2019 wealthy affiliate review- My experience after being a member

There is no better way to learn or know about a product or service than to hear it from a person who has used it especially for a certain amount of time.

This is what I will be doing with this Wealthy Affiliate review for you so that you can know the actual truth about using it.

I have read a lot of reviews online about it before I started being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and to be honest nearly 100% of them are biased.

This I found out after being a member myself for 2 years.

I then decide that I need to provide an unbiased review of what I actually have found out using the program for a year.

So without wasting your time let me give you a comprehensive review and also please do excuse me if I happen to mention things that can shock you that you may have not heard about the program.

Please note that these are my honest experiences; Now let’s get into the 2019 Wealth Affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

2019 wealthy affiliate review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Carson and Kyle

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Support: 9 out of 10

Training: 6 out of 10

Website Builder: 9 out of 10

WordPress hosting: 10 out of 10

Research tools: 9 out of 10

Success stories: 8 out of 10 (Check below)

Live chats: 8 out of 10

Price: Starter member (free), Premium member ($49/month) or ($359/year).

theworkathomegraduate.com rating: 4.5 out 5

Before we start you may be interested in checking the video of this I put:


How Wealthy Affiliate operates at the core- The good and the bad

Wealthy Affiliate is basically an affiliate marketing online company which works by teaching people about starting their own online business.

It also helps those who are aspiring affiliate marketers.

There are two options you can choose to take with this program.

1. Promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself or

2. Developing a business online which will be based on whatever passion you have or are interested in.

The former option is what ends up making people suspecting this company to be a scam sometimes. I will explain just now what I mean.

How is the program scammy?

2019 wealthy affiliate review

If you are aware of Network Marketing then you will know that anything which involves a person joining under has always been considered as a scam or pyramid scheme.

So if you opt for the first one unfortunately it will seem like some sort of scam.

The only difference with this one is that it does not at all feel like network marketing since you are literally helping people to start their business online.

This is what is called affiliate marketing where you promote a company or service to people and you get commission.

This is actually a big industry which has been happening for years and it is growing now more than ever.

This is due to more and more people using the internet.

What is more positive is that unlike those network marketing schemes (which I have been part of before) you do not have to promote the actual company in order to success.

As soon as you are a member you can decide to create any website you have ever wanted to build online

Whether it being e commence, Selling your own products on a website you create etc.

You get all the training for all these skills at anytime and that is exactly how I built my passion sites and many more which are generating me different streams of income daily.

This siteĀ  is related to my passion where I promote other company’s products and earn a commission.

The Wealthy Affiliate helps you not only with building a successful business online but also in being able to be a SEO optimization expert, social media expert, freelancing content creator, you name it.

Wealthy Affiliate training ins and outs to get you to your dreams online.

2019 wealthy affiliate review

Now in order to understand what the program is about before you start, it is vital to know if you will get training and if it will be enough.

I know this was the most crucial aspect before I started my online business.

In order to succeed in affiliate marketing or eCommerce it is very important to know the correct strategies and most importantly to know if it is current and relevant.

I do not care how good of an internet marketer you are if you do not have the current strategies of optimizing your site or driving traffic to your site, you will fail online.

So in any affiliate marketing company training or e commence you need to check if you will get proper training which is most relevant.

I have been to many marketing/affiliate marketing company’s and many of them do not have long term training.

They basically leave you to work and figure out other things yourself and these causes many people to quit (really sad).

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was impressed with the training that they had. The training is very comprehensive and thorough.

I will talk more about the details of the training later.

The only thing I was not happy about was that many of their trainings are not updated for the current times.

The trainings are also more geared for beginner and medium experience marketers.

Other that they have all you need to build your website and make money from online.

In the next section I will be breaking down all the different sections of the program and than give you the pros and cons.

Wealthy Affiliate support system

This is the most important aspect you should look for when you are wanting a company to help you make your business online and succeed.

Having a mentor is one of the things that make most people end up not achieving their dreams whether online or offline.

I know I had searched for a mentor online to learn about online marketing and all of them were very expensive to get.

You could end up paying $1000 just for consulting (I know it is crazy hey).

More than that I have been to other affiliate marketing trainings and I had to pay an additional amount which is nearly the same amount you paid for the course just to get mentorship.

This is the reason I was happy when I found Wealthy affiliate since the support is like no other I have gotten before online.

