redeemed instantly, through paypal or direct bank transfer.

Pros and cons

survey junkie review


  • Earn point even before doing the surveys.
  • Ability to redeem point instantly.
  • Get paid through paypal,eGifts and bank transfer.
  • Free to join.
  • Age restriction is 13 years and older.


  • Only accessible in US, Canada and Australia.
  • Minimum point to start earning is $1 which is 1000 points.
  • It can be hard to qualify to do some surveys.

Who is Survey Junkie for?


First of all the survey is for people living in US, Canada and Australia only. However if you are in other countries there are loads of other survey sites to look for such as Swaggbucks and InboxDollars.

The survey is also for a people who are looking for a small extra income and who have atleast 3 hours to spare in their day.

Why is this?

This is because you will need to put in a lot of screen hours doing the survey and this can take very long.

Although each survey would take you about 20 to 25 minutes to do you will have to factor in the fact that there are some surveys which will take a lot of time since you will need to qualify first.

More than this if you are looking to earn more from survey junkie you will need to do more than just online surveys. You will need to do phone surveys and also focused group surveys which will help with your earning potential.

Just note that most of these companies which you will  be helping with surveying will need you to know your profile so that they can see if your input is valuable or not.

This means that if you are a qualified professional like an engineer, Accountant, Doctor, etc you will have better chances than someone who is not qualified as far as qualifying for surveys.

However this must not deter you if you are not qualified since there are plent of other surveys you will be able to do.

How does it work?

Now I will delve into how this online survey works and how you can get started yourself.

Registration Process

Signing up for survey Junkie ,like most surveys, is free of charge. Registration and signing up is very easy and quick to do and it will take you less than a  minute.

You can register with either your email or your Facebook account.

After you have registered you will earn 25 points.

After registering you will then have to complete your profile whereby you will be asked to answer questions.

Here are a few of the questions that you are asked :

  • Your Education
  • Your Household income
  • Your Gender
  • Your Race

After completing this you will earn an additional 50 points. Cool right?

The reason you are asked these questions is because survey Junkie wants to match you with the right surveys and also to make sure they have the right people for their surveys.

You will then be asked to do the following and the points will be given as follows.

  • Confirming email- You must go to your email and click the link of Survey Junkie and you earn 25 points
  • Adding a toolbar extension called Survey Junkie Pulse and keeping it for 30 days will earn your 150 points

Survey information

Survey Junkie review 2019

The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes to do so it will depend on what you choose.

The surveys are available on the members area and they also send you via email and the toolbar extension.

I would recommend going to the members area to find the ones you like as you will tend to have more options to choose from.

Always try to look at the points and also how long the survey will take you so you can maximize your time.

Types of surveys

  • Phone surveys

If you are not a fan of sitting in front of your computer there are phone surveys although they are not as much as the computer ones.

  • Focus groups

If you are looking to maximize your earning potential then you will want to focus on focus group surveys.

These are where most people tend to focus for earning money. Basically what you do is you provide your opinion with a group.

I have been told the are also in person focus groups also. I only know about the online focus groups.

Qualification process

Now here is a subject that gets intense for some people because it becomes personal.

I advice you to not get your emotions in this business since you will probably get rejected a few times on some surveys.

This is not personal, it just means that the company does not see that your qualities will be beneficial or productive for the survey.

Remember at the end of the day you need to be doing surveys which will have real value to help the companies with profits.

How much can you earn?

survey Junkie review 2019

As you have seen that the survey works with a point system whereby you accumulate and you can redeem them with money.

I will not lie to you ,but you will not be able to earn anything above $70 per month even if you put in as much hours as 50 per week.

The way to make money with survey junkie is to combine it with other surveys to earn a decent amount of money.

The only problem is that you will just end up working way to much just to make a decent monthly income. I recommend to use surveys like this for just extra money as it is not worth your time.

So if you are looking for a way to earn a decent amount with proper support and training then you can click here for my no 1 Recommendation for making money online.

The verdict

survey junkie review

So the true question you may be asking is if Survey Junkie is legit or a scam?

The simple answer to this is that Survey Junkie is not a scam at all.

As you now know you do get paid and you actually get paid for what you have done meaning you are doing an actual service and getting money exchange.

If we look online with regards to the reviews they all give it high rating. It is also highly rated in in

Without a doubt if you put in work you will be able to even make more money if you combine it with other surveys.

Final thoughts

Survey Junkie is a top rated online survey which has been paying people for their opionins since 2011.

If you are living in US, Canada and Australia then you are able to use this product as it is only avaliable for these countries.

