123 Affiliate Markerting Review-Is this a scam?

Have you been thinking about building an online business that will help you make money online while sleeping?

if the answer is yes then you may have been looking for a good program. In this 123 Affiliate Marketing Review I will be looking into this program so you can see if this is worth it or not.

The program is basically all about affiliate marketing and claims you can get started and be able to be financially-free.

It also promises you to get started quickly and start making money. However, we have to see if the program is one of the legit ones for making money online.

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Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

123 Affiliate Marketing Review

Program name: 123 Affiliate Marketing


Creator: Pat Flynn


Theworkathomegraduate.com rating:

Pros and Cons


  • Creator is real
  • Creator is experienced and well-known
  • Method has been proven to work
  • Private support group


  • Expensive
  • Course is super short

What is 123 Affiliate Marketing?

123 Affiliate Marketing a course that is made easy to follow and learn about affiliate marketing and the good thing it is a whole comprehensive course.

The course is one of a few which has all the components you need for having a fully-fledge affiliate marketing course. This means that the course will teach you everything like blogging, social media and email marketing.

The course is a step by step one where which means even if you are starting out in this online adventure you will be shown step by step.

Who is the creator of 123 Affiliate marketing?

The creator of the course is basically well-known and started affiliate marketing back in 2010 and his name is Pat Flynn.

if you don’t know anything about him all you should know that he was able to generate over $1Million after he started since that time.

He also has his website from called www.smartpassiveincome.com where he made all his money and he even shows all the proof and reports.

Pat also has a big podcast which he uses in conjunction with his course to promote his programs.

He also has a huge YouTube channel where you will be able to learn a lot about to make money and this is where most people know him here.

Pat also is the owner of courses for podcast, social media, affiliate marketing etc.

This means that the creator is legit and is indeed worth trusting and all as you can go check for yourself there.

Knowing this about the program is great because it means that it should give you the first layer of trusting the program.

How does 123 Affiliate Marketing course works?

Now that you know the what 123 affiliate marketing is let us now take a look at how the program actually works.

The course is mainly showing you how to use paid methods to make money with affiliate marketing. So the program works in just 3 steps.

Step 1:Introduction

This section is basically giving you the basics of affiliate marketing like choosing the right product and how to get affiliate marketing links.

The other aspect is that you will be shown how to get all your platforms that you will be marketing on and how to set them up like websites.

Step 2:Action work of promotion

This section will be showing you how you will be able to put your links of your website that you get for the products that you are looking to promote.

You will also be able to learning how to set up things like email autoresponders and also be able to do conversions.

Step 3:Active campaigns

The last section is basically all about showing you how you can do the active parts of getting money from your clients.

You will be shown how to run campaigns so you can start making money and keep making passive income.

You will be shown the paid methods briefly on how to get started.

In the next section we will look at the modules you will get.

What are the features of 123 Affiliate Marketing?

Let us look at what the main features you will get from this course. We will briefly look at some modules.

Module is

How much does 123 Affiliate marketing cost?

The vital aspect is to be able to know how much the course costs so you will know how much to either budget

Perhaps one of the huge drawbacks for the course is how much it costs $599 once off and this will give you the full access to everything that I mentioned.

There is monthly payment that you go with.

The course has no money back guarantee.

What I like about 123 Affiliate Marketing?

In this section I will address what I like about the program and what might make you consider taking it.

  • The creator is well-known

Having a well-known creator is one of the main things that makes the program good because not only do you have someone who can account but they are successful in the business and quite visible on social media.

More than that Pat is very honest with his work and thus the reason for having a YouTube channel to teach people.

  • The program has a supportive community

The creator has made a private community where you will be able to learn through people.

  • Pretty good methods.

If you look at the methods that are taught for affiliate marketing are working well and have been proven to work well.

What I do not like about 123 Affiliate marketing

like with any programs there are always drawbacks so that is what we will be exploring here.

  • Not thorough for people to understand.

The course is only focused on paid ads which means that for people who don’t have a lot of money to get started will have an issue.

  • Too expensive

The course is quite expensive compared to others which means not everyone can afford it. The fact that you will be focusing on paid ads this means you will be paying eve more.

Is 123 Affiliate Marketing a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the program is a scam or not.

According to my findings after looking into it and analyzing all the components I can say that the program is definitely not a scam.

Just to give you a brief summary here are the reasons I say this.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money with affiliate marketing there are many ways to go about it such as doing organic SEO traffic, social media, paid ads etc.

The only thing that one needs to check is which one is viable for them and which one is convenient for that.

123 Affiliate Marketing course basically focuses on ensuring that you are able to make money using paid ads which is a method normally good for people who already have the capital.

When it comes to 123 Affiliate marketing it was created by a person who has loads of experience and his name is Pat Flynn.

Pat sells many courses for digital marketing that will be able to help you start making money.

Although the course is not as comprehensive as it should be but it still does the work.

I hope this review was worth it and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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