10 best ways on how to make money online as a college student- Every student should follow this

Student debt has is staring to become a huge problem in the world as the years go by. According to CNBC the number of college student debt in America went from $517 billion in how to make money online as a college student2006 to $1.7 Trillion in 2019.

With this crisis it is now more important for students to support themselves as also stated by CNBC. Learning how to make money as a college student is the easiest thing to do and one that will be the best option going to the future.

The reason for this is that we are living in the information age where it is super easy to get information which can give students extra income.

College students can also be able to make a full time income from this online vehicle from home just like most people are.

In fact this is the reason now that I am earning a good income while I am home with no job. Part of my income is from my online business.

The good news is that there are many ways to do this. The only thing is that you have to choose the right one and ones that are legit.

In this post I will be showing the 5 best ways you can earn money online yourself starting from today to finish your college debt or extra income.

1. Blogging

how to make money online as a college student

blogging is one of my favorite ways to earn money as a student because this is how I earn portion of my money online as a self-employed graduate.

The reason it is one of the best is that it involves you writing a blog and just providing your opinions about your favorite topic or passion.

When you have targeting content you get commission by ads on your sites.

What is great about blogging is that you can do a lot of things within it such as the other make money options (which I will talk about) which can make your income skyrocket.

For example, you can have a YouTube channel promoting your blog and that will increase traffic to your site. Basically a site is a foundation of anything you will do online.

how to make money online as a college student

The great thing is that it is absolutely easy and simple to start your blog or website.

If you are looking for a free website which along with training to start your blog at no cost you can check out my a program that I highly recommend for this for blogging here.

This is the most natural way you can even end up earning a full time income overtime.


  • You control your content
  • No prior skills needed
  • Potential to earn a full time income within a year
  • One of the most growing businesses as people are looking for help online
  • Can drive traffic to your site free of charge


  • Time consuming for writing

2. Online tutor

how to make money online as a college student

As a student this is one of the best options to make some extra income. As a student you are very familiar with many types of subjects and I am sure you love at least one of them.

With this subject you like or enjoy you could start tutoring with it online and get paid for it. The most lucrative subjects are those that are taught in high school (the generic subjects which are in demand like Maths, Physics)

There are many online tutoring services which can help you get started with this for absolutely free of charge.

Heck, you can even buy a franchise from someone who is doing well and there are loads of those online.


  • Anyone can get started
  • Free to start


  • Can only be beneficial for certain subjects or activities more.

3. Online foreign language teacher

how to make money online as a college student

If you are good with foreign languages or you have a passion to teach kids from other countries online than you can benefit from being an English TESOL/TEFL.

All you need to teach is bachelors degree (not all the time), some teaching experience in any way, be a native speaker and have a TEFL certificate.

Sometimes you may not need to have all the qualifications to do so as it will depend on the online company or service you will be working for.


  • You can choose your hours for working


  • To earn more you will need more qualifications (TEFL/TESOL) and experience

4. Trading Forex online

how to make money online as a college student

Trading Forex is also one of my other ways I make money extra money and it involves me being on the charts for only 4 hours per day.

Forex trading is where you trade currencies by predicting their strength with relative to another.

How does it work?

You trade currencies in pairs i.e one against the other which will help you determine the direction. It is based on technical analysis and fundamentals.

I am also a professional Forex Trader and have been since 2016 and this is my other source of income as you can check on my Forex Trading page.


  • Easy to start
  • You do not need to be on the screen for a long time, normally 2-4 hours a day.
  • Require a little of money to get started.


  • Needs a lot of knowledge before entering the knowledge such as technical and fundamental or else you can lose lots of money.

5. Get paid doing surveys online

how to make money online as a college student

For students doing surveys is one of the best options as it does not really need any experience or any knowledge as you are answering questions in your own opinion.

The surveys are generally free and easy to use by anyone and more than that the age restriction is very low, normally 13 years old.


  • Easy and free to join


  • Time consuming to earn a proper side income

6. Social media manager

how to make money online as a college student

We now live in a social media era and all college students communicate with social media, however the problem is that they do not use it for the right reason, which is to make money with it.

Social media is strongly becoming the most essential aspects of all businesses including young entrepreneurs so if you can be on the providing side you can earn a full time income in no time,

There are many companies you can register under which can help you attain your goals of starting your services.


  • Easy and available to everyone


  • Need lots of time to get recognized and get proper gigs

7. Freelance writer

If the thought of starting your own blog or website is not appealing then you can be freelancer writer for blogs who are in need of content.

There are many bloggers who are in need of help as they may be handling many websites of their own so your help can benefit them a lot.

As more and more people start blogging there will even be more work for you as a writer in the coming years.

In fact, I am thinking this gig will be one of the most popular in the coming years.


  • Potential to gain good amount of money as you gain reputation.


  • Lots of writing of any type.

8. YouTuber

how to make money online as a college student

YouTube is a great platform for college students as it merely involves you talking on camera about whatever topic you enjoy.

The great thing about YouTube is that it is totally free to get started with your account.

The only thing that can be a drawback with YouTube is that you need a lot of views on order to start earning.

This is if you will be earning by ads that show up on your videos everything a person watches your video.

You will earn about $8 for every 1000 views you get on your videos and that can be very little but if you have good content that is popular it can add up.

This is the reason I advise you do this if you love your topic.

YouTube also promotes your channel on YouTube the better consistent your videos are. You see what I am talking about, Consistency comes from love of what you are doing.


  • Easy to get started
  • Free to get started


  • Earning a proper income can take super long

9. Sell t-shirts online

how to make money online as a college student

Are you artist or are creative enough to design shirts which can either inspire people or make them laugh? Then you are more than capable of doing this.

There many sites which are legit which you can register under and start doing this on the side.

Many people love t-shirts that are unique and different or weird so they are willing to pay for such and that is where you benefit.


  • Anyone can get started


  • Relies heavily on creativity

10. Take photos and get paid

how to make money online as a college student

Do you take pictures with your phone? Have you taken a photo this week?

If the answer to one of these questions was yes than you can actually be able to get paid doing this and this can even be a full time income you never thought possible.

The key with this is to find high paying companies online like… which pay above $100 per photo add combining them to earn a substantial amount.


  • No experience needed
  • Easy to get started


  • May be hard to achieve great financial free

Final thoughts

For college students getting rid of your debt is not as hard as it was when our parents were young and there was no internet.

With so many legit opinions like affiliate marketing, trading, online surveys, online tutoring etc there is no excuse for anyone to not earn a decent income online.

The most vital thing is for a person to focus on that one thing and ensure they do it well in order to reap the benefits of it.

I hope you enjoyed my article of how to make money as a college student. If you have any comments or any question to ask you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you.

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