The survey junkie is a free survey platform that works in a point system which you accumulate and redeem at anytime as long as you have reached a minimum of 1000 points which eqautes to $1.

You get surveys according to your profile through your email and by going into the platform to look for them.

If you want to earn more money then you must focus on focused groups more as these have the ability to help you earn more amounts.

If you prefer to use your cellphone to do the surveys then you have the option of doing cellphone surveys although these ones are rare to come by.

So I would advice you to not do the phone surveys in isolation.

At the end of the day combining survey junkie with other online surveys is the best way to earn a better extra income.

I Hope you enjoyed my article and I hope it was valuable to you. If you have any questions or comments to add please leave them below I will be happy to engage with you..

How to sell shoes online

How to sell shoes online successfully- Step by step guide to online business

If you love shoes you will be happy to hear that the shoe industry is one of the hottest markets globally. Zion Market Research has said that the industry will grow from $240.06 Billion in 2017 to $320.44 Billion by the year 2023.

How to sell shoes online

This is great news for people who are looking to get a piece of the cake financially by starting an online business. Knowing how to sell shoes online is actually easier than you might have initially thought, trust me.

With the internet this has become even easier for anyone to have their business online working from home. The best news is that you do not need huge amounts of money to start working on your business.

How to sell shoes online

All you need is a computer or laptop with good internet connection and you are ready to get started.

However, to be successful selling shoes online as your business you need the right method or strategy and in this post that is exactly what I will be showing.



How to sell shoes online

When it comes to selling shoes online there are two methods that work quite well which you can use.

What are these two methods? There are :

  1. Starting an Ecommerce business
  2. Affiliate marketing.

Let me briefly talk a little about these methods.

  • Starting an Ecommerce business

How to sell shoes online

A shoe Ecommerce business is basically opening a website and buying shoes and selling them at a marked up price on your websites.

For this method you can sell used shoes, especially your own shoes which you would like to get rid.

People will visit your site and then buy directly from you. You can use retail companies as your suppliers to give you regular stock.

  • Affiliate marketing

How to sell shoes online

This method is my favorite and the one I have been using for the last 3 years where you promote a product (shoes in this case) for an online company and then your earn a commission every time a person buys from that company through you.

This method is the easiest method since you do not need any stock and do not need any of your products to handle and stock as the company does that for you.

What is more the company does literally everything and all you have to do is to promote the company and collect a commission.

However, to succeed you just need the right steps and in the next step I will be guiding you through it to promote your passion of shoe selling just like how I promote my passion which is the vegan diet.

Step 1:Choose the right niche

How to sell shoes online

When it comes to selling shoes successfully you need to be narrow down and be specific, Why?

This is because the shoe industry is a broad topic which may be a problem if you are just selling any type of shoes especially when you are starting off.

Online there is a concept called keyword focus (which I will talk about later) which basically helps you get better and focused results that will help you with the competition in your shoe business,

Remember you will not be the only one selling shoes so it will help you to focus on a niche that is less competitive and narrow.

How do I choose my niche?

You must first check if the niche you are taking is in demand or not. There is no use in promoting something that will not convert. Remember the aim of your online business is to help people with a problem.

This step is the most important and mostly overlooked by affiliate marketers which is what causes failure. In fact for any business this is the most important step.

Related: How to earn money online without any investment.

For you to be able to make money online you need to be in a profitable and in demand niche as it will be incredibly hard to be profitable in a low demand niche.

There are many ways that all successful internet or affiliate marketers use and I will be showing you now.


How to sell shoes online

The best and easy way to check if your chosen shoe niche is profitable is to check if there are any forums related to your niche.

This will help you answer the following questions:

  1. Are people talking about it online?
  2. What problems are they facing
  3. What are solutions are they trying and are they working?
  4. Can you provide them with a solution?

In order to do this, just go to google and then type your niche and add the work forum after it.

For example, Let’s say I want to sell sneaker shoes then I would type  the following.

How to sell shoes

As you can see 1 180 000 000 is pretty good and high in terms of internet standards and this means that there are people or companies who invested in paying forums because they know that there are people willing to pay for sneaker shoes.

This also shoes that there are people posting daily or weekly looking for solutions.

If you enter those forums and skim through it you will see that there are people posting and looking for solutions.

Now as an online marker this means that now you know that this niche is pretty profitable.

Your job now is to just find a product which will solve that problem and then you promote it. This could be a physical or digital problem it doesn’t matter).

2. Jaaxy Keyword research tool

Now, to make your search even more focused you can use jaaxy. What is jaaxy?

Jaxxy is a keyword tool which helps you check if your keyword (niche name) is profitable and also how much competition you have on that specific niche or keyword.