I am being serious that you can get to network with the top affiliate marketers and online business guru millionaires just by being a member of the platform.

As we speaker I have 3 world top internet mentors who I work with and my skills have become so great online.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate I can mentor you on a constant basis along with my mentor so you also can be able to achieve financial freedom online.

As I said the support is 24/7, there is no excuse for not being able to create a successful business online of your own too.

On top of this there is live chat which you can access all the top marketers at anytime or even the community which will help you.

There is always someone waiting to help you.

Community of interactive and positive people

In the previous sections I did mention the community that Wealthy Affiliate has although I did not elaborate on this.

When you are a member you will see that the community is very helpful as they are all individuals looking to gain financial freedom like you.

What I like about the community is that it is more like being on a social media platform where you can follow people and they can follow you back.

What does this means?

This means you can follow and communicate with even the top affiliate marker in the world. Cool right?

I have developed a lot of like-minded friends in this platform and that is exactly what helps me to keep working on my goals daily.

You will meet every person in walk of life from students, retrenched people looking to earn money etc.

Success stories of members

In this section I will show you some of the many members who have made 4 to 6 figure income with the WA just like me.

And this guys below is only 22 years old and is making six figure income with wealthy affiliate

And this below is me:

Weekly live classes to boost your success online

Earlier I talked about the fact that the trainings are a bit outdated, but the presence of weekly live training classes are what would tend to make up for this.

However, having said that what has been frustrating for me in being at Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that the weekly lessons are not in an organized manner.

For instance these trainings tend to jump around so this will need you to very smart in following them to get what you want.

Thank God that all the live recordings are recorded which means you can watch them over and over again if you missed a certain section.

Online Entrepreneur Certification training

When you choose to start a passion which will involve your passion or eCommerce then you will 2019 wealthy Affiliate reviewbe doing this training.

Let me expand what you will be learning and all the sections covered in this online entrepreneur Certification training.

  • Getting started

This first section has 10 lessons where you are introduced to website building basics such as finding your niche, understanding keywords and how to create content on your site.

  • Building you own traffic producing your website

This is the second section of the programme where you learn how to write content which will be recognized by google and rank high.

  • Make Money

This section is as the name says, You are taught how to get money through your website in the most efficient and sustainable way.

  • Mastering Social Engagement

This section you are taught the skills of mastering social media for your business/ website. Almost all social media platforms are taught here.

  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

The last section focuses on how you can maximize your content so that you can have good quality content in the most efficient way which will help skyrocket your traffic to your website.

Affiliate Bootcamp training

2019 wealthy affiliate review

If you decide to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate you will be guided to do this boot camp training course.

This training follows the same aspect as the Online Certification with just a few changes focusing more on some paid ads.

These are the topics that are covered.

  • Getting your business rolling

Introduction of how to create your website and how to search for keywords

  • Content, keywords andĀ conversions

This section is more about upskilling you with having the best content on your site which will attract traffic.

  • Giving your site Social value

This section you learn more about social media for promoting your business successfully and how to integrate it on your site.

  • Get visual. Get aesthetic. Get a brand through media

While you are promoting your business through social media you are then taught how to best make your website become an authority for people to follow it and trust it.

  • Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals

In this section you are taught how to have an audience of related to your business and how to manage it.

  • Bing, Yahoo & the power of PPC

This aspect helps you get recognized by Yahoo and Bing which are big search engines using Pay Per Click.

  • How to scale success PPC campaign

This section is the ultimate lesson of learning to fully optimize your website using paid ways such as Pay Per Click.

Keyword Research Tool

Finding keywords is one of the most crucial thing when it comes to producing a successful business online.

Sadly most online keyword research tools are costly and more than that they tend to be confusing and being online for years this is one of the most frustrating expect.

Wealthy Affiliate has developed a keyword research tool which is very accurate and easy to use.

It helps you get focused on what you want to really want to target.

What I love about this is that by being the member of Wealthy Affiliate you not only get to use this tool but you get this for free.

The Hosting Platform

When most people start out building their site they have to purchase a hosting platform and then a website on the site.

They then have to integrate these together and these two costs can add up. I know I had the same issue when I started.

When you decide to be part of Wealthy Affiliate the good news is that the website and hosting platform are included together as part of the membership, cool right?

