The unbiased monat review

The unbiased monat review- is this a scam

Are you looking for a way to make money part-time or full time and in a way that is easy for you while you are working at your normal job?

Monat might just be the best opportunity for you if you are passionate about hair care products like shampoo, Today I will be unloading the monat review so that you know what the company is about.

In this review I will be telling you my unbiased facts which I did lots of research about and what you should know.

Here are things I will cover in this review:

  • Monat review
  • Monat Overview
  • Pros and Cons
  • How does it work?
  • The verdict

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Monat ReviewThe unbiased monat review

Programs: Monat Global

Creator: Luis Urdaneta and Family

Price: $99 once off and $49.95 per year 1 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Business model is based on selling products and recruiting people to make profits. (this means they are not a pyramid scheme)


  • Quality of products is not good
  • Poor support for business opportunity
  • Expensive

Monat Overview

Monat is a hair company which started off in October in 2014 with the aim of revolutionizing the hair industry products.

The founders saw a gap were most personal care products did not focus fully on developing good hair products for customers.

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It then started not only offering unique hair products but also a business opportunity to focus only on hair products which has been their model ever since.

Who is the founder?

The founder of the company is Luis Urdaneta and family were originally business family who had been involved in network marketing companies before starting this.

How does it work?

Now that you know a bit about the history of the company and what it is about and now I will be unloading products and the business opportunity.

Lets’ start with products of the company.


The products of monat involve only those of the hair and those related to the skin.

The problem is that the quality of the products are a bit compromised compared to other products


Now we need to know if people are getting good results with the products or the business opportunity.

If you go online you will see that the testimonies are rather negative when it comes to the products of the company.

The most complaint is that the quality is not good and that the delivery sometimes is not good.

The business opportunity is not too much of a problem for many people which means the company is doing better in this regard

I will leave some testimonials below so you will see for yourself.

The verdict

I am sure you have been waiting for this part to know if this company is a scam or not?

The company is basically legit especially the business opportunity part even though they are still new to the industry of network marketing.

Here are the reasons the company is legit:

  • The creators are real

unlike other companies in the network marketing company which hide their founder or is unclear.

  • The founders have experience with network marketing company

The founders are not only real but they have been in the network marketing industries for years and have had success for themselves.

That is the reason maybe why the company’s business opportunity works more than the actual products’s quality.

How I make money

I would like to tell you how I make money. I also started making money with network marketing back in 2015 with a company called World Ventures.

I didn’t make much money with the company however the problem was that I didn’t really enjoy the way network marketing because you have to sell to your friends and family.

I also didn’t like the fact that you have to go to people and convince them to join your team which was not a personality.

This is the reason I started my online business online because I had free training to enable me to do so through a free training from Wealthy Affiliate.

This has really changed my life because I am able to make money online monthly. This is the way that I highly recommend if you are a person who doesn’t like convincing people.

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I would also like to say that when you start an aonline byusiness you really need to work to make the results show so I advice to join if you are really serious aboutr making money and willing to work daily to build your business.

Final thoughts

As many people are looking for ways to make money in network marketing it is vital to know which companies actually have good quality products or services.

One of the new companies in the network marketing is the Monat global which focuses on skin and hair products.

The company was developed it by lious Ardaneta and family in 2014 who were network marketing business sales represatatives.

The company has low quality products as most people complain about the quality it is produced.

The business opportunity of the company works well however the only problem is that it is a bit expensive to join since you pay $99 once off and $49.95/year for the starter pack.

Although this is a good way to make money I do not highly recommend it if you are a shy perosn or are not experienced in networking marketing.

That is why I recommend starting your own online business and I recommend that you start with a free training especially if you do not have a lot of money like me in 2016.

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I hope you enjoyed this articl and I hope it was very useful to you. If you have any questions or commenst to add you are more than welcome to leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

How to make extra money in South Africa

How to make extra money in South Africa- These methods work well

It seems like these days more and more people are looking for ways to make money in South Africa but little information is helpful.

That is the reason that I will be writing about how to make extra money in South Africa using practical and best financial vehicles.

I have always been a person looking for ways to make money online and this has become a hobby to me and this is the reason why I ended up doing many ways to make extra money online.

Some of them didn’t work out at all but I learnt many valuable lessons from such which has made me very experienced.

This is the reason today I will show you what works best and how you can get started.

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1. Lease out your property room

How to make extra money in South Africa

If you have a house which has rooms it would be great to turn that room or rooms into rental room so that you will be able give you extra income without working to hard.

The best way to do this is to have a room outside which will be great to give you privacy.

The good thing about rentals is the fact that they normally never go away even in tough times or recession where people can not afford anything.

If you do this you will be able to even have to ability of not needing to pain your home bond.

When I had an apartment it was great that I could get extra income which was basically

2. Affiliate marketing

How to make extra money in South Africa

The best thing vehicle which I use if affiliate marketing whereby you are selling people’s or company’s products for a small commission.

The commission can range from 5% of the sale to 75% depending on the company which you are working with.

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The reason I started affiliate marketing is because you do not need to create any products to sell which will leave you will a lot of time to focus on marketing.

Here are the best affiliate marketing programs you can start with:

Of course there is more you can find online but these are the biggest ones which work well.

3. Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the first business I started with and it was purely to develop my confidence skills which it did help.

Network marketing is where you have a product that is not your own and you help the company sell their product for a commission.

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It is a bit similar to affiliate marketing except that in network marketing you merely focus on that one company exclusively to sell the products.

You will also be recruiting a team to be under you if you wish to earn more.

When I started network marketing I started with a company called WorldVentures which focused on selling traveling destinations.

4. Deliver grocery

How to make extra money in South Africa

A big trend in South Africa has risen where people are offering to deliver grocery for people for a commission.