You can register for a Jaaxy keyword research tool free account which will give you 30 free search.

The best aspect about this tool is that it is one of the top ones in the online world that has a free search (only for 30 keywords)

Unlike like others it is simple and easy to use for any person and I will show you how simple it is.

After registering your account free you can start searching immediately.

Let’s say you have registered and you type in sneaker shoes as shown below.


how to sell shoes online

Now all you have to do is to look at 2 things only when you are doing your niche research

1. The traffic for that keyword search (demand)

2. The competition for that keyword

This is how you check for this.

  • The average searches (AVG), which is your traffic, must be above 30
  • The QSR, which is your competition, must be below 100.

Looking at the screenshot below we can see that our keyword “sneaker shoes” meets our requirement which means it is a great niche to focus on.

how to sell shoes online


You will be able to get traffic to your site in no time especially since the competition is not too much.

This is all you need to find your niche,

Site Note: A profitable niche is any niche you can be able to find a problem and offer a solution.

Create a blog/website

how to sell shoes online

Once you have chosen a niche you will now need to build a website whereby you will be promoting the solutions you provide.

Don’t know how to build a website?

Do not worry I got you covered. Unlike before where you needed to be a programmer or know how to code to build a website now this has all become super easy.

In fact now you can create a website in less then 30 seconds,

Yes I said 30 seconds.

All you need is website builder which uses WordPress to do this and you are set.

In fact I will show you how to get a free one using site Rubrix without paying anything. I will do that in the next section.

Write quality content on your website (blogging)

how to sell shoes

Now I will assume that you do not want to spend money doing all the promoting of your site in order to be recognized online so you make a sale right?

You want to get money and start doing the ads maybe after right?

Yes it is possible and in fact blogging is the best free method to drive lots of traffic to your site.

What if I do not know how to blog?

how to sell shoes

Do not worry it is easier than you think, When I started my first site in 2016 I had no clue and I did not know how to be a blogger and that led my site to go nowhere.

It was only at the end of 2017 that I found a great training problem which made it easier for me to write good quality content on a daily basis without even thinking about it.

In fact, they the training is a full course which trains you how to start an affiliate marketing from scratch and you have the option of having a free membership.

In fact, I wrote a review about this training program. You can check it out here

If you are happy you can start a free website right now and start building while getting training. That is how easy it is to get started.

Writing content for your site

How to sell shoes

When you write content you use the jaaxy keyword research tool just like before and this tool will help you in finding the right keywords to write about om your blog.

The first step is to use Google instant which will help you see what people are searching for.

And the afterwards you check the traffic on jaaxy and the competition that’s all.

Let me show you how to do this. Let’s say you have now chosen your niche as and your site is ready.

Step 1 type in anything related to sneaker shoes. Let’s say I type in “sneaker shoes for” and type in one alphabet at a type and see what google gives you. You find a lot of ideas doing this.

Now let’s say I have chosen “sneaker shoes for men”.

I now go to do my keyword research for this keyword to make sure it has enough traffic and also that the competition is low.

The above screenshot show us that this is a great keyword to write about and it will rank better on google since the competition is low for the following reasons:

  • The average traffic is 228, which is a value above 39
  • The QSR is below 100, which means the competition for this keyword is pretty low.

You can keep doing this on google and you will find a lot of keywords to write about.

Other ideas you can explore are as follows:

  • How sneaker shoes….
  • Wearing sneaker shoes at….
  • Best sneaker shoes

Finding affiliate programs

how to sell shoes

Now do earn from your site you will need affiliate program which you will incorporate in your writing content whereby if people click it and purchase you will earn a commission from the company.

There are many affiliate programs online which you can earn from and I will give you a list of some of the best ones.

  1. Amazon
  2. Clickbank
  3. ShareAsale

You can also search for your specific niche affiliate program just be type the following on google “YOUR NICHE+ affiliate program”

using our example before of the sneaker shoes We would type in the following on google. Sneaker shoes+ affiliate program”

As you can see there is a lot of programs we can choose, All you have to do is go to that program and register your account free and they will give you a link once you have signed up for free.

Once you have the link just put in on your content and you earn a commission when a person clicks it and buys. Simple and easy right?

Methods of getting traffic

How to sell shoes

Now when it comes to this online business, as I said earlier, traffic is what will make you succeed and there are 2 ways to get traffic:

  1. Paid methods
  2. Free methods
  • Paid methods

This is what you pay a certain source to drive traffic to your site. This method is the fastest however if you do not know how to use it you could end up wasting your previous money.

I would only recommend this if you are clued-up about paying methods such as Facebook ads, twitter ads, linkendIn ads etc.