I know this was one of the factors which made me very excited since that meant I was saving and on top of that I was going to get training.

>>To get the most advanced training in the industry<<

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

2019 wealthy affiliate review

  • Good support

Compared to other affiliate training programs Wealthy Affiliate has the best training on the internet since you get to interact with the best internet or affiliate marketers in the world.

The support from the community is also amazing since it is very quick and efficient.

  • Website and hosting in one platform

As I said before you get the website and hosting in Wealthy Affiliate which eliminates the need to try to integrate the two aspect of your business.

  • Access to the best keyword research tool on the internet.

Having an easy and advanced keyword research tool is what makes this program one of the best online as far as helping you operate your business with ease.

  • Free start membership

Unlike other programs which force you to use their program by paying first Wealthy Affiliate gives you a free membership to test drive the platform.

So if you are happy you can go for premium afterwards.

This is the best thing about the program that you are make your own decision after trying the free membership.

What is more you can stay on the free membership as long as you like while you are deciding.

Of course their are aspects of the program you will not get such as private messaging people at the free membership but it is still worth it.

  • Interactive communication

If you like meeting like-minded people to keep your motivation high at all times while gaining new friends then the program does this 100%.

  • Affordable premium pricing

If you have looked online for any affiliate marketing training program you will know that this is the most affordable or cheapest ever.

In fact it is unbelievable because for $49/month or $359/year you get all the aspect of hosting, training and keyword research and more.

Here is where it gets more interesting….

Wealthy Affiliate has no up sales whatsoever and these prices they offer haven’t changed ever since 2005 imagine, that is what I call being generous.

I think this is the aspect that makes people think it is too good to be true (ha-ha) and I don’t blame them at all

This is because literally every program sales you more components over and above the initial premium membership.

You can rest assured that these guys are not really after your money, it is more about training you.

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

2019 Wealthy Affiliate review

I did say that I will tell you even the bad side of the program so you can make a well-informed decision. So let’s start.

  • Success tends to take longer

2019 wealthy Affiliate review

If you are looking for quick riches then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you because you will need to work to get the results.

This is because you are using organic methods of traffic for SEO.

Success normally takes 6 months to a year for your website or online business to succeed and this can tend to derail most people since they are wanting fast results,

But the truth is all success takes time.

  • Training is outdated for the most part

I am sorry to break the news but most of the training that is recording like the Online Certification and boot camp has not been updated since 2015.

Luckily the methods are still working since it is based on SEO traffic but if you want other aspects such as paid traffic you may have to ask one of the experts in the program to help you.

  • Training is mostly helpful for beginners and intermediate internet markers and affiliate marketers.

2019 wealthy affiliate review

If you are advanced, perhaps already earn good amount of money online this training program may not be of any help to you since it is not advanced at all.

It is good to help you start and earn a good amount online.

What I see on this program is that most advanced online markets tend to look for information elsewhere on the internet.

The good thing with this is that they come back and share all their information with the members. This is where we benefit from each other, hooray.

It is more like a bring and share (ha-ha ha).

The verdict for this program

2019 wealthy affiliate review

Since you know a lout about this program I am sure you can see for yourself that it is geared to help any person with online success,

So is it a scam?

My simple answer is no.

But then again you can go online and check a better program for yourself which is cheap and has no up sales and has all the components Wealthy Affiliate has.

By doing this you will end up seeing what I am talking about.

2019 wealthy affiliate review

Just remember everything in life has been once labeled a scam.

So the people who end up saying it is a scam is because they have either not used the program or quit because they didn’t reach success.

Remember that joining wealthy Affiliate is like joining a university and you are paying for tuition but this time for your wealth.

In college, you do not require your certificate after 6 months of studying right?

so why would you do this for your wealth?

As we speech I am working to be a multimillionaire like my mentor who is 21 years old in Wealthy Affiliate who is my mentor so if he could do we so could you.

Can anyone do this?

The simple answer is yes.

Wealthy Affiliate has people of all ages and people who are programming gurus to old people who have never used a computer before especially doing online business.

The key thing is drive and perseverance to get to your goals.

What is the pricing?

There are two price stages to wealthy affiliate:

Starter membership: Free $0 (Join here)

Premium membership: $49 per month or $359 per year (Join here)

Joining the free starter membership is what I encourage anyone new to start off with so you can see for you self if you like it or not.