Since this trend is new and will likely increase due to viruses we are facing in our lifetime like corona it is without a doubt the best way to cash in on this opportunity.

You do however need to make sure you have a fully functional car which you can operate since you will be traveling a lot.

5. Trade online

How to make extra money in South Africa

If you have the desire for checking the fluctuation of the financial marketers you will be better suited at trading online.

There are many ways you can go about trading such as the following:

  • Trading stocks
  • Trading currencies (You require less capital to start)

Here you are checking the strength of a company or economies of different countries and trading with regard to that knowledge.

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Many young people have started Forex in South Africa due to the fact that it has lower barriers of entry compared to starting a regular business.

How I make money

I make money through different vehicles because I believe in have multiple streams of income so that is why I do this.

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I make money through affiliate marketing and also through a service business which focuses on retail.

The one I enjoy the most is affiliate marketing which gives me so much creativity and marketing since I do not have to create a service or product.

At first I struggled when I joined a company called internet income intensive which I lacked support.

However once I got a program which had training my results soared like crazy and I started to make money online.

The program I joined was Wealthy Affiliate which I took since it had a free training version where you get started without paying a dime.

You can start your Free affiliate marketing training with Wealthy Affiliate here

After a few months I started making money consistently and I knew that this thing actually works.

Final thoughts

Making money in South Africa or in any part of the world it is always good to look at opportunities which are practical and that have been working in the country.

I am from South African and I have tried a majority of these businesses and I can attest that these are very practical and they work well and they are:

  • Network Marketing
  • Trading online
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Delivery service

All you need to do is to choose which ever you feel will be the best for you and work at it hard. The best bet would be to get a mentor who will be able to assist you do this.

This is why I started with a free program called Wealthy Affiliate which helps you make money online and they help train you 100%.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope you will be able to use these tips to start your financial freedom journey for you and your family.

If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you.

Senegence Scam review- Why you shouldn’t trust this company

Welcome to my Senegence review where I explore whether this company is good to join or not and whether they have the best products for consumers or not.

This is an unbiased review where I dig deep to check every single detail needed to know about this company.

So what will this review include?

  • Company overview
  • How it works
  • The verdict (is it a scam or legit)

The reason for this review is because I used to be passionate about network marketing until I found something which worked better for me to make money online which has worked well.

Before we start you may be interested in checking how I make money online while having a control with my time.

Senegence Review

Company name: Senegence


Creator: Joni Rogers rating: 1out of 5

Senegence Overview

Senegence is basically a cosmetic company which makes products related to personal care and also has a business opportunity included like any other network marketing company.

This Multilevel Marketing company was started in the United States of America in the year 1999 and its headquarters are in California.

The company started off with selling lipstick related products only in 1999 after which it diversified into many products as it is right now.

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Now it focuses on personal care products like skincare, makeup, lipcare etc.

So who is the founder?

The founder of Senegence is Joni Rogers who started the company by raising funds through her sales career.

She had done the world of network marketing before starting the company which was going to be her full time business.

Pros and Cons


  • The company has stood the test of time in operation.


  • Their products are not animal tested
  • Building your business only online
  • Personal care products are not good quality
  • Too many complaints from customers
  • Not easy to make money as a sales representative.
  • New Network marketing company compared to most
  • Customer service is very poor

How does the company work

Now let’s look at what the company offer and how does it actually work. There are two components to this just like any network marking company or MLM and that is the products and the business models.

We will start with exploring the products as always.


So what products does the company actually offer? Below is the list:

  • Cosmetic related products
  • Lipcare products
  • Antiaging skincare products
  • Botique items
  • accessories

Is the quality of the products good?

To be honest according to what I have researched and checked mots people complain about most of the products. In fact the products make people’s skin have problems more than before.

If you go online even on social media you will not be short on seeing complaints about their products ruining someone’s skin.

The funny thing is that they advertise their products as “Long-lasting” which is not true.

Now that we have seen that the products are nothing good really let’s check if you can earn any money on the business side of things.

Business opportunity

If you want to start your own business they will offer you this chance whereby you become a sales representative.

The business model is pretty legit and not a pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme because you are merely focused on selling a product to the customer.

There is still recruiting of people to your business but it is now emphasized like other MLM companies which makes it safer.

However, the problem comes when a person is looking to earn more money and became financially independent.

The structure looks alluring but once you do the maths you will see that it will be hard to rank higher and be a top sales rep.

I though this me who saw this but when I also saw other testimonies from other sales representatives my claims were more true.

You will basically end up working harder than any other network marketing opportunity

Here is the breakdown of the compensation plan so you can see it yourself.


I would never be a good review without putting in some real testimonies from real people so you can decide for yourself if this is a good opportunity or not.

So here are some testimonies:

Who is it for?

Let us now look at who this company and its product is for so we can know if we are wasting our time or not.

The only people who can benefit from the MLM (network marketing) side of the business are those who are guru in this field.

This is because these people by nature will not need training to succeed. However, for others they will not survive.

The verdict

In this part I will be answering if this is actually legit or if it is a scam.

My simple answer is that this company is a big scam because of many reasons which I talked about before and I will include below again:

  • Products are not good quality

The fact that products are not good quality makes the company have a bad reputation and it is not really serving its customers right.

  • Customer service is too bad

For any great company you should be able to relay on the company to deliver at least through its customer service if you need help. However, with this company it is not just the products you will struggle with but customer service imagine.

  • Relatively new Network marking company

Now the company itself has been around for long but the network marketing side not really and you could say they are re still learning the ropes as a new company which explains why most people are not progress.

Not only this but people are also not getting any constant training which is needed for growth in any business.

Final thoughts

Senegence is a network marketing company which promises people they will not only get long-lasting products but have a successful business.

Although these claims are too far-fetched considering what you experience once you get to know the company many people still get trapped in this.

