10 Best and easy ways to make money without a job

I have always been told that having a degree is the only way one can make it in life because my father is a hard core University Professor so you can imagine the pressure I grew up under.

This led mt o follow the normal “get good grades, get a good job” advice and I worked hard to get my degree as a civil engineer.

However, I soon realized that working as an engineer was not going to give me time freedom in the long time especially since I wanted to do my passion full time.

This is when I had to reconsider my whole life and that is when I started to look for ways to make money online back in 2015.

I am sure that most people are just like me and looking for ways to make money without a job and today I ma here to tell you that it is possible to make money with no job. In fact, I am proof that it can be done.

There are far too many college students and young professionals who benefit by finding creative ways to make money working from home and some like me have quit our jobs.

After nothing being able to travel as often without getting leave from home I then had to think of ways to change my whole life because that life was not for me as it was killing my spiritually.

That is why I had to start my blogging journey as an affiliate which I knew nothing about at the time. But I am super glad I did because it was when my whole life turned around.

I mean it did not happen overnight, far from it ha-ha.

However there are many opportunities for professional and college students who are looking for making money without a job.

Read on this post as I will reveal these. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The benefits of making money without a job

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The benefits of working for yourself and not having a job are very great as that means that you will have control your own time throughout the day.

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This is the best spot to be in right?

However, this also means that you really need to be good at managing your time well so that you do not waste any time throughout the day.

For most people this can be hard to do especially when they are used to having a job that gives you a set schedule. But when you are making money by yourself you need to know that time is literally money, trust.

What are your reasons for looking for ways to make money without a job?

Before you start and look for ways to make money without a job it is vital to know the reasons that you are looking for ways to make money online without a job.

Some people may be looking to make a side income to supplement their income, while others may be looking to make money so that they can replace their income from their jobs.

This will be vital because it will help you choose the best method for you to make money. For example if you are looking to make a full time income you may have to choose a hustle that will require a lot of effort and time.

However, if you are looking to make a small side income or pocket money then you may want to focus on ones which require less work.

Best and Easy Ways To Make Money Without A Job

Let us now take a dive into these methods so that you will be able to know which ones you can focus on.

1. Blogging

making extra money after work

Blogging or starting your blog is one of the easiest to do and once your blog is set up that you ready to monetize it.

These days a blog will not even take you a day to make and have it ready to be read by the world. There cool thing is that you do not even need to know how to write an English essay.

There are many ways that you can monetize a blog such as affiliate marketing, ads on your blog just to name a few,

In fact this is how I started to make money online and was able to leave my job within six months after working on it once I had gotten the proper knowledge or training.

You can check How to start a blog for profit step by step even as a beginner with no experience at all and you will see how easy it is.

Since blogging has the potential to give you lots of money you will need to put in a lot of effort at the beginning.

2. Become a virtual assistance

Virtual assistance is another best way you can make money without a job because you will be able to make money with helping business or online business owners with their day to day activities.

This means that you can find any niche (job) that you can focus on and decide to be a virtual assistance with this.

The good thing is that you can develop this into a big business later on so that you can be able to have a big business around this.

However, when you start it is advisable that you rather focus on going to platforms that already has clients that you can tap into so you can start making money fast without doing and marketing or searching for clients.

Some of the best websites you can use are Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.com.

3.Sell on Etsy

If you like things like paintings or drawings you can use Etsy to make money. Etsy is one of the best ways you can make money online with any of your good creations.

The good thing with the platform is that just like Fiverr and Upwork you will be able to have clients who are already willing to buy your creations.

So go ahead and register your account and start selling.

4. Invest in real estate

Real estate is one of the best way to grow your income especially in the long term. By the way I used to do this when I had a job and I used the extra money I had to get a property.

This meant that I had to treat it like a business and I was able to gain profit after selling it in 3 years.

5. Manage social media accounts

This is one of the most lucrative businesses that you can start because there are always people who are looking to increase their outreach.

and guess what?

They are looking for people who are skilled at doing this to pay. This is because most online business owners do not have time to mange all our social media platforms.

However to stand out you really need to have the skills that are required so that you will be able to get better and long term gigs.

Most people make this hustle sound like it is easy to do but it is not as easy as they portray unless you have great amount of skill.

The good thing is that these days there are many free courses you can get these skills and one of the best platforms is Udemy which has many courses that are focused on helping you in this skill.

6. Online surveys


Surveys are generally for people who are looking for ways to make pocket money and not really a business that will be long term or scalable.

This means that you should think carefully if you are thinking of doing surveys for side income because earning $1 per hour may not be worth it.

However, you could increase your earnings by simply focusing on doing more than just surveys from one platform but by doing many and perhaps also adding other things such as watching videos to earn money.

There are many platforms for doing this that you can focus on and this is what will be able to give you the freedom that you need.

7. Checking websites

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Another great side income is doing a gig where you simply check websites and get paid and this is a service that is used by many businesses which do not have time to do this.

It can also be good if you get some skills of knowing how websites operate so you can increase your skills and also your chances of getting the gigs.

8. Google analytics expert

Here is another big opportunity that will always be lucrative because of websites needing to manage all their website.

The Google analytic is good because you are just checking how a website operates weekly and you report to the business or company.

The good thing is that you can make yourself stand out for this if you have a certificate and you can get this free certificate to put on your resume can be found of Google business.

9. Selling things you have in your home

This part is one of the easiest because you will be selling things you already have. The best thing to do is that there are many online websites that allow you to do this.

More than that all these websites already have clients that you can tap into and one of these is EBay.com.

You will need to know how to actually list items so that you can have your item selling like hot cakes and there are many YouTube videos you can check.

10. Selling your skills

How to make money as a personal trainer

If you have any types of skills then you can be able to sell these so that you can make a side or even a full time income.

These days it is great that you can start and make a course or coaching with anything whether video or PDF and it can be ready to be sold within a few days.

With places like Teachable and others you can have a professional course like the one I created for Forex Trading where I help beginners learn how to make money in this way.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to make money online you need to decide which type of income you are wanting to get; Are you looking for pocket money? are you looking for a side income to supplement your income> or are you looking to make a full time income.

There are many ways you can make money and this is why you need to decide which type of income will be good as it will influence what you do.

The ways to make money that I listed today are the following:

  • Online surveys
  • Selling your own items
  • Blogging
  • Google analytics expert
  • Socail media manager
  • Selling your skills
  • Checking websites
  • Selling on Etsy
  • Investing on real estate

These are some of the best that you can do which will be able to help you make money on the side or you can even make it a full time income.

This thus means that you need to start focusing on what you feel comfortable with and focus on it hard so you can see results.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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