  • Free methods

Free traffic methods are what I recommend for anyone starting out. Although they may take long to produce results some are very reliable if you work at them consistently like SEO (writing content which focuses on keywords) and posting on social media.

This is the reason that I have been talking about write good quality content which focuses on keywords.

Consistency for producing results

How to sell shoes

Now this is the other important factor you must implement in your business, Consistency.

This means you must blog or write content in a consistent level and this will help your site get recognized by google over time as an authority on your niche.

Google loves good quality and consistent content as it shows that you are helping people with your website and you are consistent with it.

Again this will be very easy if you focus on getting the right keywords that we talked about.

What can also help you is a community who are doing the same thing and can give you input on your content.

If you would like to learn how to do this with guidance like I am doing and be in a community of helpful people who are doing in successful I can help you.

Again you can have a free membership (no credit card details needed) and see if you like it or not and then you can decide yourself.

You can get you free account here and start working on your online empire like most of us are.

Final thoughts

Starting your business from home and earning a full time income has never been this easy and with the shoes industry estimated to grow so much you wouldn’t want to be left behind.

The two best ways to create an online business (Ecommerce and affiliate marketing ) are here to stay and they are growing yearly as more and more people are looking to escape their demanding jobs or earn an extra income.

The best way I recommend to getting started is affiliate marketing because it is pretty simple as you focus on natural traffic and there is no need to worry about stock and delivery.

I hope this article of how to sell shoes online was helpful and I hope you benefited from it. If you have any question or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

How to earn money online without any investment

How to earn money online without any investment- 10 tried and tested ways

We all would love to earn extra money to help pay off our bills or perhaps make extra money online which will be our full time income however we come to the brick wall of not having How to earn money online without any investmentenough money to invest.

This is because almost all money making opportunities require us to have huge sums of cash, of which we do not have.

I have been in this situation myself not so long ago before so I know exactly what you might be feeling.

Yes opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology there are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

How to earn money online without any investment

In fact one of the opportunities I will talk about here is the one that helped me learn a lot about my online business.

Without wasting time me get started.

You can watch the video for which also speaks briefly like the website

1. Earning from taking surveys

How to earn money online without any investment

Getting paid to take surveys is one of the most fastest way you can get money from what you do.

Yes I said fastest and easiest with no capital from your part.

Is there a catch for this?

Unfortunately there is. The catch is that some survey companies do not pay you out and that can be frustrating.

The best way to succeed with paid surveys is signing up to as many companies as you can, but How to earn money online without any investmentmake sure you apply to the legit ones which will indeed pay you out.

The reason you need to apply to as many as possible is that all the surveys have a limit for what a person can earn from.

In the following section I will list the top 10 legitimate ones you can start and work with from today.

Here we go:

  1. Onepoll
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Toluna
  4. LifePoints
  5. i-Say
  6. Panel opinion
  7. Inbox Pounds
  8. Opinion Outpost
  9. YouGov
  10. Panelbase

2. Online Tutor

How to earn money online without any investment

Tutoring has become a very big industry due to students needing homeschooling and extra lessons for exams or extra lesson work.

The great thing with tutoring is that you can virtually do it in any subject you are good and guess what?

On top of that you do not even require any upfront investment in terms of capital.

The only thing you will need is a computer or laptop with a camera (for video) secondly you need an internet connection with your skills.

If you were good in maths in school then you have no excuse of not starting as an online tutor.How to earn money online without any investment

I know a few people earning a decent amount from online tutoring. Think of how many students are struggling at school. What if you can be part of the solution and grab your piece of cake?

The earning potential is in the upwards of $50 per hour.

There are even companies which work as the middle man between you, the tutor, and the students and they make it easy for you to organize your lessons.

Here are some companies you can reach out to if you want to get started with your tutoring expertise.

3. Teaching English as a second or foreign language

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

If you have the desire to teach English to kids or some adults online in countries like China and some Asian countries then you will be very suited to teach this.

If you have a degree and are a native English speaker you can earn close to $1500 per month. This just goes with experience as if you have a TEFL/TESOL certificate as well the amount goes up.

Just like online tutoring that I mentioned above you need the same equipment of laptop with camera and an internet connection.

4. Social Media evaluator

How to earn money online without any investment

Simply put, A social media evaluator is someone who looks at the companies social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to see interactions and pages view in an effort to check if the content is succeeding or failing.

If you are like most people who waste their time on social media you can now get paid for doing this for a living.

I mean you are already wasting your time instead of doing your job so why not seek to be a full How to earn money online without any investmenttime earner.

You can start off with this anytime and make good money.