The products which they sell included those in the following categories:

  • Anti aging skincare
  • Lip care
  • Accesseries

These products end up having a bad side effect as far as people using it for example some people report chapped lips after usage.

The testimonies online do not help the company’s reputation at all.

Although the company was started in 1999 the network part of the business is still new and that is probably one of the reasons it is failing.

There are many alternatives to this which you can turn to such as Qnet and Forever living.

Otherwise if you are tired of network marketing business which requires you to require you can check out my online program where I help mentor you to build an online business.

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I hope you enjoyed this article if you have any questions or comments to add you vcan leave them below. I will be happy to respond.

Nu Skin Enterprises Review

Nu skin enterprises review- Is this a scam?

Welcome to my thorough review of the nu skin enterprises where I will revealing my unbiased opinion about this company, its products and its business opportunity.

Many people are looking to nu skin enterprises as a way out to financial freedom due to the current economy. But the question is can we actually trust this company?

I will be revealing this to you with all the facts that you need to know. By the end of this review you should be equipt with the right and informed decision for yourself.

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Nu skin enterprises review

Company: Nu Skin Enterprises


Creators: Steve Lund, Blake Rodney and Sandie Tilotson rating: 1 out of 5

Nu skin overview

The nu skin enterprises is a company which was started for close the gap for the need of personal products which could be unique and become the customer’s identity and something they can always trust.

The company has never fell short of this especially when it started out as they made products which flew to customer’s like scorns.

The company mentions that their first order was sold out within hours of selling. The company focuses on person care products and dietary supplements.

The company also was built with a business opportunity to sell their products.

So who is the creator of the company?

Nu Skin Enterprises Review

Nu Skin was created by Steve Blund, Blake Rodney and Sandie Tilotson who founded the company in Utah, The United states of America in 1984.


Pros and Cons


  • Business opportunity with products (no just a ponzi)
  • Creators are real person
  • Creators are credible
  • Unique and quality products
  • The company has been here for a very long time (very reputable).


  • Company has been under many lawsuits
  • The products are a bit expensive

How does the Nu skin enterprise work?

Today I will be talking about how nu skin enterprise work. I will talk about the products of the company and the business opportunity.

Let’s start with the products of the product.


Nu skin focuses on supplying personal care products which are made of high quality and also other daily use substances.

The products are divided into two categories, Dietary products and personal care.

Here is a line of some of their products:

  • anti aging products
  • Teeth whitening products
  • Facial gels
  • Revealing gel
  • Skin mist
  • Face wash

Most of their products are some of the best in the market and many people have praise the quality of their products.

The main negative thing is that when you order something and decided to cancel then it becomes a huge problem because they end up charging you for shipping.

The other thing I have noticed is that some of their products can be found on Amazon at a cheaper price which can be very alarming to say the least.

The business opportunity

The company also has a business opportunity which helps anyone who wants to make extra money or full time income from the company.

The video below will explain how the company really works.

Who is Nu skin enterprise for?

This part will be extremely short because it is easy to say who is suited for this company or its products.

Only rich people are suited for Nu Skin Enterprise products because they can handle the double order issues which happen upon product purchase.

For the business part NO ONE is suited for this company because it merely doesn’t deliver what it promises which I will be telling you below.


So in order to know if a product is actually working it is wise to look at testimonies of real people who have used it.

So upon checking many testimonies online I was shocked to see that there are many complaints about the products of the company particularly the personal care products.

Here are some of the most common complaints:

  • The products are too expensive

It seems like most people are seeing that the products cost more than the value that they actually offer. This is even more so due to the fact that you can find it in other places cheaper like Amazon.

  • The company double charges you

Most people have been complaining about this issue of being double charged by the company. This can be really hard for a person who is actually looking to get a product with good quality but are on a budget.

This also makes the reputation of the company go down for people who are looking for a long term quality product.

On any of these complaints I didn’t find where they where complaining about the product itself which means that the company does deliver as promised to people.

This means that it can be trusted for their products mainly but as far as the business opportunity it can not be 100% trusted.

This is also because there have been too many lawsuits against the company over the years. And here are a few:

  • China sues Nu Skin’

According to Wikipedia and Reuters in 2014 China sued Nu Skin Enterprises for operating a pyramid scheme.

  • Fined by the FTC

In 1994 after an investigation by FTC the company had to pay more than $1 million to settle everything so it could continue to operate.

The verdict

Nu Skin Enterprises Review

So you might have been eager to find out if the company is a scam or legit and whether you can make money with them.

The simple answer to this is that the company is not a scam especially the products but the business side of the company is more of a scam.

Here are the reasons for this:

  • Company focuses on recruiting more for making money

When a company focuses on recruiting more than anything it is normally referred to as ponzi scheme.

Although Nu skin enterprises does have products but you will get less compensation when you want to just sell the product.

This is one of the reasons that the company has had so many lawsuits against it and being labeled as a ponzi/ pyramid scheme.

  • Company double charges people for products

This is a plain scam. It would be understood if this was just a mistake that happened to one or a few customers but many customers face this.

This could mean that the company makes sales by doing these double orders.

To be honest I wouldn’t advise you to join this company. There are many better one which are old but have proved to work well in the past and here they are. I have done a review of them:

How I make money online and why I left network marketing

used to be a network marketer before and I decided it was not a good business model especially if you are a bit of an introvert like myself.

I was part of a network marketing company called WorlVentures which was good but I didn’t succeed as I wanted. You can check my World Ventures Review.

I then decided to do a way to make money online which fitted my personality and just needed my hard work and that is when I started with affiliate Marketing.

Luckily I found a mentorship program which was free to join which trained me until I was able to run online business which is a skill I am grateful for and I am constantly developing.

The company is Wealthy Affiliate and anyone can try it risk-free to see what they can get. There is also a premium membership which is $490 per month if you want to take your business to the next level

But what I like is that the company doesn’t force you to take it if you do not have the budget yet and that is the reason why I joined it.