It will look as if it is this free membership is just too good to be true so that is why encourage you to start off on the free starter membership.

When you join you will get a lot of things to help you make your journey in starting and managing your online business.

This will happen by you having some of these in it like: Live chat, a community of top internet and affiliate marketers, 2 free websites with hosting, access to keyword tools and much more.

This is all you will need to get started online and you will never find something better then this just like I found out in 2017.

However if you are looking to have a complete guidance which will accelerate your success to be shorter I would encourage you to join the premium membership.

How to claim you bonus

If you are really serious about making a long term business than I have a bonus for you.

The way to claim the bonus is after you join the free starter membership and within the first 7 days you decide upgrade to premium membership I will give you the bonus.

So when you create your free starter membership I will personally send you a hello message and all the information for WA and your bonus. (hint it will be something to help you stay consistent in building your online business).



Final thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is geared for any person who is looking to create a long term business online.

It is an affiliate training program created by Kyle and Carson to help people succeed like them online doing what they love.

You can use the program as a free member for as long as you like and decide if you want to go premium if you get value.

There are loads of training and more importantly the support is available 24 hours 7 days a week so whatever schedule you have it can suit you.

With all the things you need to succeed online like keyword research tool, live chat, live weekly training etc you have no excuse to not succeed online if you give it time.

If you are ready to try the program yourself for free you can click >>here<<. This is the best way to experience what I mean yourself.

If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to add them below.

Wealthy Affiliate review

Great for building a long term online business

The program can take very long for you to succeed but it works well if you do have the time to work it.

8 thoughts on “2019 wealthy affiliate review- My experience after being a member”

  1. What a unique and honest way to describe your Wealth Affiliate experience. I like that you have also listed some cons, because there are so many positive reviews, it’s good to see that there are other aspects to consider when making a decision, and showing some cons also shows it’s not perfect. In reality if you don’t choose to promote making money online, it can actually take longer than 6 months to make money for some too, depending on the niche they chose. I do think however, it’s a fabulous place especially for beginners and intermediate online entrepreneurs. The community is amazing as well. I can vouch for WA being a positive place to learn how to make money online. Thanks for sharing a genuine review.

    1. Hey kat

      Yes I believe that every product has its pros and cons and the individual willing to join should know about them so that they can make their own decision so in that way they can be satisfied with what they have.

      Yes I have been promoting something other the making money online and it took longer, however I do believe it depends on the niche because a diet niche can also be quicker since many people are looking for solutions.

  2. Hey Thabo,

    Love the review. I’ve noticed too that most people don’t talk about the cons of Wealthy Affiliate even though the pros weight out the cons. I’ve been a member for 16 months now and I love it.

    If I may add something Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a pyramid thing. Pyramid schemes are indeed about recruiting people but they offer no product which results in the higher-ups making more money that those lower in the pyramid.

    Overall great post!

    1. Hey Rogier

      Yes it is good to have an all round review of something so people will know what they are getting themselves into.
      There are definitely Cons and of course the Pros outweighs the Cons.
      Yes Wealth Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme indeed, it is legit and very good to grow your online business.

  3. I like the honesty, I am well into the second phase of the WA training and I thought it was Scam-ish when the
    costs for membership and other stuff became apparent. But the training is worth the cost. I paid only for 6 months. Giving myself that amount of time to try it out, of course I will renew I realize it will take at least a year to learn and apply what I have learned but I have confidence in what I’ve seen so far. I have said all along my goal is to just make 1 honest dollar that will tell me this is all legit. Of course once I make 1 buck I know I can repeat that infinitely.

    1. Hey John

      it is only natural for you to think like that when you are starting out and that is why it is very good to check out the views before committing to checking a program.

      I am happy you enjoyed my article.

  4. I really like the details that you have here, it is one of the better reviews that I have read regarding Wealthy Affiliate. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before I joined and most of them were very biased.
    I am working through the second level of training and have a website up and running. I think the training is great though it is a little intimidating in the beginning. It takes time and effort but I believe that it is well worth the cost.
    I can’t wait to complete my training and make that first sale.

    Thanks for the great article.

    1. Hey steve

      I was like that when I started out I never got a proper review so this is why I decide to write was I have experienced with using Wealthy Affiliate.
      I want to say all the best with your training and your website and if you work hard you will see the results.
      The beginning is always the hardest.

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