I want to advise you again that unfortunately in this online business there are also companies you should focus on since they are the most legit especially when it comes to payments.

After having done lots of research below are the ones which you can earn from legitimately.

Again with this it is good to look for the best places to do this.

I recommend the following places

5. Take photos and get paid for it

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

Are you a selfie person or one of those people that are always taking pictures where ever they go and your friends get tired of you?

Well put your skills to work and earn extra money for you and who knows you can be making a full time job or expert.

You do not have to be a professional photographer for this just check with that company what they really are looking for.

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

The good thing about this is that you can be paid a recurring income for each picture that you submit.

Here are some companies which give good money ($100 and more per image) which you must focus on as they will give

6. Create your own Course

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

Are you good at any skill or perhaps you have an amazing talent?

Well this section could make you huge amounts of money only if you are really good at what you will be teaching and I mean REALLY GOOD.

Why do I say REALLY GOOD?

Well you must understand my friend that people will not pay you if they feel that you do not provide any real value for them, That’s it.

Again you need to be an expert at your craft.

Do not worry about being able to create your course because there are many companies which you can use to help you to set this up.

Here is a list of those companies:

7. Affiliate Marketing

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

This is one of my favorite ways of making extra money since you just promote a certain company and they handle everything and you just get paid.

The reason I love affiliate marketing is that there is no cap to earning money due to the fact that you are only focusing on promoting a company without creating your own services or products like creating a course.

Unlike other affiliate marketing online you can start this with no investment at all.

There are many good affiliate marketing companies you can choose from, However it is good to check those with good training.

8. Start a blog

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

This is the way I earn my income online and I have been doing this for 2 years. I had a previous two years where I did not have the right information to succeed until I found the right training.

When i started blogging in 2016 I had no idea what I was doing and I was frustrated that I was struggling since my website seemed to go nowhere.

It was only until I joined a company called Wealthy Affiliate which helped me with great mentorship which give me an option to start my membership free of charge,

For your benefit, I have written a personal review about it how I able to do this.

I have been with it and I am happy with the progress that I have gotten since I am working on my website full time with the help of their support.

It’s crazy that a few years ago I have always been scared of blogging and not knowing how easy it is.

9. Become a YouTuber

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

Do you have anything you love talking about which you know a lot about more then most people?

YouTube is you best bet for having great passive income. However, it is not as easy as just talking about your favorite subject. You have to put in loads of work.

You must upload your videos on a constant basis until you have a lot of subscribers and then after you will be invited by invited as an authority where your videos will earn money on a constant basis.

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

This is because you will be some advertisements which give you a commission for this.

So I do recommend you do this only if you have passion for what you are talking about and have lots of content. This is because people stop since there is no proper content to present.

YouTube rewards you for consistent and good quality (meaning many people view your videos).

Can anyone do this?

Yes, absolutely as long as you love your job and know what you are talking about. There is child (Ryan) that is about 6 years old who is earning a six figure income only reviewing toys, imagine.

He is succeed (of course with the help of his parents) by only talking about what he enjoys and gets paid for it.

If he can do it so can you. But again I will put the emphasis on passion and focus as these are vital for you to succeed.

10. Social media influencer

opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.

Here is another opportunity for people who like setting trends on social media and this is one of the top ones currently and it will only grow as years go on.

Being an influence on social means that you have so much value you give to people on social media to the point that many people follow you for that value.

Just like being a YouTube for social media influencer you need to know your chosen topic and opportunities to make money do require money without a doubt, however with the huge developments in technology the are many ways and opportunities which are investment-free and need no capital.also enjoy it so you can do it daily with intensity.

You must also be mindful of the fact that in order to be the greatest influencer you must network a lot with other influencers. This is an industry where you need to work with others to succeed.

All you have to do to start this is to open your social media platform whether Twitter, Facebook,


Finals thoughts

This era of technology has provided us with a huge amount of opportunities to earn money online with no investment and no one really has an excuse to not earn money.

However, there is a key in order for you to be able to make that money and the key is passion and hard work.

If you will work hard and have passion for what you are doing the sky is the limit. Remember at the end of the day you are building a business and a business takes times.

If your passion is taking pictures on a daily basis or you enjoy being on social media or you enjoy promoting other companies or writing a blog then the options are available to you right now.

The important question is are you ready to make money or you still are procrastinating?

Only you can answer this question hey.

If you have any question or any comments to add you can do so below. I will be more than happy to engage or help or if you want to follow my path and replicate success starting your own blog you can here.

2019 wealthy affiliate review

2019 wealthy affiliate review- My experience after being a member

There is no better way to learn or know about a product or service than to hear it from a person who has used it especially for a certain amount of time.