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Although I have made millions yet but I am make consistent income from my business which shows that I am improving daily to make the business bigger.

It is certainly not a quick rich scheme so that is why I advise you to only join if you are serious about making money online and you are willing to stick with it for more than 5 years because that is how long it takes.

Final thoughts

Net work marketing is one of the best ways to make money but many people do not have the right personality or they do not get the proper training.

That is why it is good to join companies which are legit and will provide the training for you too.

Unfortunately Nu Skin Enterprises is a network company which can not fullfil this for you because of how the company is structured and how it operates.

The company double charges its customers regulartly with their purchases. So imagine if you are on budget and the company keeps double charging you.

The company also has a business opportunity , like any other network marketing company, which help you make your own business.

However Nu Skin is pure scam because it focuses mostly on compensating you more for the recruiting part of the business instead of compensating you for selling products.

Many reviews online of people who bought it compalin about all of this with the comapany. There are many other better companies out there like Qnet and Avon which are not scams.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

How to work from home and make money

How to work from home and make money- Everyone can do these 6 steps

We are living in a digital world where everything requires our attention and this means more we need to spend. However, most people still have low paying jobs which they hate.

So are you a person desiring to be your own boss and work from home? If yes then this article is for you. Today I will be talking about how to work from home and make money.

I will be giving you ways which work well in 2020 so that you do not end up doing something which will waste your time in the long run.

Before we start you may be interested in checking my #1 recommendation for making money online.

Why making money from home is vital

Before we start with the best methods I decided to first tell you the importance of working from home and making money for yourself.

As inflation and many think keep going up our lifestyle will naturally cause items to be expensive and the sad think is that jobs can not beat that inflation.

If you read financial books like me you will also know that jobs are not safe at all especially given the fact that pensions are now going to not be included in the future.

This is not just scary but it is surprising because we are told jobs are our safe havens (by the media and our parents).

Well jobs worked in the industrial age where factories were fully operational but now that do not exist at all.

This age is now called the information age which means you make a living with the information you know. (sounds cool right?)How to work from home and make money

This is why at this age we are seeing more young millionaires more then ever, because information is now available to anyone and it is normally free.

So young people use this free information to make a living and millions while the people who are still thinking the old way “get a job” are getting financially left behind.

This period is exactly like the transition from the agricultural age to the Industrial age where jobs became the next big think: Those who had jobs were more prosperous then those who merely realized on land for making a living.

The great think now is that we have so many opportunities to make a decent living and even millions if we wish. It is all about taking those opportunities.

This is why I will show you the best opportunities to take. Most of these are either those I used to do or the ones I am doing right now.

So are you ready?

let’s start

1. Network marketing

How to work from home and make money

Network marketing is a great way to make a living because all you are doing is marketing a business which you love or relate to.

With this you simply get paid a commission every time you make a sale through a product you sale to someone.

You can build a whole business just selling the companies products as if they are your own.

The other way you earn money in network marketing is basically through recruiting people to be in your team and sale the product.

Now this way of making money does need a person who is able to be confident and sale face to people as your success relies on that.

I did network marketing in 2014-2016 and found out that it was not really for me at all as I felt I did not have the skills nor personality.

I tried many network marketing companies but the one which I stayed the longest in was World Ventures which is a company referral opportunity.

However I did learn a lot of skills through it like public speaking and having confidence which was something I lacked in school.

This skill was the one which lead me to start my many YouTube channels to document my journey.

So if you end up not getting anything from an opportunity you tried make sure you do not lose the lesson from it.

2. Virtual trainer

Are you talented in anything of which you could train people? Do you have a skill which you could coach people on?

If the answer to these questions is yes then you might have to be a virtual trainer and help people in their lives.

virtual trainers could be any think from personal training online or consulting people or business online.

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3. Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money online and it is the easiest business compared to many online businesses due to the fact that you do not have to create any product or service.

More that, unlike network marketing you do not have to cold call people and do face to face convincing but everything is literally virtual.

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This business involves you having a website and then promoting a product, program or service you like or love. And you get a commission.

Let’s say for instance you love soccer.

So you will have a website where you talk about soccer and promote products related to soccer and get paid every time a person buys through your website links that are related to the product.

4. Trade online

How to work from home and make money

Another way to make a great income due to the fact that it is very good and convenient way to make money if you know the skill.

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Trading can be done in trading stocks or Forex trading using your personal computer or laptop at home.

Both trading Forex and stocks are both different. Stocks is trading of businesses while Forex is trading currency pairs (which measure the economy of the countries between each other).

The good think about trading is that you can start with a small amount of money and make a decent living of course depending on your skills.

5. Start a service business

You can also start a service business whereby you will be giving people value constantly. The good think with having a service is the fact that a service business easy to scale up once it has started.

The other think is that a service can be anything that you can think of because there are no limits to this.

The only best way you can make money is to develop a way to serve people. Here are just a few service businesses:

  • Catering business
  • Laundry business
  • Delivery service

6. Freelancing

Freelancing is also similar to a service business since you are also serving others. What is different about freelancing is normally a think you do person to person or person to business.

Thank you to the internet freelancing has become super easy to get started and make money.

Sites like Fiverr give you the luxury to get clients for free and on top of that they handle the payment side of things for you so you just worry about doing the job.

How I make money online

This section is where I tell you how I make money online.

As I said before that I started with network marketing but soon realized I didn’t like it so I focused on affiliate marketing.

Being an affiliate marketer has been one of the best journey for me because I have enjoyed every phase of my business each day.

When I started with a program which charged me a lot of money (it is called internet Income intensive) but didn’t give me the support I needed so this is where I decided to look at another opportunity for mentorship.

The program I found was able to give me mentorship after I had gone through many scams. What made me join the company was because they had a free trial so I wanted to try it first risk-free.

This company is called Wealthy Affiliate. After going through the free training I decided to upgrade because I was serious about making money online.

After a year of joining I made my first sale which was about $200 and this made me see that this think was real.

After this I never looked back and 1 year and 7 months I am still pushing and making money which I am working to grow daily.

The reason I talk about this is because to succeed you do need proper training and mentorship and this is what helped me.

If you are interested to try out Wealthy Affiliate free you can check it our below yourself, However I do advise you to love the business before entering and committing.

>>Join Wealthy Affiliate for free<<

This is because I will mentor you so that you can become successful yourself in this journey

Final thoughts

Making money from home is simple but definitely not easy. It really requires that a person finds the best vehicles to make money.

Working from home is the best think for people to do and the best way to do this is by saying focused as if you are still at work because it does require a lot of time.

The best vehicles for success in this path of working from home is can be done using the following (which have worked well for me):

  • Network Marketing
  • Virtual trainer
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Service business
  • Freelancing business
  • Trade online

I hope this article of how to make money from home was the helpful to you. I hope you can be able to apply these methods to your life by choosing one and focusing on it.

sqribble review

sqribble review- Is this a big scam?

Welcome to my sqribble review and I am glad to have you here today I will be unloading all the information you need when it comes to this program.

Many people are looking for ways to make money online and sqribble is one platform which has become famous to help you accomplish this.

People are using this cloud based platform to create things like ebooks, reports, digital informational products at a click of a button.

Before we start with this review you may be interested in checking my #1 recommendation for making money online.

Sqribble review

Product name: Sqribblesqribble review


Creator: Adeel Chowdhry

Price: $67 rating: 4.5 out of 5

Sqribble overview

Sqribble is a very efficient cloud based tool which allows you to make digital tools like ebooks, manuals, reports and more in one space very quick.

Sqribble has become a content creator’s favorite tool which helps them be able to have more time in doing other things of their online business.

>>Check out Sqribble yourself here<<

On top of all that it comes with many pre-designed templates with all the digital documents you are looking to create.

It is not just for content creators but for any online business person who is looking to save a lot of time.

So who is the creator?

As with all my reviews I make sure to look at the background of the creator so as to know if they are legit or not so that there will be no issues afterwards for being scammed should you decide to buy this program or product.

Luckily for sqribble the creator is real and he has a lot of experience as a content creator in the digital world.

The creator of sqribble is Adeel Chowdhry who is a well-known best-selling author and a very successful and sought after internet marketing guru.

This was his creation to help online entrepreneurs make things easier in their business after seeing success in his own life using his expertise and products.

This is not his first product he created but has created a very successful product called Pixzel studio FX a tool which is helping many internet marketers around the world.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use tool (more like grab and drop mostly)
  • Can save you tones of time in your online business.
  • Interface is beginner friendly.
  • Makes you stay a head of the competition.
  • Very affordable


  • Too many upsells

How does the program work?

Now let us look at how this product actually works shall we?

Sqribble works by allowing you the content creator or business owner to be able to make your online products like ebook look professional and do it in an efficient way.

>>Check out sqribble yourself here<<

There are several way you can create your own ebook and I will talk about it here.

1. Using your website Url to get your ebook content.

Sqribble allows you to make your ebook quickly if you already have a website and are looking to create an ebook with your already existing content.

Sqribble is able to take all the content from your url and put it into an ebook in an organized manner.

2. 50 ecovers to choose from

For any ebook your create you have 50 ecovers you can use and they all come in different colors and in different templates which you can choose from.

The platform of sqribble is unique since it is user friendly for anyone even if they are not a coder or a graphic designer.

Below is a video about how sqribble work which you can look at. It will give you more in sight of what I am talking about

What are the features of the program

Before you buy something it is worthwhile knowing what you will get right?

This is because this will help you be able to know if the product or program you are buying is worth your purchase or not.

So here is what you will get will Adeel’s product of sqribble:

  • You will get 50 ebook templates

These will be able to help you play around any template which suite your niche and be able to turn them into professionally looking withing a matter of seconds.

  • Features which converts your ebook into professional developed books so they can easily drive traffic.
  • You will get an automatic content addition which means you will be able to take any content from your site and put it directly into sqribble.

Who is sqribble for?

Sqribble review

It would also be worth knowing who sqribble is for so that you will not waste your time just looking at it.

Here is the list of people who will greatly benefit from it:

  • Beginners who are looking to make their first ebook
  • Experienced affiliate or online marketers
  • Beginner affiliate marketer
  • Ecommerce owners

As you can see the list for people who can benefit from this product is endless because it is simple and easy to work and on top of that it is very affordable for the time it will save you.

The verdict

Now here is the part where most people look forward to, whether the product is a scam or legit?

Now if you have been reading my whole review you will notice that I highly support this program because it is definitely not a scam and on top of that it works well.

Below are the reasons why it is not a scam”

  • The creator is real and is a well-known expert

Adeel Chowdhry is not only a real person but he is a successful online entrepreneur who has created a successful product before which is helping people all around the world.

  • 30 day money back guarantee

Adeel is willing to take all the risk himself since he believes in his product a lot.

To show this the program comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which means that if you are not happy with the product within 30 days you are more than welcome to bring it back.

Final thoughts

Making money online these days involves you being able to make products and services efficiently for your customers online thank you to our modern way of living.

Luckily as this happens technology is advancing and more and more products are coming to the aid of online business people.

Sqribble is one of those products which can help any online business person.

This is because sqribble is a cloud based platform which helps you build ebooks, reports, lead pages and all online documents in one platform at a click of a button.

The platform was created by a name called Adeel Chowdhry who i a well know successful online marketer.

This is his second successful product which helps people with their online business quick and effectively.