This is what I will be doing with this Wealthy Affiliate review for you so that you can know the actual truth about using it.

I have read a lot of reviews online about it before I started being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and to be honest nearly 100% of them are biased.

This I found out after being a member myself for 2 years.

I then decide that I need to provide an unbiased review of what I actually have found out using the program for a year.

So without wasting your time let me give you a comprehensive review and also please do excuse me if I happen to mention things that can shock you that you may have not heard about the program.

Please note that these are my honest experiences; Now let’s get into the 2019 Wealth Affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

2019 wealthy affiliate review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Carson and Kyle


Support: 9 out of 10

Training: 6 out of 10

Website Builder: 9 out of 10

WordPress hosting: 10 out of 10

Research tools: 9 out of 10

Success stories: 7 out of 10

Live chats: 8 out of 10

Price: Starter member (free), Premium member ($49/month) or ($359/year). rating: 4.5 out 5


How Wealthy Affiliate operates at the core- The good and the bad

Wealthy Affiliate is basically an affiliate marketing online company which works by teaching people about starting their own online business.

It also helps those who are aspiring affiliate marketers.

There are two options you can choose to take with this program.

1. Promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself or

2. Developing a business online which will be based on whatever passion you have or are interested in.

The former option is what ends up making people suspecting this company to be a scam sometimes. I will explain just now what I mean.

How is the program scammy?

2019 wealthy affiliate review

If you are aware of Network Marketing then you will know that anything which involves a person joining under has always been considered as a scam or pyramid scheme.

So if you opt for the first one unfortunately it will seem like some sort of scam.

The only difference with this one is that it does not at all feel like network marketing since you are literally helping people to start their business online.

This is what is called affiliate marketing where you promote a company or service to people and you get commission.

This is actually a big industry which has been happening for years and it is growing now more than ever.

This is due to more and more people using the internet.

What is more positive is that unlike those network marketing schemes (which I have been part of before) you do not have to promote the actual company in order to success.

As soon as you are a member you can decide to create any website you have ever wanted to build online

Whether it being e commence, Selling your own products on a website you create etc.

You get all the training for all these skills at anytime and that is exactly how I built my passion sites ( online.

This site  is related to my passion where I promote other company’s products and earn a commission.

The Wealthy Affiliate helps you not only with building a successful business online but also in being able to be a SEO optimization expert, social media expert, freelancing content creator, you name it.

Wealthy Affiliate training ins and outs to get you to your dreams online.

2019 wealthy affiliate review

Now in order to understand what the program is about before you start, it is vital to know if you will get training and if it will be enough.

I know this was the most crucial aspect before I started my online business.

In order to succeed in affiliate marketing or eCommerce it is very important to know the correct strategies and most importantly to know if it is current and relevant.

I do not care how good of an internet marketer you are if you do not have the current strategies of optimizing your site or driving traffic to your site, you will fail online.

So in any affiliate marketing company training or e commence you need to check if you will get proper training which is most relevant.

I have been to many marketing/affiliate marketing company’s and many of them do not have long term training.

They basically leave you to work and figure out other things yourself and these causes many people to quit (really sad).

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was impressed with the training that they had. The training is very comprehensive and thorough.

I will talk more about the details of the training later.

The only thing I was not happy about was that many of their trainings are not updated for the current times.

The trainings are also more geared for beginner and medium experience marketers.

Other that they have all you need to build your website and make money from online.

In the next section I will be breaking down all the different sections of the program and than give you the pros and cons.

Wealthy Affiliate support system

This is the most important aspect you should look for when you are wanting a company to help you make your business online and succeed.

Having a mentor is one of the things that make most people end up not achieving their dreams whether online or offline.

I know I had searched for a mentor online to learn about online marketing and all of them were very expensive to get.

You could end up paying $1000 just for consulting (I know it is crazy hey).

More than that I have been to other affiliate marketing trainings and I had to pay an additional amount which is nearly the same amount you paid for the course just to get mentorship.

This is the reason I was happy when I found Wealthy affiliate since the support is like no other I have gotten before online.

I am being serious that you can get to network with the top affiliate marketers and online business guru millionaires just by being a member of the platform.

As we speaker I have 3 world top internet mentors who I work with and my skills have become so great online.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate I can mentor you on a constant basis along with my mentor so you also can be able to achieve financial freedom online.

As I said the support is 24/7, there is no excuse for not being able to create a successful business online of your own too.

On top of this there is live chat which you can access all the top marketers at anytime or even the community which will help you.

There is always someone waiting to help you.

Community of interactive and positive people

In the previous sections I did mention the community that Wealthy Affiliate has although I did not elaborate on this.

When you are a member you will see that the community is very helpful as they are all individuals looking to gain financial freedom like you.

What I like about the community is that it is more like being on a social media platform where you can follow people and they can follow you back.

What does this means?

This means you can follow and communicate with even the top affiliate marker in the world. Cool right?

I have developed a lot of like-minded friends in this platform and that is exactly what helps me to keep working on my goals daily.

You will meet every person in walk of life from students, retrenched people looking to earn money etc.

Weekly live classes to boost your success online

Earlier I talked about the fact that the trainings are a bit outdated, but the presence of weekly live training classes are what would tend to make up for this.

However, having said that what has been frustrating for me in being at Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that the weekly lessons are not in an organized manner.

For instance these trainings tend to jump around so this will need you to very smart in following them to get what you want.

Thank God that all the live recordings are recorded which means you can watch them over and over again if you missed a certain section.

Online Entrepreneur Certification training

When you choose to start a passion which will involve your passion or eCommerce then you will 2019 wealthy Affiliate reviewbe doing this training.

Let me expand what you will be learning and all the sections covered in this online entrepreneur Certification training.

  • Getting started

This first section has 10 lessons where you are introduced to website building basics such as finding your niche, understanding keywords and how to create content on your site.

  • Building you own traffic producing your website

This is the second section of the programme where you learn how to write content which will be recognized by google and rank high.

  • Make Money

This section is as the name says, You are taught how to get money through your website in the most efficient and sustainable way.

  • Mastering Social Engagement

This section you are taught the skills of mastering social media for your business/ website. Almost all social media platforms are taught here.

  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

The last section focuses on how you can maximize your content so that you can have good quality content in the most efficient way which will help skyrocket your traffic to your website.

Affiliate Bootcamp training

2019 wealthy affiliate review

If you decide to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate you will be guided to do this boot camp training course.

This training follows the same aspect as the Online Certification with just a few changes focusing more on some paid ads.

These are the topics that are covered.

  • Getting your business rolling

Introduction of how to create your website and how to search for keywords

  • Content, keywords and conversions

This section is more about upskilling you with having the best content on your site which will attract traffic.

  • Giving your site Social value

This section you learn more about social media for promoting your business successfully and how to integrate it on your site.

  • Get visual. Get aesthetic. Get a brand through media

While you are promoting your business through social media you are then taught how to best make your website become an authority for people to follow it and trust it.

  • Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals

In this section you are taught how to have an audience of related to your business and how to manage it.

  • Bing, Yahoo & the power of PPC

This aspect helps you get recognized by Yahoo and Bing which are big search engines using Pay Per Click.

  • How to scale success PPC campaign

This section is the ultimate lesson of learning to fully optimize your website using paid ways such as Pay Per Click.

Keyword Research Tool

Finding keywords is one of the most crucial thing when it comes to producing a successful business online.

Sadly most online keyword research tools are costly and more than that they tend to be confusing and being online for years this is one of the most frustrating expect.

Wealthy Affiliate has developed a keyword research tool which is very accurate and easy to use.

It helps you get focused on what you want to really want to target.

What I love about this is that by being the member of Wealthy Affiliate you not only get to use this tool but you get this for free.

The Hosting Platform

When most people start out building their site they have to purchase a hosting platform and then a website on the site.

They then have to integrate these together and these two costs can add up. I know I had the same issue when I started.

When you decide to be part of Wealthy Affiliate the good news is that the website and hosting platform are included together as part of the membership, cool right?

I know this was one of the factors which made me very excited since that meant I was saving and on top of that I was going to get training.

>>To get the most advanced training in the industry<<

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

2019 wealthy affiliate review

  • Good support

Compared to other affiliate training programs Wealthy Affiliate has the best training on the internet since you get to interact with the best internet or affiliate marketers in the world.

The support from the community is also amazing since it is very quick and efficient.

  • Website and hosting in one platform

As I said before you get the website and hosting in Wealthy Affiliate which eliminates the need to try to integrate the two aspect of your business.

  • Access to the best keyword research tool on the internet.

Having an easy and advanced keyword research tool is what makes this program one of the best online as far as helping you operate your business with ease.

  • Free start membership

Unlike other programs which force you to use their program by paying first Wealthy Affiliate gives you a free membership to test drive the platform.

So if you are happy you can go for premium afterwards.

This is the best thing about the program that you are make your own decision after trying the free membership.

What is more you can stay on the free membership as long as you like while you are deciding.

Of course their are aspects of the program you will not get such as private messaging people at the free membership but it is still worth it.