To show his confidence of the product Adeel basically gives you a 30 day money back guarantee so that you use the program risk free for 30 days and return it if it doesn’t work.

>>Try the sqribble for yourself here<<

Most people, however do not bring it back because they find that it becomes such a great addition in their business,

I hope this sqribble review was helpful and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

How to make money on dating sites

How to make money on dating sites- Follow these simple steps

The internet has given us so many opportunities to make money online but most people do not know the process to do it.How to make money on dating sites

So today I will be talking about how to make money on dating sites the most practical way. This is for people looking to make part-time and full time income.

Before we start you may be interested in checking my #1 recommendation for making money.

1. Decide on a niche you love

Knowing how to make money on dating sites involves the first step of loving what you do and make sure it is targeted.

So what is a niche?How to make money on dating sites

A niche is a narrow subcategory of your dating market. There are many niches for dating and here are some following:

  • Dating site for vegans and vegetarians
  • Dating site for Latinos
  • Dating sites for Polish people
  • Dating sites for athletes

These are just some and of course there are many more you can look into because there are always demands from people as people are starting to travel the whole a lot.

2. Make sure that your niche has a market

How to make money on dating sites

After deciding on niche you love to specialize in the next step is checking if that niche actually has a proper market.

This is vital to know so that you will know if you are doing something will waste your time or it is worth it.

The good thing about doing an online business is that you are able to do this research quick and easy.

There are many research tools which you can use, however most of the ones which are advanced and easy to use are very expensive.

This is why I recommend using Jaxxy research tool keyword since you get a free trail for the first 30 keywords you search.

More than that you can even get free training if you decided to go into their affiliate marketing program.

Below is how to use the Jaaxy keyword research tool:

3. Develop a website platform

How to make money on dating sites

Once you have researched and checked if your niche has a market it is time to start and build a website.

The great thing about this is that a website is super easy to do these days and it will only take less than 15 minutes to have it set up in a basic form.

There are many services I would recommend and the following are the best:

I recommend these because I have used all of them myself and I have had no issues at all with them.

If you are looking to start a free website than Wix and Siterubrix are the best for this. Although I wouldn’t advise you to start with a free account like that of wix

This is because with wix you will end up having advertisements which you can’t control on your website which will not help you grow.

On the other end with siterubrix you will not have such a problem and more than that you will get training for starting your online business for free.

of course if you want advanced training the all you need to do is upgrade to a paid version of which is still the cheapest of all online business training on the internet.

4. Register a hosting platform

Once you have created a domain you will need to get a hosting platform which will host your domain. The hosting is like your land and your domain your real estate.

Most hosting platforms cost $200 per 3 years which can be a bit expensive for most people I know.

That is the reason I recommend siterubrix with Wealthy Affiliate because if you register with them your hosting will be free and you only pay for your domain.

>>Register your free account here<<

With hosting you should ensure you choose a service which will be comprehensive and know what they are re doing so that you do not lose your data.

5. Make your website into a membership

How to make money on dating sites

If you are making a dating site you need a membership site which will help people join and become members or paying members.

This will also help you have a recurring income as people will be paying monthly. Luckily there are many membership accounts you could have.

Here are some best services:

  • MemberPress
  • LearnDash
  • Teachable

My number 1 is teachable since it is the easiest to use for beginners and also it has so many built-in Engagement features for you to be able to engage better.

6. Register a google adsense account

If you are going to have an online service like this you will definitely need to have ads on your website to help you get passive income.

To do this you have to register at google adsense and it is free to do so.

A google adsense is not the only advert account which you have but it is one of the most trusted.

Final thoughts

Making money starting your dating site is one of the best ways to make money online as the technology is by your side.

However starting this business does not mean you will make money as soon as you start out. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve this.

You will need these fundamental keys to get started:

  • Decide on a niche you love
  • Make sure your niche is in demand
  • Develop a website platform
  • Register for a hosting platform
  • Make your website into a membership site
  • Ad google sense

If you follow all these steps you will be able to achieve what you really want to as these type of sites are fairly new.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was useful. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

How to make money from a youtube channel

How to make money from a youtube channel- 5 best essentials

With the rise of the internet it has given many new platforms a way for you to make money and the most popular one goes to YouTube.

Even though there is such a great opportunity for YouTube it still seems hard to make money from this platform. So how do others do it? Well today I will be talking about how to make money from a YouTube Channel easily.

These methods I will show you are easy but they will require discipline since they are all free, but if use effectively can make you grow as a YouTuber.

Before we start you may be interested in checking my number 1 recommendation for making money online.

Is it worth it to make money on YouTube?

Well the simple answer to this is that making money of YouTube because it could end up being turned into passive income if you work on it long enough.

The main problem that people have with this financial vehicle is the fact that with the views which are rewarded money seem very hard.

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So how many views do you start getting paid?

YouTube only pays you$5,5 per 1000 views on each video you upload. This means that to make a living you will need to make videos each week which have at least 100 000 views.

This may seem tough but if you think about it if you think of YouTube as a business those views are not hard to achieve.

All you need is to basically work on your YouTube channel for 3 years.

So how can you do this practically?

Let us look at the steps you need to do now.

1. Find a niche you love which is hot

How to make money from a youtube channel

Now the first step to making money not just on YouTube but anywhere is finding the niche or a field you are more passionate about.

The reason you need this component is that you need to stick it through with it forever (yes, I said forever).

Most people make a mistake of taking a topic they see as if it will make them money and when the tough times come around it is easy for them to quiet entirely.

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The other second important aspect is to make sure that your niche is very profitable (very hot) otherwise you will be basically wasting your time.

Some of the most topics are those in the following categories:

  • Entertainment (Pranks, comedy etc)
  • Teaching ways to make money (like affiliate marketing teaching)
  • Reviews of programs

Although I have put these categories there are many more which you can do as well as long as you check if the topic is in demand or not.