  • Interactive communication

If you like meeting like-minded people to keep your motivation high at all times while gaining new friends then the program does this 100%.

  • Affordable premium pricing

If you have looked online for any affiliate marketing training program you will know that this is the most affordable or cheapest ever.

In fact it is unbelievable because for $49/month or $359/year you get all the aspect of hosting, training and keyword research and more.

Here is where it gets more interesting….

Wealthy Affiliate has no up sales whatsoever and these prices they offer haven’t changed ever since 2005 imagine, that is what I call being generous.

I think this is the aspect that makes people think it is too good to be true (ha-ha) and I don’t blame them at all

This is because literally every program sales you more components over and above the initial premium membership.

You can rest assured that these guys are not really after your money, it is more about training you.

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

2019 Wealthy Affiliate review

I did say that I will tell you even the bad side of the program so you can make a well-informed decision. So let’s start.

  • Success tends to take longer

2019 wealthy Affiliate review

If you are looking for quick riches then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you because you will need to work to get the results.

This is because you are using organic methods of traffic for SEO.

Success normally takes 6 months to a year for your website or online business to succeed and this can tend to derail most people since they are wanting fast results,

But the truth is all success takes time.

  • Training is outdated for the most part

I am sorry to break the news but most of the training that is recording like the Online Certification and boot camp has not been updated since 2015.

Luckily the methods are still working since it is based on SEO traffic but if you want other aspects such as paid traffic you may have to ask one of the experts in the program to help you.

  • Training is mostly helpful for beginners and intermediate internet markers and affiliate marketers.

2019 wealthy affiliate review

If you are advanced, perhaps already earn good amount of money online this training program may not be of any help to you since it is not advanced at all.

It is good to help you start and earn a good amount online.

What I see on this program is that most advanced online markets tend to look for information elsewhere on the internet.

The good thing with this is that they come back and share all their information with the members. This is where we benefit from each other, hooray.

It is more like a bring and share (ha-ha ha).

The verdict for this program

2019 wealthy affiliate review

Since you know a lout about this program I am sure you can see for yourself that it is geared to help any person with online success,

So is it a scam?

My simple answer is no.

But then again you can go online and check a better program for yourself which is cheap and has no up sales and has all the components Wealthy Affiliate has.

By doing this you will end up seeing what I am talking about.

2019 wealthy affiliate review

Just remember everything in life has been once labeled a scam.

So the people who end up saying it is a scam is because they have either not used the program or quit because they didn’t reach success.

Remember that joining wealthy Affiliate is like joining a university and you are paying for tuition but this time for your wealth.

In college, you do not require your certificate after 6 months of studying right?

so why would you do this for your wealth?

As we speech I am working to be a multimillionaire like my mentor who is 21 years old in Wealthy Affiliate who is my mentor so if he could do we so could you.

Can anyone do this?

The simple answer is yes.

Wealthy Affiliate has people of all ages and people who are programming gurus to old people who have never used a computer before especially doing online business.

The key thing is drive and perseverance to get to your goals.

What is the pricing?

There are two price stages to wealthy affiliate:

Starter membership: Free $0 (Join here)

Premium membership: $49 per month or $359 per year (Join here)

Joining the free starter membership is what I encourage anyone new to start off with so you can see for you self if you like it or not.

It will look as if it is this free membership is just too good to be true so that is why encourage you to start off on the free starter membership.

When you join you will get a lot of things to help you make your journey in starting and managing your online business.

This will happen by you having some of these in it like: Live chat, a community of top internet and affiliate marketers, 2 free websites with hosting, access to keyword tools and much more.

This is all you will need to get started online and you will never find something better then this just like I found out in 2017.

However if you are looking to have a complete guidance which will accelerate your success to be shorter I would encourage you to join the premium membership.

How to claim you bonus

If you are really serious about making a long term business than I have a bonus for you.

The way to claim the bonus is after you join the free starter membership and within the first 7 days you decide upgrade to premium membership I will give you the bonus.

So when you create your free starter membership I will personally send you a hello message and all the information for WA and your bonus. (hint it will be something to help you stay consistent in building your online business).



Final thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is geared for any person who is looking to create a long term business online.

It is an affiliate training program created by Kyle and Carson to help people succeed like them online doing what they love.

You can use the program as a free member for as long as you like and decide if you want to go premium if you get value.

There are loads of training and more importantly the support is available 24 hours 7 days a week so whatever schedule you have it can suit you.

With all the things you need to succeed online like keyword research tool, live chat, live weekly training etc you have no excuse to not succeed online if you give it time.

If you are ready to try the program yourself for free you can click >>here<<. This is the best way to experience what I mean yourself.

If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to add them below.