2. Have catchy titles

How to make money from a youtube channel

There is nothing more interesting with a video which does not have an interesting hook, No matter how good your content is.

This is because this is the first glance a person has when they decide on watching a video on YouTube.

This is the same as dating. We all know that when you see a person for the first time if they are looking good they hook you quickly and you become interested (this happens mostly to males more than females).

Here are some most interesting titles you can put to lure people in:

  • How I made my first money online
  • Secrets of making money selling books in a week.
  • I just fought with a lion and this is what happened
  • How I left my day job

You can see all these topics are intriguing and make people want to come and check out what is happening.

If you go on YouTube you will see that the top YouTube views have these topics.

3. Make sure your video is interesting with a variety

How to make money from a youtube channel

Now once you have captured a person’s attention you need to make sure that you do not bore them.

Many people on YouTube these days have catchy titles but their videos are very boring and these are called “Click baits”.

Make sure you do not end up doing these because you could end up losing a lot of viewers once they start seeing your video.

So how do you make your video interesting?

All you need to do is to have a video which you are not just talking throughout, Make it a point to either change positions or add something in between your talk.

No one likes looking at someone they don’t know talking for long (This only works if you are well-known already either online or in real life).

Another thing you can do is to make the first 10 seconds super interesting.

This is because the concentration span of a person lasts for a very short time (according to wista it can be from 20 seconds to 60 seconds).

This means the first 10 seconds are the most crucial and that is where you must put all your effort.

4. Have the right tags on your videos

Tags are the most crucial aspect of anything online even websites. This is because tags have the ability to show YouTube who your video is targeted at.

So if a person types a title which is linked to any tag you put, you have higher chances of having your video showing.

This of course must go hand in hand with your title which you put on your YouTube video otherwise your tags will go in vain.

5. Stay consistent

How to make money from a youtube channel

This aspect is perhaps one of the hardest and this is what makes or breaks a YouTuber.

At the beginning I said choose a topic which you are passionate about remember?

So this is where you can actually make it big on YouTube. All you need to do is to have schedule where you upload weekly or daily (you decide).

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Once you decide on your schedule make sure you stick by it no matter what.

The reason this is vital is because YouTube really rewards you for consistency no matter how small.

I know many YouTubers who only blossomed after 2 years of being consistent (imagine!).

So can you stay the course even if it takes a year or two not seeing the results?

Only you can answer this question for yourself.

Final thoughts

Making money on YouTube is no different than making money in any business as the principles are the same.

The only difference is that now you are doing a business which is a huge hobby and this is the reason most people do not take it serious.

The fundamentals include the following aspects:

  • Choose a topic or field you are passionate about which is hot
  • Have catchy titles for your videos
  • Have a variety of on your videos
  • Have tags on your videso
  • Stay consistent

If you apply all of these I am sure you will reach your goals soon and be able to make money consistently.

If you want to learn all of these things step by step you can checkout a free program which helped me get started called wealthy affiliate.

I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

worldventures review

Worldventures review-Experience from someone who was a member

Welcome to my unbiased worldventures review where I take you through what I faced while I was a sales representative in this company.

If you are here you are likely looking to see if you could earn money from this company via promoting their products.

Well this place will surely give you all you need.

At this age nearly everyone is looking for ways to make extra money alongside their job or quitting their job and working full time for themselves.

All of this would be good only if we are all able to find the right programs which will actually teach us step by step until we get there like the program which helped me build my own online business 2 years ago.

This is why I am here to help direct you to the right programs so that you will not be scammed of your hard-earned cash.

Without further ado, lets get started.

Check out my #1 recommendation for making money online.

Worldventure reviewworldventures review

Program name: worldventures


Creator: Wayne Nugget and Mike Aczue rating: 2 out of 5

What is worldventures?

worldventures is basically a network marketing or MLM (Multi level marketing) company which means that if you join it as a sales representative you will be promoting the company and its products for a commission.

worldventures only sells holiday destinations at discounted rates for everyone.who is looking to have vacations especially for people with a limited budget.

So who is the creator?

With all my reviews I make sure to check the founder to check there credibility so that you will be assured if you are dealing with the right thing which will not end up being a scam.

worldventures was founded in 2005 in Texas by a person called Wayne Nugget and Mike Aczue who have had a lot of experience when it comes to network marketing.

>>Tied of scams? Check out my free #1 recommendation for making money online<<

They started worldventures through their frustration of being in many scamming networking marketing companies.

They then decided to start their own company to bridge the gap in the industry and make it last longer than many scam companies

Pros and Cons


  • Training events bi-yearly for sales representatives
  • Many people have succeeded from it
  • Creators are authentic people
  • Has stood the test of time


  • Has become a lot saturated
  • The founders didn’t pay their top earners some amounts previously

How does it work?

So now let’s look at what the company really has and how one gets involved.


We start with checking the products of the company and see what they offer.

As I said before the company basically offers vacation destinations at a limited price. This may all seen very good but until I tell you something.

The vacation destinations they offer are only for a certain date of theirs. This means that you can not get these deals at the time you want. (that is the downside).

The reason is that the company buys the travels destinations at whole sales for many people so they get given discounted rates.

So if those places they book from can only accommodate 50 people for the company in June the company has no say (all due to availability).worldventures review

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That is the reason that whenever you travel using this service you are always with people from the company and normally you will see the sign “You Should be here”

The other aspect is that if you are traveling and not a sales representative you will probably get a lot of people trying to convince you to be a sales representative (Very frustrating).

I know this because I was one of those people who used to do that because that is part of what you need to do to increase your down line and your team.

and what a best way to find people who loves your travel company then in a vacation.

The other thing is that if you are a sales representative and want even more discounted vacations you have to recruit more people.

Just a side note that many people do not know is that your flights are not included in your dream trips price.

Business opportunity

Now let us look at the part where you can be a business owner or a sales rep for the company.

Let any other MLM company you will not only sell products but you will also be building a team for your business.

For the sake of not wasting time writing check out the compensation structure if the company and how you can earn.

Who is it for?

To know if the company or business opportunity is for you I will list who the people who can benefit here:

  • Experienced network marketers
  • People in countries where worldventures is not known like European countries
  • People who have big companies already on the side.
  • A person with an experience person to train you

Now when I joined in 2015 I didn’t know anything about this business and it didn’t help that my up line (the person who recruited me) didn’t even give me proper mentoring.

>>Tied of scams? Check out my free #1 recommendation for making money online<<

This is why I emphasis you rather have experience of have a professional train you thoroughly so you can succeed and not waste your time.

The verdict

I know this is the section you have been looking for. So do I think worldventures is a scam or legit?

Well this company is quite legit but the problems is that the founders have tended to be not transparent in the past.

This is what has led the company to take a huge hit in the last couple of years.

However let us look at the reasons I say the company is not a scam but not worth joining.

  • The founders are real and have had good experience

Wayne and Mike are legit guys who do not hide behind anything but thrive to make everyone succeed and you always see them at top training events.

  • The company has products and MLM structure

Unlike scam companies in the MLM which only focus on recruiting (ponzi scheme) this company has products in the form of holiday destinations and also a recruiting structure too.

  • The company has stood the test of time

Most scam companies vanish within 2 years and almost all over a 5-year period. this company has stayed more that a decade (Very good)

Final thoughts

With many people looking for business opportunities many turn to network marketing and they end up falling prey to scams.

That is why it is vital to review programs before joining. Today I have done a worldventures review so you know that the program is legit although not worth it at all especially if you have never tried it.

One of the reasons is that the opportunity is now saturated and you really need to know what you are doing.

The company is in the business of sell products in the form of vacations to the masses.

These products are at discounted prices although very limited when it comes to choosing these holidays for your own dates.

If you are looking to learn certain public speaking skills this opportunity might work well for you just like it did for me 5 years ago.

Other than that there are better opportunities to make money easily these days without having to convince people and there is a free program you can start today and create your own online business.

Join free online business training (no credit card detail needed)

I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope it was useful and helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

How to make money in Vietnam

How to make money in vietnam- How to start with no money

Many people around the world are looking for ways to make money. Despite many opportunities now many people still struggle to find the right opportunities for them.How to make money in Vietnam

One of the countries which I have been interested in making money is Vietnam due to the fact that I have lived there for a year and manage to make money. So today I will be talking about how to make money in Vietnam.

I will be talking about how I have managed to make money living in this foreign country for a while.

Before we start you may be interested in know how I make money online month.

Best ways to make money

When it comes to making money there are many ways to have make extra money or full time income.

As we are living in a generation of technology and internet the best ways to make money is online. This is what I will be doing here.

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I will not only show you online ways to make money but I will also talk about other ways too.

These ways I are all best done in continent like South East Asia due to the fact that South East Asia has low cost of living.

So let us get started.

1. Teaching English Online

How to make money in Vietnam

Teaching English is one of the growing industries which people are slowing getting into and fast due to the convenience of it all.

Teaching English online can either be done full time or part-time due to the fact that you can set you own schedule according to the company you register after.

So how do you really get to teach English online?

These are the things you need to teach English online:

  • Teaching English certificate called a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop

If you are really looking to earn more you will need to have a degree of any qualification.

The other aspect which will be more good to add is having experience in teaching English.

2. Teaching English part-time in class

How to make money in Vietnam

If you are also looking to make money and not work a lot of hours you will be happy to know that in most jobs in South East Asia gives you the flexibility to not work many hours.

Heck, you can even create your own schedule and get multiple jobs which will help you make more money.

With working part-time you can do it face to face or online depending on your preferences. You can even choose both if you wanted to.

>>Start your own online business for free<<

One thing to know is that teaching English part-time can have the disadvantage of not getting a temporary resident card or work visa.

However, most people in Vietnam work through a tourist visa which is basically illegal but most people do it.

3. Affiliate marketing

Here is one of my favorite ways of making money as this is what was the way of making extra money while working my corporate job.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a product or program and you will earn a commission if someone buys the product that you promote.

There are many companies which you can register for free and start selling any products you like:

4. Trading online

Trading online is another way I make money online which I started in 2016. Trading is where you look at the currency of one country to another.

You can also trade companies according to how much strength they have or not and this is called stocks trading.

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The other difference between these two ways (Forex trading and stock trading ) is the fact that for Forex trading you do not need large amounts to money to get started.

5. YouTube influencer

The other best way to make money online is vlogging for South East Asia. If you go online there are many vloggers in Europe and America but only a few in places like Vietnam or any country in South East Asia.

To succeed with YouTube you need to choose a niche which is narrow and that has not been explored.

The problem is people think if they start a vlog no one will watch however this is totally different because if you are passionate and committed you can make success of yourself.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money in Vietnam there are many ways you can skin the cat according to what you like.

I have talked about things which have used for me and they have most have worked well in my time in this great country.

The first one which is famous is teaching English online or face to face which will give you lots of time to work your own hours.

The next way to do it is to be an affiliate marketer where you sell promote products and programs which you get a commission if someone buys.

This is the best way since you do not need to actually make or create your own product.

You can also be a YouTuber and talk about everything which you are experiencing in Vietnam helping people with some information they might be looking for.

The last one is to be a trader either as a forex trader or stock trader which are both viable things to do.

It is good to always choose a vehicle which will actually help you sustain yourself and  then choose another that you are passionate about.

>>Start your own free online business here<<

If you can find a vehicle you can find both your passion and a way to sustain yourself.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.